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Week 10 | Long Time Gone Sew-along | Half Square Triangles

Hello fellow Long Time Gone Sew-alongers!! It's hard to believe we've gone past the halfway mark.
Good work everyone!! We'll be finished in no time... let's all just pretend the pineapple blocks don't exist, haha!  You may want to try laying out all your blocks in their locations in the quilt (if you haven't already) and see how everything is balancing. You may need to add some more of a certain colour or maybe stop using a certain colour or in my case remake some of them! Today's block is, well, it's the block we all love to hate. Half Square Triangles. Such fantastic little blocks full of all kinds of potential for awesome, if someone else could just square them up!

I've gone a little Rainbow Brite with my block this week! It's been drab and rainy today (which explains my shoddy photos!) so I wanted a little bit of happy in my sewing room! Are we all ready to whip up some HST's?! Then let's go!

General Information

Measurements for the pieces needed to construct this block will not be provided in this tutorial. It is a pre-requiste of making this block that you have a copy of the pattern, Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell. Measurements, where applicable, can be found in this book and it’s associated media.
If you’re using the Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates you can find the conversion chart by clicking here.
I have no hard and fast rule for pressing. I generally press my seams in the direction they want to go. For HST's I usually find it easiest to just press my seams open. This way will not work however if you are using an HST trimming ruler like a Bloc Loc ruler. To finish this block I pressed my seams in alternating directions on the rows and then open again when I attached the rows together.  But find a way that works for you and be consistent with it through out your block. Here's a photo of the back of  my block so you can see how I've pressed my seams.
Block Construction
First up, gathering and cutting your fabrics, cutting instructions for this block can be found on page 17 of your instruction book. I've gone scrappy with my Anna Maria Horner prints but kept the sanity levels low by pairing each print with my background fabric and then copying the layout for the third HST block we will be making. I have already made the third HST block but have been debating on remaking it. I have an idea that I may try! We'll see!

 I always cut my fabrics for HST's larger than what is called for so I can square them up to the perfect size. To do this I just cut my starting squares at the next whole number up.
So here's what you need to do to make an HST block.

Alternitively, if you didn't want to draw the diagonal line on your fabrics this is how I do HST's.

You may also want to take into consideration directional prints and how to orientate them. I lay a square of my background down on top of my print then fold it into a triangle.

Then I fold the background in the other direction.

It's nice to have a quick look before sewing so you know how it's going to turn out!

The instructions have you making the HST's for the first two blocks so 64 HST's in total. You will only need 35 HST's for this block.

Hope you're all enjoying the easy blocks, those 60 degree triangles and the pineapples are coming up quick!

That's it from me this week!

 Don't forget to pop over to Angie's by clicking here, to see her blocks, she's been making the most amazing blocks with Alison Glass's fabrics! She'll also have some handy tips and tricks to help you out!

 Marti Michell is also offering a conversion chart and tutorial on how to make this block using her templates. See Marti’s tutorial and get the conversion chart by clicking here.

Prize Winning Details

Of course the ultimate prize is making this amazing quilt, but if you'd like to also throw your hat in the ring to win some amazing prizes from our amazing sponsors then here's the information you need to know. You can find out more about our sponsors and the prizes on offer by clicking here.
We've made it as simple as possible for you to win. To be eligible for all prizes on offer all you have to do is:

  • Post a photo of this weeks block to your Instagram account between 12:01am May 17th and 11:59pm May 23rd 2017 in your timezone
  • Tag your photo with the hashtags #LongTimeGoneSAL #AlisonGlass #AndoverFabrics #SewWithTheBest #AnnaMariaHorner #FreeSpiritFabrics #JenKingwell #LongTimeGoneQuilt #AmitieTexiles #MartiMichell #LovePatchworkQuilting
  • Be Following these accounts on Instagram:
  • @GnomeAngel
  • @SnipsSnippets
  • @AlisonGlass
  • @AnnaMariaHorner
  • @JenKingwell
  • @AndoverFabrics
  • @FreeSpiritFabrics
  • @MartiMichell
  • @LoveQuiltingMag
Please Note: You do not need to tag these accounts in your images, if you use the hashtag #LongTimeGoneSAL we'll be able to find you! 
You will also need to do the following:
  • Post a photo of each of the blocks in their relevant weeks in your timezone. You can find the block timetable by clicking here
  • Complete the quilt top and post it to Instagram within 12 July and Midnight 21 July in your timezone.
  • All photos will need to have the relevant hashtags on them.
  • You will need to be following all the relevant Instagram accounts at the time of the drawing.
Need help keeping all of that clear in your head, Angie has made up a fabulous Long Time Gone SAL Tracker, you can grab it by clicking here to download.

For more information you can find commonly asked questions and their answers by clicking here.

High fives again to you all! It's been so much fun seeing all your amazing blocks pop up on Instagram! Don't stop!
xo nicole

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  1. Totally loving your blogs ever since I have stadted reading them. You provide great details to make a perfect flawless quilt. Though you haven't provided the measurements but you've detailed directions to make one ourself.


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