Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 4 | Long Time Gone Sew-along | Jacobs Ladder Block

Welcome back everyone for another fun block! This one just might be my favourite so far!
We are going to be taking on the Jacobs Ladder Block today and there are endless possibilities for fabric and layout options!

Mine has a bit of a fireworks kind of feel to it doesn't it? I love it! Okay, are you all ready to make your Jacobs Ladder block?

General Information
Measurements for the pieces needed to construct this block will not be provided in this tutorial. It is a pre-requiste of making this block that you have a copy of the pattern, Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell. Measurements, where applicable, can be found in this book and it’s associated media.
If you’re using the Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates you can find the conversion chart by clicking here.
I have no hard and fast rule for pressing. I generally press my seams in the direction they want to go. When pressing blocks like corner square triangles I press the corner I just stitched on up away from the center, but for simple patchwork I press to the darkside. I then press my seams open when attaching rows together to avoid bulk. But find a way that works for you and be consistent with it. 

First up, gathering and cutting your fabrics, cutting instructions for this block can be found on page 8 of your instruction book. I've stuck with a limited fabric selection for mine and continued fussy cutting my focal prints, paying attention to which direction all the prints are running.
So with two different units to make I thought we'd start with the corner square triangle units.

Make two corner square triangle units.

Next up, simple four patch units!

 Because you've pressed your seams to the foreground fabric, they will nest together nicely when sewn together :) You will need to make two of the four patch units as well!

Again, because of the way my units were pressed, when sewn together they nest nicely and the points match up more easily. And no pins were used! 

Make nine of these fun little blocks and then stitch them together in rows of threes. Then just sew your three rows of three together!
Again, if you're using directional prints or are fussy about the direction your prints are going, pay attention to where your blocks are before sewing them together. 

Case in point.

Oops. I had even taken final photos and was sure everything was right and then a week later I noticed that something wasn't quite right.

Much better!

After sewing the blocks together, I pressed my seams open. And again after sewing the rows together I pressed the seams open.

And that is it! That was an easy one eh?! I'm looking forward to seeing all the different versions pop up on Instagram!  Don't forget to pop over to Angie's by clicking here, to see her amazing block made with her equally amazing stash of Alison Glass fabrics! And to also find out what handy tips and tricks she has!

Prize Winning Details

Of course the ultimate prize is making this amazing quilt, but if you'd like to also throw your hat in the ring to win some amazing prizes from our amazing sponsors then here's the information you need to know. You can find out more about our sponsors and the prizes on offer by clicking here.
We've made it as simple as possible for you to win. To be eligible for all prizes on offer all you have to do is:

  • Post a photo of  this weeks  block to your Instagram account between 12:01am April 5th and 11:59pm April 11th 2017 in your timezone
  • Tag your photo with the hashtags #LongTimeGoneSAL #AlisonGlass #AndoverFabrics #SewWithTheBest #AnnaMariaHorner #FreeSpiritFabrics #JenKingwell #LongTimeGoneQuilt #AmitieTexiles #MartiMichell #LovePatchworkQuilting
  • Be Following these accounts on Instagram:
  • @GnomeAngel
  • @SnipsSnippets
  • @AlisonGlass
  • @AnnaMariaHorner
  • @JenKingwell
  • @AndoverFabrics
  • @FreeSpiritFabrics
  • @MartiMichell
  • @LoveQuiltingMag
Please Note: You do not need to tag these accounts in your images, if you use the hashtag #LongTimeGoneSAL we'll be able to find you! 
You will also need to do the following:
  • Post a photo of each of the blocks in their relevant weeks in your timezone. You can find the block timetable by clicking here
  • Complete the quilt top and post it to Instagram within 12 July and Midnight 21 July in your timezone.
  • All photos will need to have the relevant hashtags on them.
  • You will need to be following all the relevant Instagram accounts at the time of the drawing.
Need help keeping all of that clear in your head, Angie has made up a fabulous Long Time Gone SAL Tracker, you can grab it by clicking here to download.

For more information you can find commonly asked questions and their answers by clicking here.

And again, for those that still are having a hard time understanding...

 Anyone found providing the measurements for blocks in their social media captions and comments, or website, or Facebook will be disqualified from entry into the prize pool (this applies to also encouraging people to email you or message you for the details). Anyone found to be providing alternate patterns for making the blocks (such as foundation paper pieced patterns) will be disqualified from the prize pool. You can make and use them yourself but sharing them is in violation of this competition and it’s just plain disrespectful to all the hard work that the pattern designer has done. You need to buy the pattern to be in the running for the wonderful prizes on offer.

High fives to you all for the amazing Crosses of the U.K. blocks! I have loved seeing them all over Instagram!
xo nicole 


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  2. Thank you for showing the tutorials on the blocks for Long Time Gone. This has helped tremendously!!


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