Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday - The Insperation Overload Edition

So i'm here today friends seeking some advice, or an opinion or even a bit of direction. You see, i have this glorious stack of Anna Maria Horner fabrics.

That i'm desperate to use, but i think i may have over stimulated myself while looking for ideas.
I'm planning on making a queen size quilt for our bedroom but i can't seem to decide on what pattern. Here's a partial shot of our bedroom.

First of all, sorry for the grainy pic. Second this is a work in progress so no judging. My headboard is going to be stained darker to match a little better and the dresser needs a good sanding and to be re-oiled. That back wall is going to be a gallery wall so please ignore that fact that i have a giant canvas with AMH fabric stapled to it. I needed a quick blast of colour while i decide what is going to go up.

Also, that little caddy at the side of the bed needs to be painted so it doesn't stand out so much. (and yes it is a shower caddy!) But while we're here, check out my awesome bedside rug! It's a terrible picture i know. And i really must do a post on all the wonderful things i received for my birthday, it was in April! My awesome friend Gina made it for me after i mentioned that i was thinking about how perfect the NYB block would be for mat in front of my sink. So she thought she'd save me from another wip and make it for me herself! But when it showed up and i saw how gorgeous it was, there was no way i was going to put it in front of my sink... it could get dirty there! I was thinking on how i could hang it up when Gina emailed me and said that it was made as a mat and i must step on it!! So i put it on my side of the bed where i can enjoy it but at the same time keep it clean! And can we all ignore the fact that i just threw my unfinished gypsy wife quilt on the bed for the photo's. Thanks!

Now what was i talking about... oh yeah, my quilt.
My original plan was to keep it fast and simple. Something like a simple patchwork. But i just can't seem to do simple, at least not for me. So i've come to the conclusion that this isn't going to be a fast quilt. I have my AMH voile + and x quilt that i'm making as our summer quilt so this one is going to be for the colder months. And i'm hoping to back it in the same AMH velveteen that i'm using for "curtains."

Yes the fabric is still just tacked ghetto style up in the window. It would seem that i'm not so great at making decisions. Someday i'll make curtains.

So a velveteen backed queen size AMH quilt, sounds delicious! I've made up an inspiration board if you will of some ideas that i'm loving right now. The sane part of my brain is saying to go with one of the ideas and roll with it. The crazy part of my brain (which is generally the more dominant side!) is trying to fit all the ideas into one quilt. Help Me!

Okay, lots going on here. Let's start in the top left corner. And of course i can't for the life of me remember where the image came from, i'm certain i have it pinned i just can't seem to find it. When i do i'll link the original here. So for quite some time now i've been thinking i'd like to do a patchwork quilt with a scattering of different sizes of star dresdens all over it. But not regular patchwork, i'm thinking more improv style like the image on the bottom left which can be found here. I think there's a great idea here but i'm not sure if it's ideally what i want for this project, and also i'd like to be using this quilt in the fall, this fall. I think all the dresdens may take longer than i would like!

Next the top right and middle images. I've been watching so many people right now fussy cutting and kaleidoscope piecing projects that it's giving me that little itch to give it a try. So how about nice big hexies like the ones on the right and then throwing in some kaleidoscope pieced ones like the center image? I love this idea and it clearly works with AMH's fabrics.

Then there's the geese. How i love this quilt, and there's been a nagging in the back of my quilt brain that wants me to make some geese and get them out of my system. But a whole quilt of geese wouldn't display the AMH fabrics to their best, i'm sure it would be gorgeous but i want to be able to see a lot of the fabric images.

My gypsy wife also is making an appearance because it is the perfect quilt for me. It more clearly says Nicole than anything i've ever made!

So my thoughts are to use the Maya Hayuk painting in the bottom right corner as my starting point.

So here goes, that diagonal stripe of pink would be three strips of geese, the pale bluey grey block on the left side would be filled with big hexies and a few fussy cut kaleidoscope hexies. The striping on the top right corner would all be improv pieced but colour blocked in stripes. And in the bottom right... a giant scrappy star dresden! But not the whole star, i'm thinking just a quarter star, out from the corner.

Too much? Should someone get the white jacket with the super long sleeves? Am i really destined for the nut hatch? Or is this so crazy that it might just work? What do i do?!!!

So today is all about planning and plotting and taking over the world, i mean... crap, i've said too much ;)

High fives for world AMH domination, or at least in my bedroom.
Um yeah, that doesn't sound so great. You guys know what i mean!!

xo nicole

You need to pop on over to Lee's and check out her Cotton and Steel Aviatrix Medallion. Gorgeous!


  1. Sounds like madness to me...brilliant madness. And like you already have a vision and plan! I think it would be a really fun and challenging project to work on. Oh and that mat is gooorgeeeeouuuuussssssss. My only question is if you're making a new quilt for your bed where is the gypsy wife going to be?!

  2. I love your bedroom! I've had the same paint test spots on my wall for two years, and the Ikea furniture from college that will get tossed as soon as I figure out what I want in there, so I love that yours looks like you actually want to live there. (Mine actually looks like you might have a long sleeved white coat on while in there)

    Anyway, I love going overboard, so I'm in that camp. I'm also concerned about your Gypsy Wife getting jealous of the new AMH quilt. What if it's like Highlander and there can be only one? :)

  3. Loving your Anna Maria Horner stashed. I'd be looking at an improv type quilt, something that will show off the fabrics without loosing too much of the patterns.

  4. How come you don't have AMH patchwork prism as an option? That is exactly what came to my mind when I saw your first pic. I know you totally mad lady but I seen quite a few improve pieces in progress over here. I would recommend you take a different route. They might be great as vision but not easy to finish. You need a good plan girl! I say either prism or hexagons+kaleidoscopes as those are much more doable! :-)

  5. gorgeous inspiration!!! i really want you to make a dresden quilt because evry since you mentioned making different sized plates on the same quilt i have wanted to make one, but i can't do it until you do since it was your idea. out of all of those choices i think your painting inspiation would be the one that would be acheived the quickest and would be a sampler which suits you. doing a whole quilt of 1 thing gets tedious but getting to skip around and try different blocks will keep you going (like Gypsy Wife did). time to stop dreaming and get started!!!! it will be amazing!!!

  6. Your plan is crazy, but I say DO IT! :)

  7. Wow, I'm tired just thinking about this ;) How fun!! If it was me, I'd go with the hexies/kaleidoscopes. Although, what are you going to do with the GW?? Great inspirations, by the way!

  8. I'm pretty sue you already have one of those white jackets hanging up in your closet! That pile of fabric is gorgeous and your plan is brilliant! I've decided that slow sewing is the way to go (no jelly roll races for me) so I can totally be patient and wait for whatever you decide to make me ;) I love that you are using the Hayek painting as inspiration and as soon as I read about the quarter scrappy Dresden I thought it was perfect!

  9. Maybe you should send me all that AMH to "look after" while you make your decision?? {cheeky!} I like your vision for this quilt and using different blocks will keep it interesting :) PS what a lucky duck you are to have that gorgeous floor mat!

  10. I think it's all gorgeous - although I agree the geese won't show off AMH properly! Perhaps if you send your GW to me, then your AMH will be happy ;-)

  11. Love that inspiration board that you made. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  12. Oh my... so many ideas! And so much AMH fabric! I love the hexies (but I bet you knew I'd say something like that). Now for the tough love - you have a lot of WiPs, right? So might it be a plan to do something... well, simple.. with those glorious fabrics. I couldn't help but think how beautiful they would be in squares framed with Kona White or Silver. It would let all that colour and amazing prints show. All that said, if the painting inspiration is where your quilt-y heart leads you, then that's clearly the answer. You're not on a deadline, right? ☺

  13. wow! that's an amazing vision for those gorgeous fabrics. I know you can certainly pull it off though!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  14. I'm too busy drooling over all that fabric to be of any help. I say go for it! You do amazing work. :)

  15. Oh. My. Gosh...this quilt will be amazing!! I think your plan just might work...filled with glorious color and loads of energy. How fun to read what is going on inside your head, and what a busy head it is ;o)

  16. Just read this post and I love it!! I see that I am not alone in my "too many ideas to ever even get started" paralysis! Anyway, love your ideas for your quilt! Love your gypsy wife quilt! Love your wonderfully creative brain! You are awesome!


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