Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fusion Stars Quilt for Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Well folks, it's that magical time of year when Amy over at Amy's Creative Side spreads the joy that is Blogger's Quilt Festival. If you've never heard of this before, please, for you own sake, crawl out from under your sewing machine and head over to look at the eye candy! Always a treat!

And for all of you that are visiting from the Quilt Festival and have never been here before, Hi! *waving*

So lets get to it shall we!
I had delusional high hopes of finishing the Gypsy Wife hand quilting in time to enter but sadly, i'm only halfway finished :(
Good news is that the Blogger's Quilt Festival runs again in the fall, so can we all cross our fingers that i have it done in time for that one?!

So i thought i'd throw my Fusion Stars quilt into the mix for this round.

This is one of my most favorite quilts i've ever made. Made entirely with Kaffe Fassett's shot cottons, this one is incredibly soft and the drape is amazing!

 As soon as i saw Sarah's (Sew What, Sherlock) Fusion Star pattern, i knew i wanted to make an entire quilt out of it! What i didn't think about was the fact that i was going to need 153 sheets of paper (entirely paper pieced) to print out the pattern! So worth it though!!

In order to keep the quilt as soft as i could i kept the quilting to minimum, and just echoed inside each star.

I used a quilt as you go method for this one and i'm not entirely sure about the results. I guess i just don't like the idea of doing all that quilting and not being able to see it on the back.

Next time, i may try the method where you QAYG with your blocks fully sandwiched and then join them with sashing? on the front and back. Not really sure how that method works, may need to do a bit of research first!

With a finished size of 69" square i'll be linking this one up in the large quilts category!
Pop on over and check out my competition, some exceedingly good quilts this year!

 Thanks to all my regular readers for patiently having to see this one again! And thanks to all my new visitors for taking the time to stop by! Feel free to come on back and check things out ;)

For more pics and details here's my original post on my Fusion Star quilt.

High fives for Amy's hard work, to give us this awesome opportunity to see some amazing quilts!
xo nicole


  1. It's beautiful! Is your sister tired of it yet?

  2. Gorgeous quilt. I am glad you didn't use sashing for this one.I love where the blocks meet. Great colors too.

  3. Beautiful quilt! It's very eye catching!!

  4. Nicole, your quilt is really beautiful! I adore these colours! The feel like magic to me!

  5. one of my favorite quilts of yours!! i love the colors!!! that was a lot of paper!!!!

  6. it's beautiful!!! good entry. it was worth the mini tree you sacrificed for it. =) I'm bummed for you about the GW, but looking forward to seeing it in the fall line up because you will surely be done by then. or do we need two years for this quilt - one to piece, one to handquilt? fingers crossed for you.

  7. It is nice pattern and color combo and your pictures with snow are great to look at. So no I don't mind to see it once more for sure.

  8. Gorgeous! Hopefully all of that snow is gone.... ;)

  9. I am visiting from the BQF and I think this quilt is just beautiful! I love all of the blues...my favorite color. It even looks soft. Fabulous quilt!

    - Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting

  10. This is seriously one of my most favorite quilts out there!! I just really want to snuggle in it.... And you will definitely have the GW quilt done by next Festival, can't wait to see it in all it's glory!! :)

  11. Great work - your colour choices make them seem like distance stars softly glowing in the night sky!

  12. Sigh. You know I love this one. Nice to visit it again and admire it's shot cottony goodness.

  13. I can totally see why this is a favourite of yours, it's super striking. And I LOVE the way the fabric is all crinkly it looks so snuggly!

  14. This is soooo gorgeous! And it looks sooo soft :) Beautiful photos in the snow! I had to smile...I also was hoping to finish a (huge!) quilt for this festival...but I am still quilting!!! I entered 2 itty bitties instead...which I think is a funny twist :)

  15. I'm glad to suffer through seeing this again. :D


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