Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIP Wednesday - The #brilliantnutbag edition, by which i mean the epic paper pieced +x AMH voile quilt edition!

Just popping in to share my semi newest project with those of you that don't follow along on Instagram.

24 inch blocks and 3 inch block

After coming to the realization that my epic hexie quilt was never going to be completed, i made the decision to try my hand at the popular Japanese +x quilt block.
And after seeing Karen's from CapitiolaQuilter i knew i wanted to use a variety of sizes in mine.

So to my rescue once again, with yet another paper pieced project of epic proportions... the fantastical Sarah from Sew What, Sherlock? With super quick skills, she sent me the patterns for four different sizes, the same night we joked about me making the whole thing paper pieced! Awesome! And if you fancy trying your hand at pp +x blocks she has three sizes listed in her shop, including this adorable three inch block.

3 inch paper pieced +x block

And did i mention the patterns are free?!! Awesome.

So today's work was really getting the three largest blocks finished up. The twenty four inchers. 

24 inch paper pieced +x block construction
These went together super quick. Though i have to say, i'm not sure paper piecing was the best option for voile's. Super slippy, and somewhat tricky to keep on the paper while sewing!

24 inch paper pieced +x block construction

The next order of business was the + sections for the twelve inch blocks.

12 inch paper pieced +x block construction

All twenty two of them!

In an effort to keep some sort of continuity while at the same time feeling scrappy, i've decided to use the AMH Pastry Line prints for all the + sections of all the blocks and the same background fabric throughout as well. So far i'm loving how the plusses of the block really stand out! (so much so that i considered making six more 24 inch blocks and calling it done!)

But i guess i shall continue on and head back to the fun part! Pairing the rest of the Little Folks line with the Pastry prints!

Only 22 twelve inch blocks to go!... oh, and the 36 six inch blocks i need to make. And then there's the 68 three inch blocks, well 67 actually, i have completed one!... this project was supposed to be faster than the hexie quilt i had originally planned for this bunch of fabrics. Where exactly did i go wrong?

High fives for claiming my own hashtag on Instagram - #brilliantnutbag
xo nicole

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So that was my WIP Wednesday today, what fun little bits have you been working on?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fusion Stars Quilt for Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Well folks, it's that magical time of year when Amy over at Amy's Creative Side spreads the joy that is Blogger's Quilt Festival. If you've never heard of this before, please, for you own sake, crawl out from under your sewing machine and head over to look at the eye candy! Always a treat!

And for all of you that are visiting from the Quilt Festival and have never been here before, Hi! *waving*

So lets get to it shall we!
I had delusional high hopes of finishing the Gypsy Wife hand quilting in time to enter but sadly, i'm only halfway finished :(
Good news is that the Blogger's Quilt Festival runs again in the fall, so can we all cross our fingers that i have it done in time for that one?!

So i thought i'd throw my Fusion Stars quilt into the mix for this round.

This is one of my most favorite quilts i've ever made. Made entirely with Kaffe Fassett's shot cottons, this one is incredibly soft and the drape is amazing!

 As soon as i saw Sarah's (Sew What, Sherlock) Fusion Star pattern, i knew i wanted to make an entire quilt out of it! What i didn't think about was the fact that i was going to need 153 sheets of paper (entirely paper pieced) to print out the pattern! So worth it though!!

In order to keep the quilt as soft as i could i kept the quilting to minimum, and just echoed inside each star.

I used a quilt as you go method for this one and i'm not entirely sure about the results. I guess i just don't like the idea of doing all that quilting and not being able to see it on the back.

Next time, i may try the method where you QAYG with your blocks fully sandwiched and then join them with sashing? on the front and back. Not really sure how that method works, may need to do a bit of research first!

With a finished size of 69" square i'll be linking this one up in the large quilts category!
Pop on over and check out my competition, some exceedingly good quilts this year!

 Thanks to all my regular readers for patiently having to see this one again! And thanks to all my new visitors for taking the time to stop by! Feel free to come on back and check things out ;)

For more pics and details here's my original post on my Fusion Star quilt.

High fives for Amy's hard work, to give us this awesome opportunity to see some amazing quilts!
xo nicole

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday - the Gypsy Wife Quilt edition!

Now calm down people, the gypsy wife quilt isn't finished!

 I had hoped to be finished by May 16th, in time for the Bloggers Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side. But it seems that it's taking me longer than anticipated to hand quilt it! There's a good possibility that i may have gone a touch overboard with the quilting!

For those that haven't seen any of my work on this, i'm using mostly Anna Maria Horner fabrics with a sprinkling of others from my stash. And i have to say, AMH fabrics were made for hand quilting!

AMH postage due in toast - Auriful 2975 brass 12wt

And with 12 wt Aurifil thread in brass, this has been so much fun! I honestly didn't think that i would enjoy the process as much as i am. 

 I will freely admit that a great portion of my time is spent on how i'm going to quilt each block as well as each strip. Some need just simple quilting, though others... well, they are just demanding to be more intricate!

My hand quilting is still pretty amateur at best, but i'm starting to get into my own rhythm and style. And slowly my stitches will become more uniform.

I'm about a quarter finished now, and i'm finding the strips take the longest to quilt. So the top half of the quilt which is mostly blocks should be a breeze! Right? I'll just keep telling myself that!

I desperately want to show you the whole quilt, but i guess i should save it for the final reveal when it's all finished!

Now, i have some tips and tricks that i want to share with everyone that's doing the gypsy wife but i'm not sure how i want to share. Right now most of what i have to share deals with the strips and the final construction of the quilt. I wish i had of made more notes during the construction of the blocks, though i do plan on making another so i could always add in more info. Do you think it would be easier if i just started a new page up top for just the gypsy wife stuff? That way i could add things as i feel. I'm kinda thinking that would be easiest. For all you gypsy wifers out there let me know, and feel free to ask any questions, i'll do my best to help!

Linking up over at Freshly Pieced, it's been a while and i need to get back in the habit of doing a WIP Wednesday post!

High fives for my Gypsy Wife (i love it, can you tell!!)
xo nicole

gypsy wife quilt wip