Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday!

Just wanted everyone to know that i have a cute little tutorial over at The Littlest Thistle today for the first quarter FAL tutorial week!

 And there was also a little tute for an envelope needlebook to go along side it but unfortunately i wasn't expecting to be first in the lineup and i didn't quite get it all written, oops. So hopefully i can get it up this evening for you all!

So pop on over to Katy's place and check out the stamp tutorial and i'll work on getting the needlebook tutorial finished!
It's finished!! And you can find it here!

High fives for me finishing at least one of the tutorials ;)
xo nicole


  1. The kiddos have been super interested in mail, stamps and mail trucks lately--they would love these! Plus they're super cute.

  2. great tutorial, and can I just say that I love the way you did it. the photos are great, the layout etc. So professional and fresh!

  3. So cute and you used my favorite fabric :)!!!

  4. I love the tut! And those stamps are dang cute! I am impressed with the fussy cutting too- right out of the middle of yardage, impressive! And instructions laid over the pictures, pure genius. I hate trying to figure out if the printed instruction belongs to the picture above or below!

  5. Great tutorial (and fingernails;) I'm cutting into my Briar Rose now, guess I should save all those tiny scraps for super cute stamps!


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