Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday - the catch up edition!

 So i thought i'd be back sooner with a post, but life has a way of getting busy and time got away from me!

 For those that follow me on Instagram (snippets101), you'll already know what i've been up to!

That's right! I'm gypsy-wifing! And i know i said i needed to finish Max and Sam's birthday quilts first, but how could i resist! And in my defense i only made this block...

and this one.

And how could i not make this block right away?

And maybe i made this one too.

And this one,

and this one,

and this one!

And i have to say, i love this pattern so much!!! I've enjoyed making all these blocks, even with my wonky, misaligned points. I generally pull fabrics for one or two blocks at night while relaxing watching tv after the boys are in bed. (Yay!! Walking Dead is back!!!) Then sew them up the next day when i get a chance.

Most of the time i know right from the jump what fabrics i want to use.

And i've definitely enjoyed fussy cutting to get the look i want!

Sometimes though, with the blocks requiring more pieces it's been fun just choosing the fabrics as i go!

And then there's this...

Um.. that's not right.

And i have some of these because the instructions weren't clear enough... or i may not have been paying close enough attention, ahem. But the top unpressed hst's are leftover bits that i'm somehow going to work in.

And here they all are together so far,


So, i guess i may have gone a bit overboard with the not starting anything new. And i know my defense is pretty weak, though i bet there's a lawyer or two out there that would be willing to back me up ;)

And now onto Sammy's quilt. His birthday was last week and i'll be totally honest here and let you all know that i didn't get it finished. Anyone surprised? No? Didn't think so. It would seem that i have a history of getting quilts so far and getting stuck. Anyone else have this problem? This is where i stand for now.

The middle section is at a width i'm happy with, and when the three horizontal section are sewn together the height will be perfect. And i'm not happy. I'm having problems finding a good balance of block size as well as colour and value placement. I'm finding certain areas to be too light and i'm not happy with the x block right below the giant arrow on the right. And the more i look at it i don't really like the polka dots on the sides of the arrow either. I think the background of it needs to be green. Do you think with a green background on the arrow the x block below would then work? Am i over thinking this? I mean, it's for a four year old, and so far everything i've stuck on the design wall he loves. But i'll be living with this quilt too and shouldn't i make it to make me happy as well?
Now the bottom section... what i'm wondering is if i should shift the bottom section so the rights sides align and then fill the section on the left with something else to make up the width. Thoughts?
And then there's the top section, i think i have a plan for that now. Though it does involve taking apart the two sets of four blocks, but i'm pretty sure it will work. Needless to say, Sammy's quilt is going to be awhile yet.

But along with the boatloads of Lego's he did get for his birthday, i did manage to make him one handmade gift. In lieu of his quilt, for now.

That's right! Yet another Open Wide Zip pouch! Using Heather Ross's Frog Pond print from Briar Rose, love this print!

This is the first time i've made one using batting and quilting it. And i love it! Perfect to use up your batting scraps as well as giving enough structure that you don't need to use interfacing.

Simple green lining,

And matching zipper tab. I used only things i had on hand and the zipper is a long one. I considered cutting it down, but then though it would work out nicely as a handle.

This little zip pouch is the new home for Sammy's Olliblock matching game that i made him! Cute eh?! He loved it, though not as much as the lego's... or his party. Of which i'm quite pleased with!

I would now like to take this moment to apologize to my Pinterest followers, the last little while has been primarily party pins... in mass quantities. Two days before Sammy's party he changed his mind and cried for a Super Mario party. Now with two days to go i wouldn't normally change the entire party, but seeing as i hadn't actually started anything i thought, why not.

So the idea started with a cake...

 Crushed Oreo's make for a great race track! I had picked up the little Mario Cart guys a couple weeks ago for him and thought they'd be perfect on the cake.

I love my star cookies and the marshmallow mushroom pops that my little sis made!

I also made vanilla and chocolate "mushroom" cupcakes. (Sammy requested a marble cake this year so i had enough batter from each flavour to do the cupcakes.)
Round out the spread with chips, candy and pretzels and you have a bunch of hyperactive kids that wouldn't go to sleep that night!

And just so you know, i did have veggie and cheese platters and deviled eggs as well! It wasn't all candy ;)

So, what you ask have i on the go for today on this lovely WIP Wednesday? I'm not really sure. I finally printed off the Dala horse pattern for my Penny Sampler!

As well as the Maple Fox from Shape Moth's Forest QAL. I'm thinking about replacing one of the Dala horses in my Penny Sampler for the fox... i love foxes! We'll see.

Or maybe i'll pull out Max's Penny Patch and get a move on it! That would be the good mom thing to to.

Especially considering that i thought i was further along than i actually am. I could have sworn that i had all those little four patch blocks stitched together and i just needed to sew the six inch blocks all together, drat!

I do know i must finish this little secret...

 More on this one at a later date!

 But i can already hear the call of the Gypsy Wife...

High fives for the chaos!!
xo nicole

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  1. The charcoal grey, apple green and clear blues of your son's quilt is a striking awesome combination and I love it. I like the polka dots in the arrow. They echo the colors of the grey four point star block middle row left. I agree your X block is weak but only because it is next to your arrow's white background polka dots. I think is would look fine closer to your top row churn dash block. This is all only my opinion of course. I would suggest however that you get a white non-patterned flannel for your design wall. I buy a cheap flannel backed tablecloth and use that vinyl side against the wall. It is thicker and sturdier, you can get a big size cheap, and it has no distracting pattern to foil your creative endeavors.

  2. That gypsy wife quilt is coming along so well! I love seeing all of the blocks together. I think Sammy's quilt looks great, though I can understand how you feel. Love the bag and party stuff!

  3. Oh, I love your gypsy wife blocks. My fabric and pattern arrived in the mail today, and I'm eager to get started! :) And then you have so many other fun and awesome projects going on here, there's too much to comment on! :)

  4. Your Gypsy Wife looks amazing. It's perfect for all those AMH prints (I just love how when you put all her crazy prints and colors together, it works perfectly), and the low volumes mellow everything out. Can't wait to see it all done!

    And high five on the party. It looks like it was super fun.

  5. Whoa! There was a lot in this post! I hardly know where to begin! The colours for your Gypsy Wife blocks are lover-ly... though I will admit I'm out of the loop on this block trend! I think your kiddo's quilt is coming along beautifully. It's always tricky with sampler type quilts to get the balance just right. My first one was a train wreck... you've never seen it on the blog and likely won't! No matter how you put it together, it will be unique and have lots of interesting things to look at. Isn't that pretty much a kiddo's dream quilt?

    And that birthday party! Will you adopt me? My birthday is today... it should give you plenty of time to whip up a party of such colossal proportions for Saturday! :) Again, a kiddo's dream.

  6. I love the green quilt for the littl'un - I would maybe be tempted to add a bit more black.... love the gypsy wife blocks - well done for "resisting temptation" - I know the exact feeling!

  7. Tehe ... I'm only about an 1/8 through my Farmer's Wife and just went and bought Gypsy Wife ... it was too tempting! Fabulous party! Looks like your son had an absolute ball. We like to do piñatas in our house too and I always love the look of horror when I hand their child a big stick to hit it with (wicked aren't I?). Looking forward to seeing your Gypsy Wife quilt grow, it's looking amazing already :)

  8. Wow, your gypsy wife blocks are really coming along! Looking great.

  9. Most people are lucky to have one awesome project but not you. You have a whole truckload of awesomeness!!! Your gypsy wife blocks are phenomenal!!! And I think I need more Architextures! I think the first block is my fave but so hard to pick 1 when I love them all!! Sammy's quilt is coming along! I think I would push the bottom over to the right and fill in the other side. I like the polka dot block and the X block but would separate them and think I would throw in more blue. I love the little orangey- red pops of color too! What a fun party you came up with too with so many fun touches!! I have been watching your Max party pinning and hoping he doesn't change his mind:). The last pic has me completely stumped and intrigued...can't wait to see what it is!!! Keep going on your gypsy is so inspiring!!

  10. I guess it takes much longer to do those sort of improv quilts. I don't usually have clear plan but it's nothing compare to you, lol. Love your pouch and party things. As for your son's quilt. I would exchange those polka dots for little strip of green and finished with grey. You seem to have enough green in that middle section. Good luck with all your projects.

  11. Okay, where to start? I LOVE all those blocks! Fabulousness!! The gypsy wife is seriously calling my name, except do I really need another wip? Cause it'll take me FOR.EV.ER. And can't wait to see the boys quilts done (and yes, you will be looking at it for a long time, it needs to make you happy, too). And super cute pouch and even super cuter (those words don't really go together, but I'll make it work) Sammy hitting the piñata!! High five!

  12. I've also been dreaming of a gypsy wife quilt. Hope to pull some fabric for it soon. Love those blocks!!

  13. Holy Moly!!!! So like what haven't you been doing in the past couple of weeks! Three things: First, your blocks are a-mazing!. I am loving the colour combinations you've got going. Second, yes get rid of the polka dots, maybe some more dark grey or red on the bottom? I don't know, seriously I shouldn't even be giving advice when I can't even make my stuff work half the time. Lastly, I have a couple parties of my own that I need you'll need to get right on that (hehehe ;) Your kid's party was awesome! Super high fives for pulling that off!

  14. You're all over the place but I love that about you. I am loving the fabric combos for the gypsy blocks. Everthing about that bday party was fabulous! Can you throw me one? haha. That zippy is ahhdorable! So much good stuff! I'll stop gushing now....if you quit with the peer pressure to join the gypsy QAL. No fair! I'm trying to be strong here.

  15. oh my goodness! you are on a roll with all of that going on. your gypsy wife blocks and fabrics rock. Looks like a really fun party for your little guy! Mom of the year award coming your way for putting all of that together!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  16. wow! When you are busy you are busy! That's an amazing amount of work!

    I love all of the gypsy wife quilts getting started. It's a fantastic pattern and so wonderful in the hands of different artists.

    Um - you're sending me one of the mario cakes for my birthday this week, right?

  17. I half read this the other day, but didn't have time to take it all in so have come back to it!! Loving those gypsy wife blocks, almost wish I was joining in but know it's not for me at the moment...the colours are so rich and warm, it's going to look fantastic. Sammy's quilt is looking great too, that frog fabric is just too cute isn't it? I have some stashed away for a dress for my daughter...sooo many plans for after the city sampler!! That birthday spread is AMAZING too, yum...where do you find the time?!


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