Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wip Wednesday - a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

For those that know me well enough, you already know that i have issues focusing on one thing at a time.
So my day today alternated back and forth from Sammy's birthday quilt and my lovely stack of Dowry.

I haven't yet had the time to start in on the quilt, but i did manage to make one of these today!

Not my normal fabric pairings, but i was trying to use what i had on hand. And i happened to have some of the Kaffe Fassett Caterpillar Stripe left over from my sister's quilt and the colours match perfectly with the Tangle print from AMH's Dowry line.

Throw in a smidgen of AMH's Migratory Lace in Tourmaline and i think we have a win!

I used this tutorial for the pillowcase and it's fantastic! I've used it before for pillowcases for Sammy and will definitely be using it again! Super easy and French seams, ooh la la ;)
 I only made the one for now because i wasn't sure about the size on my pillows. Turns out it's a good fit and i could even put a slightly larger pillow in if i wanted. So when it's time to get new pillows i'll probably go up a size.

(And could we all pretend that my sister's quilt isn't on my bed, i swear i haven't been using it. Though i have been tempted!!) It's still here with me because of this.

 It would seem that one of my seams was a touch too scant. And it popped in the wash. So any ideas on the best way to fix!!? Should i use some fray edge then hand stitch it closed, zig zag it with my machine? Or just call it a total loss and keep it for myself ;)

I've also been busy making up blocks for Sammy's birthday quilt.You've seen the castle block...

I've now added two whirl blocks, using Rachel from Stitched in Color's tutorial from our Penny Sampler class.

A domino block, i though the Domino Dot print would be perfect for this block, and now i want to make a whole domino block quilt using just domino dots! How awesome would that be?! Adding that one to the file of quilts i really want to make!

I also tackled Julie's Global Concepts block from her Block Rock'n series, love this one and it was super easy to put together!

And last i tried my hand at a goose creek block.

And here they are all together!

So, Sammy's birthday is the beginning of next month. Shall we lay down odds on if i get it done on time?!
My original plan had been to make something more along this line, then Sammy requested some stars in it so i moved more in this direction. And i've still yet to make some stars! So next on the agenda is some stars and then i'm just going to free piece it together with strips and scraps! I had wanted to have the top done for the end of the week so we'll see how that goes!

But for now i'm going to finish up the rest of my pillowcases!

High fives for working down my FAL list!
xo snips

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  1. You are making good progress. I'm jumping from one project to another as well. It usually depends on the thread I currently have in my machine, lol.

  2. your quilty ADD makes me so tired! I have two going right now (and a list a mile long I want to start) and it's a lot. But I feed off of getting things done, so thats why I try to keep my active WIPS to two...or three maybe. Anyway, the pillow cases are lovely, I bet they are dreamy to sleep on! For the quilt fixing...I guess I would put some fray stop on it and then maybe applique a little patch over it? Or you know what, nope, I'd just call it a loss and keep it. Your sister will totally understand that you can't give her a subpar quilt and would be willing to wait months and months for a replacement ;-)

  3. Fantabulous pillow case. Your colour chooses are just perfect. I would think that the Kaffe with the AMH would be too much, but then you popped that bit of peachy in between and suddenly they can't get more perfect! Fixing that quilt could be tricky... I'd be trying to do some invisible hand stitching to hide it. If it wasn't so close to the edge, I'd say add a button to cover it :-)
    E xx

  4. Ooooohhhh! I love that pillow case and that black and white block. Way to rock it!

    I had trouble like that quilt a binding that didn't quite meet the back of the fabric... That's where the label went! Hahahah!

  5. That pillow case is so beautiful, and your Son's quilt is going to be awesome!

  6. the quilt does look pretty good on your bed! i am loving Sammy's quilt!! and can't believe how many blocks you have finished! I am betting you meet your goal on this one especially since you love making stars! Actually i dont know if you love them but i know you have a lot of experience making different ones!! Your pillow case is gorgeous!!

  7. Mmm pretty pillowcase! I need one of those for sure! I don't know how to fix your fray! If it was me I'd probably just hand stitch the heck out of it. But hopefully someone else has a better idea!! Did you see the scant seem fix at Lily's Quilts I posted a link to? It's for before you've already sandwiched it, but it might be useful in the future!

  8. Those blocks are great! For the fix, I'd use a bit of Fray Edge and hand stitch it closed. It's not such a big area. Though I totally feel the vibe of "you must keep it" going on there too. :-) Well done for getting all those blocks done! You're sure to get some stars out of the way quickly!

  9. Thank you for the PC tutorial and for showing us all the beautiful blocks you've been preparing for Samy's quilt. About the quilt that has been damaged, I would appliqué a small bee or something, it has happened to me also and I fixed this way, everybody loved the little bee!

  10. This is going to be such a fun quilt! I can't wait to see you finish it! Your pillowcase looks fab, too. And I would totally want to keep your sister's quilt for myself, too. Love it! I think everyone has good ideas for how to fix that little bit. I had that happen to one of my sons' quilts, too.

  11. I was also going to suggest a label there!

    Love the pillow case, I have done similar but with a different tutorial and have loved how they turned out.

  12. Love the stripes on the pillowcase, it goes perfectly! Those domino dots sure are fun. I hate it when seams pop. I usually just zigzag over them but it doesn't look pretty.

  13. Dowry pillow cases... what could be better?! Love it with the stripes. I hope you were able to figure out what to do with the seam :(

  14. Your piecing is beautifully precise and your colours nice and bright.

  15. Hmmm, how convenient, a little quilty might have to keep it, damn! No, really, I think I'd try the hand stitching first and see how you get on :) Like always you have a super array of projects...that pillow case is gorgeous! As it happens I've just washed my daughter's pillow and oh dear I can't find a pillow case.... now I will just HAVE to make one those!!

  16. A hole!? That happens to me more than I'd like to admit, but it's a great reason to keep it, right? Yeah?? Totally! I've zigzagged one on my machine once, turned out just fine, nice and sturdy and blended well because it was a solids quilt like yours. But I've hand stitched before, too (yes, it's happened more than I like to admit) and I didn't keep that one, so I'm not sure how well it really held up. Good luck with that. Either way, it's a beautiful quilt and your sister will love it! And great pillowcase and blocks for Sammy's quilt!

  17. Those are some awesome blocks! I love all your fabric choices. I would just stitch that tear closed by hand and some fray check wouldn't hurt. Perfect match with the pillowcase.


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