Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's in a name?

In this case, the name snips.
It's a name that's been with me for quite some time now, and one that i'll still hold onto,
but around here i think it's time to start using my "real" name.

The name snips came about long before i was quilting and blogging. I no longer remember when i started using it, but it's roots go back to my life as an artist. That's right, i bet you didn't even know that i was once a spray paint artist!

And for those that are familiar with the graffiti culture it's the norm to take on, an alias, if you will. Mostly to prevent being arrested ;)

I assure you that i've never painted anything illegally, but the artist name is just part of the package!

That being said, i'm not here to start a debate on the rights and wrongs of street painting.

Nor am i here to talk about that. I'm really just here to let you know that from this point on, my posts will be signed off by me, Nicole.

I'm the one on the right!
I don't paint anymore, though someday i hope to return to it.

Spray painting isn't something that's safe or easily done with two little boys underfoot!

sorry for the blurry pic!

Nor is hand cutting all the stencils. Multitudes of paper stencils that little hands could easily crumple and rip!

This hasn't been a decision that i've made lightly. I've been thinking about it for some time now.

Then all it took was one simple question, that Anne of Play Crafts asked me.  ~ If you ran into someone at a quilting convention, would you want them to call you nicole or snips? And there was my answer. As easy as that!

 Though i've also spent quite some time deliberating on whether or not i could stop using the name and still call my blog snips snippets. Yes, yes i can. It's my blog and i can call it what i want! I will always be snips, it's just time to... i don't want to say grow up, but maybe move on.

So i guess that's really all i need to say, i hope you've enjoyed this look into my past!

Sorry for the lack of quilty pics today, but rest assured i will be back with the progress on Sammy's bday quilt soon!

Any problems with that and you can take it up with the peanut gallery!

High fives for snips, it's been fun!
xo nicole


  1. You are quite a talented lady! Your little boys won't be so little for long, and maybe they'll want to get into graffiti art too.

  2. These are amazing! That is quite a talent but I understand why you had to take a break from it. Thanks for the inspiration! I also find the Snips backstory interesting. Great post!

  3. Who knew!!!??? Well, I knew your real name but didn't know about your past. hehe :)

  4. Oh my word! Speak about hidden talents! You work is amazing!!!
    Thank you NICOLE for sharing it with us!

  5. you are crazy talented Cole!!! i have always thought of your blog as Snips but not you :) do you think of me as Party? I am hoping that you have passed on the spray paint gene to one of the boys. i can't believe you cut paper stencils to make the paintings; so awesome!!!

  6. Wow, your work is beautiful! I do hope you find time to return to it when the boys are a bit older. :)
    I had no idea you were wrestling with this for so long, but I am so happy I got to play a small part in your evolution as a quilter and artist! And definitely you can keep the blog name. Until it no longer fits you, then you can shed that, too. Nothin's stoppin' you! :)

  7. Interesting. I'm especially amazed by the paper stencils, wow. I finally learned to call you Nicole so there won't be much change for me :-)

  8. What a great article, you're an amazing talented artist, and I'm happy to call you snips or Cole or Nicole, they all refer to the same beautiful person to me. :) Also the blog name is cute, it's still suitable for a quilter!

  9. Nice to meet ya, Nicole :) I love your work. I hope you're able to get back to it some day soon. It must be difficult to put that aside for now. You amaze me :)

  10. Oh hey Nicole :) I really loved this post. It was very cool to see your artwork and learn about your past. You are so incredibly talented (in all types of art)!!! I cannot even imagine the work to cut out those stencils. Amazing. Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. What amazing work, Nicole! :) Thanks so much for sharing it!

  12. Thanks for sharing, Nicole. By the way, some of these art works look like they would make amazing quilts :)

  13. You're so multi-talented! I like the idea of calling you Nicole. It's more personal. I imagine when I think of you in my head you'll look like this: Nicole (snips). ;)

  14. They are just the bomb diggity! I love them! I do dig mario, you know it! My favorite is the doberman and the muppets! Thanks so much for sharing them and the story of snips. The moniker totally makes sense, but I can see why you'd rather be Nicole. Folks call me Susan and Suedre and I'm totally OK with both. :)

  15. you are just too cool, Nicole! I had no idea you had such an artsy background. Of course, looking at your gorgeous quilts, it comes as no surprise!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  16. Hi _________ :o) This definitely took me back not just to coming up with my own blog name, but trying to adjust to my husband's last name. A name is a sense of identify, but so long as you don't lose your past as you move forward in life, I think it all has a way of working itself out for the better?

    -- sharpie/Sarah/nohatsquilts/the former Sarah R.

  17. I think you should call yourself whatever you like! And you don't leave spray paint and sharp knives out, sheesh you're no fun hehe! Seriously, could you image! Your work is amazing by the way and I LOVE the subject matter. It would fit right in at our house!

  18. Hello Nicole - nice to meet you. Heather

  19. I love your art, I wonder if you will make quilts like it?

  20. I am pretty sure this easily makes you one of the coolest people I "know" :)

  21. I leave loved learning more about your creative start. It explains your creative quilty wonderfulness. It is a pleasure to meet you Nicole...a real pleasure.

  22. How fun it was to read this :) It 's so interesting to learn more about the quilty friends we meet online :)


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