Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello 2014! Are you ready to get stuff done!

 Like perhaps more blog posts? Seriously people, i'm averaging 1 a month... 1!!! Time to get my crap together and post about it. 2014 shall now be the year to finish it up and blog about it! I've lost track of all the projects i have on the go and i need to finish them, not that i'm saying i won't start anything new, because really people, this is me we're talking about. So again, in a effort to finish things up i'll be joining in the 2014 FAL. This year being hosted by Katy over at The Littlest Thistle.

So without further ado, here's my list...

#1. DONE!

The shot cotton Fusion Star quilt i was making for my big sister for Christmas... it was supposed to fly home with her after the holidays but unfortunately i didn't quite make my deadline. I'm loving this quilt and i really, really want to keep it for myself. If you've never worked with shot cottons before you really must. This is by far the softest quilt i've ever made. I'm using this awesome free pattern from Sew What, Sherlock and i love it! The block finishes at 24", so nine blocks and you have a nice big lap quilt! I've been trying my hand at QAYG and while i can see where it's a fantastic idea,( for example, i'm echoing inside all the star layers and quilting a 24" block is way easier than quilting a 72" quilt), i'm now having to quilt the backing on, so i'm still having to maneuver the whole thing through my machine. Though albeit not as much as if i was quilting the whole thing. So yeah, finish quilting the back on (8 stars left to keep the back on) then bind. This is job number one!


Number two is the quilt i'm making for my oldest little guy. I'm attempting to make a quilt for my guys every year for their birthday and both of them were born in February. So first up is Sammy, who's bday is on the fourth. Yikes! I haven't even started this one! I mean i've had the fabrics pulled for about a year now and foolishly thought that there would be plenty of time in January to get it done. I'm going semi improv on this one. Sam has requested some stars in it though so i'll put a smattering of them here and there. I also will be making a couple of other blocks i love. The fabrics pulled with the patterns above are for two fantastic patterns (also free!) from Julie of 627handworks, Global Concepts and Zeppelin. I've also cut fabrics for a castle block using Amy of Badskirt's supersized castles tutorial.

Y-seams people! I'm going to attempt y-seams! Wish me luck :)

#3 DONE!
Max's Penny Patch quilt for his birthday, which is on the 27 of February. At least this one's all cut out, i just need to sew it together, quilt and bind, no problem. Ha!


This was also to be a Christmas gift, one for a fantastic friend. Unfortunately it didn't get done in time (story of my life here folks!). So i need to finish it up and get it mailed off. I can't really say more about it, but i hope she loves it!

 There's no reason for this one not to be finished! I just have to buy something for the backing (i'm thinking the Carolyn Friedlander widescreens... maybe in yarrow? I'm going to pop into my LQS this week and see if it matches the mustardy colour in the 2wenty Thr3e line. If not i'll probably just go with the grey croasshatch... maybe. Then quilt and bind!

Now, do we all remember this little stack? I think i've found that PP pattern i want to use, just need to give it a test run to see if i like the results with these fabrics, but i think it's going to work! Finally! I've been waiting to cut into this forever (and i also keep pulling fabrics from it to use for other projects so if i want any of this to last i need to get on it!)

#7. DONE!

I picked this canvas up from Ikea a while back to make some curtains for the boys room and have quite a bit left over. I want to make a full set of Nova's Nesting Bowls using the canvas for the outsides and a rainbow of Pearl Bracelets for the insides.


These are the left over HST's from this quilt, i was thinking about making a cushion or two to put in the shop but i'm thinking instead of using them for more nesting bowls. I've been wanting to try using Nova's pattern for more "fancy" bowls. This could be a great place to start!


Please, for the love of all things quilty, just let me finish this dang quilt! I want to be using it while it's still winter! I still have three major blocks to make as well as an entire row of diamonds for the bottom and a handful of smaller blocks to fill the gaps. Then i need to quilt it. I'll be doing a mix of machine and hand quilting, so really, who am i kidding? This isn't going to get done this quarter, i must be crazy!

Again, another project i forgot i was making! I would love to get this one finished. It still hasn't progressed any further than the last time i posted about it.

These should happen relatively quickly. I'll be using the AMH velveteen for some pillow shams for our bed and the two AMH Dowry prints (Postage Due in toast and Tangled in aqua) for pillow cases.

Ahhh, the lovely stack of  AMH 's Dowry line that my mom gave me for Christmas. With some added prints from her Field Study and Hand Drawn Garden lines to round it out a bit, will make a fantastic quilt for my bed, my first quilt for my bed! After thinking forever that i wanted to make another Swoon and use it for my bed i realized i just wouldn't get all the patterns and colour and chaos that i'm looking for. So i started searching for something else. It's then that i came across Jen Kingwell's Gypsy Wife pattern. I. Love. This. Quilt! And i will someday make it. But $25 plus another almost $10 to ship, just not in my budget with two little boys birthdays coming up. Someday :(
So then i came across AMH Flight Map pattern. Love! And we know that the fabrics will work for it! I'm hoping to post some more about it soon!

And that should keep me busy!
Once again people, overly ambitious or just delusional? You be the judge!
Linking up over at The Littlest Thistle for the first quarter! There's still time to get your link on, might be the motivation you need to get something done!

High fives for a new year, hopefully one that sees me finishing some projects!
xo snips

And did you really think i was going to leave with no pics of my little guys?!


  1. Oh man this list makes me tired. Not that my list isn't similar, or just as long. Here's what we should do to get all this shit DONE: sewing playdates! It's been in the 50s here, so we can just throw the kids in the back yard and then sew like crazy while (sort of) keeping an eye on them. Perfect, right?

  2. Wow, Snips! I can't decide which of your UFOs I love most. I'd love to come roll around in your fabric stash à la Scrooge McDuck. I had to resist clicking on your helpful links to the patterns/tutorials for fear that my WiP list will grow exponentially!

    Good luck on your birthday quilts! A quilt a year is ambitious, but I'm sure those boys love each and every square of them!

  3. Wow, that is a LIST.Lots of beautiful things happening on there though, so I look forward to seeing them progress. I really love that big Oakshott star. I think it's going to be amaxing.
    E xx

  4. Great list! I love number one, it would be hard for me to give that one up too. I don't thing you're crazy. A big list just means you have more options of what to work on. Well, that's what I keep telling myself. I have twenty on my list.

  5. I think we might be soul sisters. I have so many in progress projects it is crazy. Also - I have never, not one time, ever, completed something in the time I thought it would take when I got started. I have no clue why I'm so bad at estimating after all these years, but I am!

    I love everything you've got going here though! Cant wait to see them fall into place!

  6. Welcome to 2014 Friend!!! So nice to see you and your lovely projects!! Is this a list for the first quarter or for the whole year? Cause I think it would take me at least a year to finish these, maybe even 2!! Your sister's quilt is AMAZING!!! Too bad she lives far away from you; you might need to do a repeat performance on this one. I am falling off my chair laughing...does one need a laundry basket to keep collected fabrics for a twin size bed or does Sammy have a king size? I thought you had finished MD9P23, I love that quilt!!!! Hello cute postage stamps and hexies in the most beautiful colors and fabrics!!!! I vote cushion for the leftover HSTs only because I love the quilt they came from and a cushion would be a mini quilt you could look at every day. A fabric bin you would only see half at a time although it would be awesome too!! Actually maybe you should make a fabric bucket to store your fabric in and ditch the laundry basket :). Good call on the Swoon; it's a great pattern but wouldn't be what you were looking for. That will be a phenomenal quilt. You are not delusional or overly ambitious. I think you are suffering from fabric induced hyperactivity! I got it from just looking at your pics. My heart rate went up, my eyes started bulging, and I wanted to cut and sew and cut and sew some more. So many possibilities and so much fun in those fabric stacks!!! Send me your sewing kit and I will finish it for you :)

  7. Oh wow, that's a lot of gorgeous stuff that I can't wait to see the full reveal on! No pressure or anything, though. ;)
    That quilt for your sister I am especially interested to see the full reveal. It looks amazing!

  8. Your list usually put a smile on my face but I wish you luck girl! :-)

  9. Wow, you have got plenty to be getting on with!! I wouldn't worry about the lack of blogging I got like that in the run up to Christmas...too much other stuff going on. To be honest it will probably be the same now!! You have got so many great projects. Can't wait to see them finished. I LOVE that fusion star quilt, the colours are just gorgeous. And what are those postage stamps? They look like the cutest thing ever!

  10. We all have ups and downs with blogging so no worries there! Your projects are all great, I love those mini postage stamp looking bits!

  11. So glad to see you back! And adore your Fusion Star!! My WIP list seems to be as extensive as yours, but for some reason I'm ignoring it and playing with new fabric.... I wish you luck on completing everything, I know I need it :)

  12. Nice list! I can't wait to see the quilt you cook up for your bed. I should make a quilt for our master bedroom but I really love using a fluffy comforter. This is going to be a fantastic year! Cute pic ;) Those fabric stamps are adorable!

  13. Oh wow, I'm loving all of these, especially the wee postage stamp previews, so cute!

    Good luck with your list :o)

  14. I've missed your posts!! You Fushion Star quilt looks more amazing every time I see it. How is that possible? I love all of your projects!!! I'm super impressed you're attempting Y seams. Good luck! And I think your AMH fabric will look incredible in the Flight Map pattern!! Now stop reading my comment and get to work! ;)

  15. seriously- SO. MUCH. AWESOMENESS! I love the Penny Sampler especially! Happy 2014 to you! I've been so behind with my commenting, but I have been reading!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  16. What great projects!!! You are killing it this year.


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