Friday, January 24, 2014

Finish it up Friday - the ROYGBIV/Dowry edition

And don't worry, the ROYGBIV isn't going with the Dowry! I'm not that crazy :)

This week i tackled #7 on my FAL list, the set of ROYGBIV nesting bowls i had been wanting to make with the left over canvas i had from my boys curtains. Though i guess i should really call them ROYGBV bowls. I went straight from blue to violet, sorry indigo you didn't make the cut!

I love the contrast of the black and white exterior and the rainbow interior.

I opted to use the canvas for the lining as well and just add a band of the pearl bracelets for the pop of colour. The double layer of canvas gives the bowls some structure as i chose not to use interfacing. That being said i think the two largest size bowls could use a bit more stability. They stand fine on their own but they are a tad slumpy. But when stuffed with toys they're perfect!

And look how awesome they look all stacked together!

Again, i used Nova's Nesting Bowl Pattern for these and there will be more in my future! Really people, how cool would these be in a little kids room!

don't worry, i only made 6 bowls, i just photoshopped them all together to show them in use!
I'll be listing these in my shop this weekend, if you know anybody looking for some storage options!
In the shop!

Now for the drum roll please!!!!

Hello awesome!!  

I'll give you all a minute to clean yourselves up, please wipe the drool from your chins, it's disgraceful ;)

Wait... what's that? 


That's right i'm now the proud owner of four fabulous Dowry pillowcases!
 And you'd think with all that fanfare I'd just made the worlds first pillowcase. But really, you know you want them :)

Just look at that detail! Go on say it, i'm awesome. Feel free to spread the word. Too far? Seriously though peeps, you have to make yourself some of these. It's perfect for those fabrics that are so pretty you don't want to cut them up, now you can sleep on them! And it's been proven that you'll have better dreams... okay i made that up, but how could you not?! They are super fast and super easy! (link for the tutorial in this post) And look how amazing they look with my star dresden pillow, tutorial for that here ;)

These pillow cases were #11 on my FAL list, but i did also have some AMH velveteen to go with them. I had planned on using it for pillow shams but it is currently tacked up in our bedroom window thinking that it may want to be curtains instead! We'll see!

Now to get started on the quilt! Well, i guess not quite yet, Sammy's first, then Max's then mine!

High fives for awesome pillowcases!
xo snips

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  1. 4 Dowry pillowcases?? you are decadent and i am 100% certain you will sleep better with those cases! Beautiful!! i love the fabric bowls and want to color in the curtain fabric!! The black and white with the color pops make me happy :). 3 FAL finishes in 2 weeks!! you can't be stopped :)

  2. Those nesting bowls are so pretty! I have some similar IKEA fabric...must get makin' things with it. Your pillow cases turned out super awesome! Pretty sure my husband wouldn't go for them though...

  3. Love those nesting bowls. Great combo and the pillow cases are pretty too.

  4. Awesome awesome projects! Funny post too. :) I WILL be making some of those pillowcases. But I also love the bowls, especially the photoshopped picture! I just may need to make my kiddos some baskets.

  5. oh yeah- I will say it. YOU. ARE. AWESOME! those pillowcases are awesome, and those nesting bowls are awesome!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. and I forgot to say thanks for linking it up to NTT!

      :) Kelly

  6. You are awesome! And I'd totally sleep better on AMH...okay, that didn't come out right, but you know what I mean. And those nesting bowls are...perfect. I love the black and white print with the pop of color. So now you are both awesome AND amazing! High five!

  7. Those bowls are so fun! Way to tackle that list. I haven't made my nesting bowls yet...someday soon I hope. Those pillows are just gorgeous. I must make some of my own and spread the word of yours as my inspiration :)

  8. Believe you should be conducting a clinical trial with these pillowcases. 1 night on, 1 night off and record the variance in dreams and soundness of sleep. Then you can be completely justified to say, you definitely dream better with AMH. :-)
    Your nesting bowls are super cute. I did freak out that you'd made like 30, but now I am just impressed with your mad photoshop skills. What is indigo amy way?
    E xx

  9. Awesome fabric bowls, and those pillowcases are super classy. I am sure you will dream of beautiful fabric on them.

  10. Cute fabric bowls!! What a great idea! Beautiful pillowcases!!

  11. The baskets are adorable, but those pillowcases....WOW, stunning!

  12. I love those nesting bowls (ooohh.... Pearl Bracelet!) and your little photoshop trick makes me think you should make a fleet more of them! And those pillow cases - de luxe!

  13. Loving those nesting bowls! And your photoshopping that made you look super duper productive ;)

    Sweet pillowcases - your comments made me laugh! So awesome when you can use favourite fabrics and love the result!

  14. Those pillow cases are the stuff dreams are made of! Love them. I love your nesting bowls as well, such a cute storage idea. Do you think indigo is feeling left out of the group?

  15. Those bowls are FANTASTIC! I adore them! I've been wanting to try that pattern, so I must now! And your pillows are fantastic too, totally jealous!

  16. Those nesting bowls are fabulous! I LOVE the black and white and rainbow!

  17. Those nesting bowls are so fun! The fabrics you picked are absolutely perfect. Trying to think of a reason to make some. I'd totally steal your fabric combo, too.

    And the Dowry pillowcases? *Swoon* Make me some? :)

  18. The bowls look awesome and I am lusting after your pillowcases! Great photos :)


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