Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where to begin, when the words don't want to come?

I had planned on posting earlier in the week and time got away from me. I haven't even been keeping up with my blog reading and commenting, and my response time for comments on my blog seems to be lacking as well. Does anyone else ever have this problem? I have so many things that i could be talking about and yet i just don't. When i could be writing a post i've been avoiding it in favour of doing some more sewing, so i'll apologize now if my posts are few and far between for the next little while. And i hope you all still stick around because i will still be here, and i love sharing my projects with you all! I guess lately i feel like it's just the same thing over and over again here. More Penny Sampler, more open wide zip pouches (i have another to share today!), more projects started and will we ever see the finishes? So i guess that's where i'm at.  And now rereading that it sounds as if i'm feeling sorry for myself, which i'm not, i just don't want to bore anyone with a whole lot of the same thing over and over again!

 So to share today i have... More Penny Sampler Stuff! Huzzah! (sorry!)

My tea service is done! Those that follow me on Instagram (@snippets101)  have already seen this but i just love it so much that i had to share! If ever anyone comes across a tea set that looks like this let me know, i would love to own it!!

I also managed to get caught up with some of my other blocks,

Crossroads, Boxed In and Framed are all done!

So as of a few days ago my Penny Sampler looked like this,

Please ignore the herringbone block on the left side, it's my october bee block and i needed to keep it somewhere safe until i could mail it.
So, you'll maybe have noticed that i said looked like this. And again for those that follow me on Instagram you already know where this is going. I've been staring at this for so long thinking that i didn't like my newest three blocks, especially boxed in (upper right with the tea cup) They were all looking too crisp, know what i mean? Turns out that i do in fact like them and it's the background fabric i chose for all the little pluses and the sashing that i don't like! So out came ripper and now my Penny Sampler looks like this!

I still need to take out the piece in between the top and bottom sections of my Hanging Diamonds (the long block on the left of the quilt).
I already like it so much more! As for a replacement fabric, ideally i would like to use the pale grey crosshatch print from Architextures, but i don't have enough and my LQS doesn't have any more in stock. So i have a couple other fabrics in mind that i want to check out when i can get in there, maybe Pearl Bracelet in Hiho Silver? I'm wanting a subtle colour that just fades into the background. We'll see. I've also decided that i don't have it in me to remake all 17 of the little plus blocks again. So i'll just be adding in the strips of fabric and then i'm thinking i may either embroider all the pluses back on or wait until i'm finished and hand quilt them all on. What do you guys think? So yeah, that's how things are going with my Penny Sampler!

I also have been working on a shower gift for a friend of mine, i finished the nesting bowls and divided basket last week and have now added an open wide zip pouch into the mix!

I used Heather Ross's Hex Bee print in lilac with a strip of Pearl Bracelet in Meyer Lemon? (i think). And a coordinating lilac solid for the bottom.
I though it would be nice to have a little zip she could throw into her purse with some little things for herself and maybe a little bit of stuff for the baby.

So in keeping with the "bee" theme, what better products than Burt's Bee's. I love this stuff!

The inside of the pouch i used another Pearl Bracelet print, this time Persimmon? (i really need to keep better track of the fabrics i buy!)


And here's a lovely little shot of the whole gift!

I managed to find a bunch of vintage Disney Little Golden Books to add into the divided basket to go with the lining fabric! I also still have a a couple of swaddling blankets that i want to make with some super soft flannel that i picked up, i may or may not get them done on time. Shower's tomorrow! I hope she likes it all!
(And just so everyone knows, this gift is also from my mom and my little sister as well! my budget doesn't allow me to be quite this extravagant!) I can now check this one as done on my Q4 FAL list! And i would also like to thank Gina for the absolutely perfect AMH Folksy Flannel i used for the back drop fabric! I'll be sharing soon what it's going to be used for!

This week i also manage to finish up Sammy's Halloween costume. He asked to be a pirate and wanted Max to be his first mate so he could boss him around! Well, i happened to come across a super cute parrot costume while out shopping with my little sis and thought... under twenty bucks, and one less costume to make? Done! So instead of a first mate for Sammy, he got a parrot!

So stinking cute!

I managed to scale back Sammy's wish list for his costume, there was a very firm no to allowing him a boat. He wasn't too happy about that. I also said no to the peg leg, again not pleased. But i told him i would gladly get him a sword, hook and spyglass. He also needed an eye patch (that Max ended up wearing over one of the bird eyes) and asked if he could have a beard and mustache. None of which lasted out the front door!

His costume started with a trip to the thrift shop. I picked up a ladies blouse and was super excited when i found the leather vest with matching (horrid) belt! The pants are a boys size 7 (Sam is in a 3-4) I was able to just cinch them around his waist with one of his own belts after cutting the bottoms off. They're a linen cotton blend so after cutting them off i just gave them a good shake and they frayed perfectly!

The blouse on the other hand was more tricky. I had to remove the sleeves and take in the width of the whole shirt as well as the armpits. Then reattach the sleeves, remove the cuffs and add elastic to give them a more piratey feel. I took the width of the vest in at the sides and the back then just hacked it off at the bottom and called it done. As for the belt, i obviously had to pop new holes in the large belt and the stripey one is just a WOF strip from my stash.

Another of his requests was for a treasure chest (i have no idea how he was planning on carrying all this stuff). I instead made him a candy bucket out of wood grain fabric. I wish i had a better photo of it.

sorry for the lousy IG!

I used the Nova nesting bowls pattern in the 7 inch size and added a leather handle. He loved it and carried it around from house to house on his hook!

Finally, here's a shot of Sammy teaching Max what to do when they get to someones door.

Nothing cuter than a pirate and his parrot in rubber boots!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!
High fives for candy!!
xo snips

I'm off to cut more fabric for my Penny Patch.


  1. Love your penny sampler progress, it's looking fabulous. And that zip pouch is gorgeous - what a brilliant set of presents you've put together! Lucky friend :o)

  2. I think it's good to take a break from blogging for a little while when the sewing is calling your name! Everything is looking beautiful. I would be SO EXCITED to receive that lovely gift.

  3. I like the addition of the yellow strip to the pouch, it looks fantastic. What did you use to give it body, it looks poofier than interfacing?

    And I checked that there is still 2 yds of the Architectures at this online Canadian shop:

  4. sewing trumps blogging for me too, and it looks like you've been doing a lot of that lately. Sometimes, when I get behind in my reader, all I can do is mark all of them as "read" and move on. I can't go back if there are just too many. It can get overwhelming and really time consuming. by the way, I love you Penny Sampler and I'm glad you decided to leave the little pops of yellow. Also, your shower gift is so precious- she'll love it!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Maybe it seems to you that your blog is always the same but it sure doesn't to me!!! Your penny sampler is a huge project!! You made a ton of stuff this week; the boys' costumes are amazing!!! I can't believe all the altering you did to make the costume work, you are a pro!! The shower gift is so awesome! You are getting fancy adding a strip in the middle. I love your combination of fabric!! I am sure your friend will flip over all the fun things you have put together for her! Your fabric got there fast! You know I will always be here to read your posts, I am a forever follower :)

  6. The answer to your question is 'Always'.

    Cute bee pouch. Your friend is super lucky to have all those great gifts coming her way very soon, and to have a friend who loves her enough to put in all that effort.

    The Penny Sampler's looking great, as usual. I thought the background colour you had already looked fine, but I am excited to see how you decide to change it.

    Very cute boys and cute costumes.

  7. All of those presents are looking lovely! Well done. I'm sure your friend will appreciate it. You said it all about the costumes. So stinking cute!

  8. It is fun to see your penny sampler progress...keep it coming.
    What amazing accessories for the pirate's costume. What a lucky boy! I mean he even got a walking talking parrot. :)
    LOVE the bee pouch and Burt's Bees' products were a nice touch :) It is great when people pool their gift, and you made so much stuff too! It is sure to be well received!

  9. You are preaching to the choir over here--I feel like all I've worked on/blogged about for the past month is that starry night quilt! Ugh. But I don't mind seeing the penny sampler so much--it is fun seeing the process and it come together. That baby shower gift is so awesome! I'm sure she will love it, so generous of you and you mom and sister.

  10. we will still be here as long as you are, whether it is often or not. Your Penny Sampler is looking great and your pouches are inspiring me to make somethung besides a quilt... Oh and that Pirate custume.. Wicked!

  11. Wow. Huge post. Love your penny sampler and definitely think you should just appliqué the crosses on. It will be much easier and faster than embroidering. The pirate costume is great. It's perfect!! The baby gift uis wonderful. A centerpiece at the shower to be sure. I'm still amazed at how much sewing you get done with those two little ones to keep you busy!

  12. Hehe your boys look super cute!

    The Penny Sampler is coming along beautifully - I love that tea set too!

  13. Truth - forcing posts in never good! If you're not feeling it, we'll know it. :) Come around when you're ready and we'll see what you're up to!

    LOVE the pirate and the bird and the teacups and the gifts and and and and and..... :)

  14. We all come and go from time to time in the blogging world and that's okay! At least by me it is because I do it too. :)

    Love your tea set blocks but I think I already told you that!

    Burt's Bees...since you seem to be the expert, which one is the best for very dry chapped lips? And we're talking VERY dry.

  15. I totally feel like that about blogging right now too. I only have one thing going so I feel like I have nothing new to share. On the flip side, I love seeing all your projects and I really don't think I'll ever tire of seeing your Penny Sampler. I am living vicariously through you on that one :) I am also loving that baby shower gift ensemble. It's so thoughtful and everything is just so adorable. I want it for myself! I guess I would probably need to be pregnant first, but those are just minor details.

  16. Loving all the projects you've got going on here!

    So sad to see the little pluses go, but I can see what you mean about the background fabric. It's so hard to know exactly how something's going to look until it's finished. Happens to me all the time :( Well done for unpicking it's a difficult and frustrating thing to do.

    I've been the same with the blogging recently...I have a few things to post about but just haven't got round to it. Too much other stuff to get done I think! Always love seeing your stuff though :) (PS your kids are so adorable in those costumes!)

  17. Love what you have chosen for your Penny Patch! Very inspiring! No worries about posting and comments. You are busy! My two boys are older and I always thought I'd have more time when they grew. Not so much. More time spent running them back and forth and at their sporting events! Do what you enjoy and take time to enjoy them too :-)

  18. Seeing as this post has been pulled up for more than two wks on my phone in an idol window, clearly I can relate :). Your penny sampler (et al) is looking fantastic!


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