Friday, October 4, 2013

Take that Q3 FAL list!

That's right i finished up another on my FAL list! My Mom's Road to Tennessee is done and delivered!

And i have to tell ya folks, i'm glad it's done! This one has been back burnered so many times i started wondering if i was ever going to finish it! ( i think my mom had started wondering as well, sorry mom!) I spent so much time worrying about how hard it was going to be to quilt when in reality the quilting was a breeze compared to the binding!

My biggest concern was the floofyness of it. I had picked out this brown Kaufman flannel for the back and my mom had requested a double layer of batting so it would retain the floof. Well i spray basted the crap out of it and i'm happy to report that i didn't have one single pucker or fold! Now i will say that had i of quilted across my vertical lines it would have all gone to pot! So it's a good thing i only planned on doing the vertical quilting. It's the same quilting i did on the last RtT quilt i did and i just love the look of it on the back!

Enough quilting to hold everything together but not so much that it looses the puff, exactly what my mom wanted!

There were a couple of moments during quilting when i thought the pry bar was going to be needed! But i managed to jam it through and i'm quite pleased with it :)

And of course what's a quilt photo shoot without a photobomb!

The minute i spread the quilt out on the ground Max came running and thought it was the coolest thing in the world! And who am i to deny such cuteness a play on my mom's quilt!

Quilt Stats ::
size - forgot to check
fabrics - the solids are all Kona, no idea which ones though.
          - the brown for the diamonds and the green print are from my stash and i've forgotten what they are.
          - the light brown print is a linen cotton blend by Melissa Crowley for Robert Kaufman, i'm pretty sure it's called Floral Outline.
          - backing is Robert Kaufman flannel in solid brown as is the binding (Which was beastly to put on! Sewing through two layers of flannel binding, flannel backing, two layers of batting and the top... needless to say my walking foot was used on this journey and there will be some minor binding fix ups where i didn't quite catch everything when stitching it down!)

So... i guess that's all! I'm hoping to be back again later once i finish up a little paper piecing project.

High fives for a quilt finish! (i'm hoping to get a post up with my full Q3 finishes this weekend, i have until Monday to link up and you never know i may get another one off the list! ha! *snort!)
Happy Friday!
xo snips


  1. It's fantastic!! Did you do the quilting with a walking foot? I've done a double layer of batting on one quilt and I really liked it. If I wasn't so frugal I would do it all the time!

  2. Congratulations on this wonderful finish!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  3. Great job Nicole on another finish!! The photo bombed pic is my favorite and I do love the pattern the quilting makes on the back. I am sure this finish may spur you on to a couple more finishes before Monday or if I know you, my friend, maybe a couple more starts :)

  4. Great finish! That quilt looks soooo comfy cozy. It would be difficult to deny that cutie pie anything. They have such power over us.

  5. Oooh it looks great! What perfect timing for a nice cozy quilt too!

  6. It may have taken you a long time to finish it, but for a photo shoot it was perfect timing! It is a gorgeous quilt - your mom must be happy!

  7. yay! that has to feel great to have it done and done so well. congrats.

  8. My goodness woman, DOUBLE batting and FLANNEL?! That's gotta be one of the coziest quilts around ;) I would've nose-dived right into that if I were Max :)

  9. Fabulous finish. What a lovely quilt!!! Your pictures are gorgeous - but I have to admit, I am especially smiley about the photo bomb. Too darn cute!!!!

  10. LOVE!! the quilting on the back is such a cool effect, and the pic with the leaves all around just screams "fall"!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infautation

  11. Love this! I would never of thought to double up the batting, that quilt must be soooo soft and fluffy! Great finish

  12. So, so comfy looking! I just want to take a nap with it! Love the quilting!

  13. Congrats on fab finish. It looks great!

  14. Congrats on finishing this up. I really love how the quilting looks on the back!


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