Saturday, October 19, 2013

A little bit of my week...

My main WIP for this week was turning this little stack of lovely...

Into this!

The top row of diamonds for my Penny Sampler! Thanks to everyone last week for your input! The yellow has been switched to shades of blue with a little pop of yellow!
I like them! And i loved making them! It's nice to have moved into the paper piecing portion of this class, i've been eagerly anticipating it!

Here they are in position on my Penny Sampler...

Perfect! (Well, i still need to shift everything over to the left now to fill that gap! The diamonds should be right up against the heart quartet block.) I'm still 5? blocks behind, and i was hoping to knock them out over the last week but that didn't quite happen. I'll get to them soon! I did however get this top finished off...

This one is a commission and not quite my usual fabrics. Don't get me wrong, the Take a Hike line is cute and i do love the prints with the little raccoons but as a whole it's a bit too outdoorsy for me. We're not big on camping over here! But paired with all the grey and in a modern D9P pattern i think it works. Though truth be told, i blindly paired all the blocks together for the whole process then just grabbed and stitched the  rows together. And after seeing it as a whole there are quite a few blocks that would have been better spread out! Oh well, live and learn right! I'm hoping to get the backing for this one made up this weekend, some modern maples will be going on the back... and then to figure out the quilting! Not looking forward to that, this one sizes up at 75" by 105", eep! I hope my little old Ken is ready for this one, time to bust out the crowbar!

I've also managed to finish up all of my little Sarah Jane Out to Sea churn dashes, 

And have begun fussy cutting filler prints for around the churn dash blocks. They all vary in size with the largest being an 8 inch block and the smallest being 3 inches. I was hoping to have this little top finished up this week as well but some things are just way more important! 

 Know what i mean?!

You may have also noticed that i've added a new button on my sidebar!... um, yeah... about that, I've decided that one teeny tiny little project added to the list won't really hurt will it?! We made some Penny Patch blocks for our Penny Sampler and as soon as i saw them i new i would eventually like to make a whole quilt out of them. Then when Rachel put together the Penny Patch QAL i thought, hey, why not! Plenty of time to add another to the list! 

So remember the stack i put together for my two little guys birthday quilts? 

Well, i've added in a few more prints and will probably add some more low volumes and make the Penny Patch quilt for Max! (i'll still be using half the stack for Sam's tumbler quilt!) 

So that's that! I think i have just enough time to link up over at Amanda Jeans for Finish it up Friday, and i'm happy to be able to link up something again over at Kristy's PPP!

High fives for getting through a week of high fevers (Sam), barf at the end of my bed (Sam again), learning the word MINE!! (that would be Max), and countless renditions of Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!! (mostly Max, but also Sam... perhaps a couple of them were mine as well, ha!) 
xo snips


  1. You do keep busy! Loving the penny sampler! Nice idea to put some modern maples on the back of the Take a hike quilt. Can't wait to see it all.

  2. Oh you need some "me-time", I think! Thank you for your great post!
    Love the colours in the sampler!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  3. The Penny Sampler is looking great. I love the colours. I'm also loving the fussy cutting on the Sarah Jane Out to Sea blocks. It looks like you have been one very busy lady.

  4. Your Penny Sampler is coming along beautifully! Yay for squeezing in some paper piecing!

    Hope your sewing time helped your sanity (I know it saves mine!! ;) ).

  5. I still love your penny sampler - those diamonds are awesome!- and those churn dashes are gorgeous! Totally cute boys too :o)

  6. Niiiicooollee!! Great job making it through a busy week and still managing to get some sewing in!! I love the look of the DP9 with the mix of solids and prints and I think the maples on the back will be sheer perfection! The diamonds...they are awesome as well as the tiny churn dashes. When I saw Rachel's QAL I said to myself, "Nicole will not be able to resist this"!! But you aren't really adding another project to your list. You are actually helping move a wanna be WIP off the list. You have been planning to make birthday quilts and by using the Penny Sampler QAL you are hitting 2 birds with 1 stone :) hope you have a good weekend and get to accomplish the sewing you would like to!!

  7. That looks like big bit of your week. You sure keep yourself busy. I especially like those sweet little churn dashes.

  8. Those diamonds are PERFECT! I love that you swapped to shades of blues with that pop of yellow. I love how your penny sampler is coming together!!

    I'm glad everyone is feeling better in your house!

  9. Love the one yellow diamond! Good decision.

  10. Love how that row of diamonds and those churn dash blocks turned out. Gorgeous!!

  11. That is a massive camping quilt! We dont do camping either - but I like it none the less! :)

    Glad your sampler is coming along, its lovely!

  12. Adorable kids!!

    Love the sampler Nicole. Really cool.

  13. I love that you are adding another project - Penny Patch QAL - to your list! Crazy woman! Inspiring I tell you!

  14. Those diamonds are so good, thanks for posting photos. The one yellow diamond among the blue is just right!


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