Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday - too many sticks in the fire...

...and not enough marshmallows.

It's official folks, i have too many sticks in the fire and it's burning me out. Lately i just haven't really felt like doing much of anything, i don't know if it's me that's the problem or what, but i don't like it! 
I'm still working away on my Penny Sampler, and it's been nice to have something that is a constant project, no real deadline, no rush, but enough structure that i keep going. As for the rest of my projects... they've all fallen by the wayside. For now anyway. 

So in an effort to ramp up productivity i thought i'd pull out a wip that definitely needs to get finished. The little + quilt for my youngest, Max. This was to be for his first birthday, which was the end of February, so i need to smarten up and get it finished!

I'm keeping things simple and just quilting about a quarter inch inside all the pluses, and by simple i mean that it was silly to think it was going to be simple...

That's 12 corners i need to turn for each plus... doh! Couldn't just do straight lines like i normally do, could i?! I do love the way it looks though, and for Max's first quilt i want to keep it soft and floofy, and all the straight lines would have densed (technical quilty word) it up a bit, you know what i'm sayin'?!

I'm hoping to have a quilt finish for Friday, but hey, this is me we're talking about, i make no promises!

And while we're talking about me (pretty slick the way i did that hey?) 
I"m not sure if you all remember the little Indian Summer quilt i was working on? Oh you do?! 
Well... i don't like it. There, i said it. And man does it feel good! Now don't get me wrong, i like all the bits of it, but i think what i'm not liking is the format in which i'm using them. It turns out that while i love so many of the medallion quilts out there, it's just not for me. I added on the last border a few weeks ago and never posted a pic because i really didn't like where it was going. It just wasn't me.

I thought at first that it was the addition of the dark navy into the mix in such a large portion. So i left it up on my design wall for quite some time trying to determine what it was that i didn't like. I tried to convince myself that once i put on the next border i would come around, but what if i didn't, would i just keep telling myself that when i added on every border? So i've decided to unpick, i'm not sure how far back, maybe just to the geese, we'll see. 

Somewhere along the line i lost the feeling that i was hoping to convey with these fabrics... that quintessential Indian Summer feeling. Which for me has always meant one last hurray before the cold weather, light and airy and fun! So not where this quilt was going. It was starting to feel way to structured...  add this border, then add that border, put the cornerstones in the corners... blah, blah, blah.

I've now decided to change tactics and use all the little bits and pieces i've already made as well as whatever else i feel like trying and mashing them all together as a sort of sampler? I'm just making this up as i go now folks so please bear with me as i figure out what the heck i'm doing. But i'm already feeling better about my decision!

Don't worry, this isn't the layout or anything, i haven't gone that crazy!

Cause really folks, all this is just to good to waste on a quilt that i'm not going to like!

High fives for getting some of my ducks in a row!
xo snips



  1. No reason to push yourself if you're not feeling it. I have been a bit slower in my making of things these past months and I don't mind. I would be happy to finish something though :)

    I think quilting those pluses that way is worth all that turning. It looks great so far!

  2. Knuckle bump! If you aren't happy with it, it's gotta go. End of story. Struggling myself with the same issue at the moment, so I feel you. And I really like the new direction of the indian summer quilt actually, it DOES seem much more YOU. :)

  3. You know what. If I have too many sticks in the fire I tent to do nothing. Take a break and it'll sort out later on. Good luck with your projects though.

  4. I think it will make a beautiful sampler! Better to have undone what you were sure you didn't like than to continue forward and end up hating the whole quilt. I made my son a plus quilt last year, so I am kind of partial to them--the one for your son is so cute! I love the colors and fabrics!

  5. That was a lot of unpicking but I do like it better!! I love all of those pretty feathers!!. Max's quilt looks perfect!! Hope you get a finish for Friday :)

  6. I like it both ways, but those feathers are gorgeous. It's going to turn out awesome.

  7. I reckon the quilting creativity goes in waves - sometimes you're really into it, other times it's a bit flat. And that's ok! You'll pick up again soon I'm sure!

    I think the quilting is fab on Max's quilt. Totally hearing you on thinking straight lines would be easy til you factor in all that turning and all those corners. Argh!

    Can I just say that I love and appreciate the fact that your design wall has cupcakes on it? Though how you ever quilt without craving a cupcake is beyond me ;)

  8. Well done on your decision to unpick, it takes courage, but is usually the right solution. The bits on your board look light and airy. I will look out for your next attempt.

  9. I like the medallion, but I LOVE what you're doing now! Those feathers look awesome!

  10. It's so hard not to just push through, but if you're not feeling it, definitely change the game plan now. I know whatever you decide to do with those pieces will end up looking great. And, I think the plus quilt already looks fantastic. All of those corner turns will be so worth it for something that you know he'll drag around and love for years.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. It is good to step away and re-assess when a quilt is not quite working for you. I must say I really like the Indian Summer bits and pieces you have done and I am sure it will come together splendidly.

  12. I think it's a great idea to 'mash' them all together!

  13. <3 the indian summer madness, even if you're taking a step back to figure out how they'll all come together. Now silly, just take some of those sticks (notecards?) out of that fire and stuff 'em into an envelope for a little while!

  14. I like the new direction you are heading with your Indian Summer quilt. And I think the quilting you did on your son's quilt was well worth the challenge. It looks great, and, who knows, it may become a family heirloom.

  15. Your Indian Summer feathers are really lovely! I like the eclectic tactic you're taking - I think the finished product will be really nice.

    And don't worry about lacking the making stuff mojo - take a break, work on what you want to work on, and don't sweat it. In my experience, it always returns eventually!

  16. Nice! It's a process and sometimes change is an important part. It's important to try things and be able to change your mind. :)


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