Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday - a churn dash beginning

Not a lot to report today, little bits and pieces of things getting worked on this week, but nothing monumental. I did however get my Tula Pink picnic quilt back under the needle!

sorry for the rubbish IG photo!

The quilting on this one is taking forever, it doesn't help that i only quilt this one at my mom's. And while i do spend a great deal of time there, there is always something else to do. But i do wish i had of spaced the quilting out a bit more! For those that forget what this one looks like (it has been quite a long time) here's a shot of it pre-sandwiched.

So while it's planned use is as a picnic blanket, it's going to have to wait until next year to be enjoyed!

Today's sewing adventures were thwarted by a call from my MIL letting me know that she wouldn't be able to take my little guys today. So while Max went down for his morning nap (begrudgingly i might add) Sam and i played upstairs in the stash room. In between building ramps and jumps for dinky cars and freeing a stuck finger from a wooden block...

i managed to pull this together.

We've moved into the precision piecing portion of the Penny Sampler class and this weeks practice projects have been using churn dash blocks. A churn dash has been on my to make list for a while so when this little project came up i new i wanted to give it a go! And here is my progress for the day...

I have a few centers that will be fussy cut but for the most part i'm trying to keep this one on the simple side. Hoping to get this one taken care of quickly, ha!

Hope everyone has been having a productive week!
High fives for finally finding a project to use my stash of Out to Sea! (well a bit of it anyway!)
xo snips

Getting my WIP on with Lee! Clickety, clickety!
And joining up with the party happening at Kelly's! Clickety, clickety!


  1. What a great quilt! It will be a wonderful when it is finished! Those churn dash blocks are going to be awesome!

  2. Love your planned picnic quilt - gorgeous!

  3. Making churn dashes and freeing trapped fingers in a single bound...... Why it must be Wonder Woman!! Your picnic quilt is beautiful and so is your churn dash. A quilt full of churn dashes is on my "to make" list. Maybe your quilting can become progressively wider as you go along :) happy Wednesday!!

  4. The Tula quilt top is fantastic. Don't think I've seen it before, being pretty new to your blog!

  5. Your projects looks great! I haven't seen your quilt either. Great pic!

  6. The Tula Pink picnic quilt is pretty awesome. You can always have an indoor picnic.

    LOVE the pic of the finger stuck in the block. Sometimes ya just gotta document the crazy stuff first ;)

    I adore the fussy center churn dash! So fun!

  7. Your quilt looks great and I love those fussy cut centers!

  8. Gorgeous Tula quilt love those colours. And can't wait to see some more of those churns, that fabric range is one of my most favourites. I wish I'd bought more especially of narwhal!! (I like the boats too).

  9. Love those mermaids and pirates. The first block looks great!

  10. gorgeous picnic quilt, and that little churn looks pretty accurate to me!

    Thanks for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. Too many projects, too little time right?? If only we didnt have to sleep! As usual, I love what you're up to. :)

  12. Yay for picnic blankets! Sorry to hear yours won't be enjoyed until next summer, but it will be perfect for picnics when the time comes.

  13. Love the churn dash and your fabrics!


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