Friday, September 13, 2013

Finish it up Friday - the Penny Sampler edition

So our first portion of the Penny Sampler class has finished up and i have to say, my applique skills are so much better now than when i started! And i've been thoroughly enjoying it! I'm going to keep this post light on words tonight, lots of pictures to show (and also because i'm eating nachos and wings and typing with one hand is rather tricky!) So here we go!

My little village, i wish i had of changed the house fabric for the top right house. It seems to just fade into the background. And for some reason or another i used a strip of the crosshatch above the roof line of the bottom right house, it would probably look better if it was the solid grey. Oh well, overall i'm happy enough with it to not want to unpick and fix!

Next up...

 My sunflowers, i love my sunflowers! I tried to intentionally be a little more sketchy with the sketch stitching, in an effort to make it look more like the way i draw. I'm one of those people that draws over top of my original image over and over again. (way back in high school i made the mistake of taking a drafting class alongside one of my art courses, my drafting teacher was continually telling me that i needed a firmer more definite line... one line. Then i would get to my art class and my teacher there would tell me that i needed to loosen up and draw more freely. True story.) Now where was i? Oh yeah, my flowers. I may have gone a touch overboard with the sketchiness, but i like them!

Next we have a block that's not applique but was inserted to give us break... let me introduce Mr. Spruce.

Spruce forest that is! I love this block!! I didn't however love making it! I would have much rather paper pieced it, there were so many fiddly little bits that needed to be such a specific size, but it was worth it in the end!

My birds are next in line,

Dilly bird first with her misplaced legs and too straight tail feathers. I haven't embroidered her eye on yet. The way the fabric is placed it almost looks as if she has her eye closed and has some seriously awesome eyelashes. I might leave her as is!

And my little bird, who also needs an eye but seems to be wearing a lovely hat!

I also have finished up my penny patch blocks, also not applique but more of a segue into our next month, precision piecing. Looking forward to this portion, i can definitely use some help in this area!

I love these little blocks and can definitely see myself making a quilt out of just them in the near future!

I also have my vines block, which is the only one i haven't finished yet.

The block is supposed to be a 6 inch block, but it has another 6 incher above it in the quilt layout and it was a blank block. I had originally planned on using the Madrona Road script print in the blank block spot but also wanted it for my vines. So i made my vines block 6 x 12! I still need to add the smaller leaves on the right vine, i'm just not sure what i want to use yet. Do i keep them solid, or use a print? I'm kind of thinking about the woodgrain that my original single heart was on. What do you think?

So that's it! Except for the bunch of them all together!

And don't worry, the mitten will fit in better once some more of the blocks come together! There is a plan for more yellow. And is it just me, or does anyone else have a hard time mixing white and cream in the same project? I'm hoping this quilt will help me get over that little problem :)

High fives for finishing this round of the Penny Sampler class!
xo snips

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  1. oh. my. gosh!! The birds are so stinking adorable! The sketch stitching makes all of the blocks look very whimsical. LOVE it!

    I'm so glad you linked up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Making the vine block bigger was a brilliant idea! I wish I had thought of it. I'm gonna have to look at the layout better in the future. And at first glance I thought you had just put the one vine in...and I liked the simplicity of it. I'm not totally in love with mine. The leaves look all squished together.

    My original fabric line (that I pulled to match) has cream, gray and a taupey brown. I pulled for all three and have Kona Snow for another background. I can mix creams and white but throwing in the gray and brown is tougher. Nice thing about scrappy is the more the merrier!!!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work. It's looking good.

    I like your grey house that blends into the background. There are stars in the sky above, so it must be night time, and colours tend to blend into each other at night :)

    Great idea making the vine block taller. It would have been a shame to see that writing fabric unnecessarily cut up, it would have lost it's "flow".

    I like sketchy stitches and the trees look perfect. Great work.

  4. I love to mix white and cream. I think it looks so great in your blocks too--just keep mixing them, it'll feel right soon. Honestly, I think your Little Village looks great. I wouldn't change a thing, even the grey house. So it blends in more than the neighbors-- it's just snowing harder on that side of town!

    Please leave Dilly Bird's eye with just the print as eyelashes. It's lovely and smart!

  5. All of your blocks look awesome; I love the colors too!! How fun to perfect some techniques and improve! This Will be an amazing finished piece! Did you say it was going to be for the couch?

  6. I'm looking forward to see this thing finished. You seem to be right on track! Good for you. I like those houses the most.

  7. So much lovely! Great colour scheme! I'm loving the vine block in solids - such a great contrast to the text print. The little village is super cute!

  8. These are looking so gorgeous! The vine is my fave I think - but the sunflowers are a very close second. I really love your sketchy stitching!

  9. What a lovely collection of samples - your colour scheme is delightful.

  10. I never realized it before but her designs really are super scandinavian. Love. Every. Bit.

  11. Loving all of these blocks. It is going to be one special quilt when you're done. I am kicking myself for not joining this one!

    Perfect placement of the constellations on that village block.

    I don't think those birdies need eyes. The fabric is just placed so perfectly. Lucky!

    The spruce forest block is awesome! Would make a nice table runner or something for the holidays.

    Done gushing now. :)

  12. Your blocks are looking so good! Your color choices are great. Yes, I definitely struggle with mixing different whites... I'm trying not to care with all the different backgrounds going on in mine but it's hard.

  13. They are all turning out so cute!! What a fun quilt :-)

  14. Your blocks are SO incredibly cute. I love all of them, but especially that little village.

  15. Love, love, love your blocks they are AMAZING. I totally see what you're saying about the birdies they are so cute :) Don't worry about the pale house it gives it a nice bit of variety and depth.

  16. What a cute collection! This will come together beautifully!

  17. Love each of these blocks and even better all together!

  18. Love! All that blue is both so calming and happy! Seriously jealous :) Also, I am having the same white/cream issue that I am trying to get over in this quilt. I am slowly putting them together and hoping when it is a whole quilt it still works.

  19. High fives all around! This is seriously making me regret not jumping on the penny sampler bandwagon. I'm in love with all of these blocks and then seeing them together: amazingness.

  20. Your house block is precious! I was just searching for a pic of the full sampler and your little houses popped up.


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