Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the "i'm a bit late" edition...

... late to post that is, 

not late like i may be preggers... definitely not pregnant.

Now that that has been cleared up, on to today's work.
I've been plugging away at my blocks for my Penny Sampler quilt and i have to say i'm still loving it!
I'll try not over saturate my blog with posts about this class, but i'll apologize in advance if i happen to forget and go over board!

So i guess i'll start with the two blocks i left off with last week, my single heart block and my heart quartet.

My heart quartet all finished with its sketch stitching,

And my single heart block that i blind stitched with four strands of embroidery floss. Unfortunately this one is no longer going to be used on the quilt. I neglected to take into consideration the fabrics i had planned for around this block and it doesn't work with the fabric above :(

Here's a shot of what it would look like with some of the surrounding fabrics.

The woodgrain just doesn't work side by side with the aqua above. And it really doesn't look that great with the fabric beside it either. The top fabric is a big portion of the quilt, so no changing it now. Easier to make a new heart block!

It looks way better with the new block, don't you agree?

I guess i'll put the woodgrain one on the back of the quilt :)

I've also managed to make my mitten block and my clover block.

Things got a bit wonky with my mitten, and i also managed to make it in the reverse of what it should be.
I'm still debating on if i want to do some blind stitching with embroidery floss on this one or just leave it as is...

And my clover, 

More sketch stitching on this one, and slightly more "sketchy" than i would have liked. But not enough to compel me to unpick and redo!

Now i know that my mitten block doesn't really look like it goes with the rest, but it will... i hope. There is going to be more yellow in the quilt, but not until we get into the paper piecing portion of the class.

So, on to my work for the day...

Building houses for my little village block!

The top half all finished...

The far left house has a bit of a wobble to it, and i'm pretty sure the windows were supposed to be square!

 I've since finished putting together the whole block, all that's left is to applique on the little roof tops!

High fives for some Penny Sampler progress!
xo snips

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We're getting in our last days of summer fun, so i'll leave you with these pics of our fun filled fair day!


Me and Max enjoying some ribs.
Waiting to scoop duckies.
Sam's first ride on a ferris wheel.
Our view from the top.

And of course a self portrait at the top :)

Max, being sad because he's too little to go up on the ferris wheel :(
And Max making a last ditch effort to get on the ferris wheel, while my mom tries to grab him!


  1. Very sweet, I love the little village block.

  2. ok Nicole you bust my bubble not 1x but 2x in this post. The 1st time when you said you were late, but wait, it was just late to post. As I recovered from that fact you hit me with the Woodgrain just doesn't work and you wouldn't be using it. That may be my very favorite of all time block from you. It all worked out though because you did use the same dotty print and the new block does look better, although i hate to admit it!! All of your blocks are pretty amazing! The blue and white print for the glove is outstanding and the clover is adorable!! and you have used my very favorite Constellation print. I know there will be some point in time i wish i had a bolt of it :)Looks like you guys had a fun time at the fair and high fives to your mom for keeping Max off the ride!!!!

  3. I'm intrigued by the Penny Sampler - your blocks are looking fabulous! Can't wait to see it grow :o)

  4. I'm impressed that you have such a good idea of the overall plan for yours. I'm just taking mine a block at a time and that may come back to haunt me... We'll see! Yours is ooking great!

  5. All your blocks look great! What is that wood grain fabric? It's so cute! I hated to see that block go, but I do agree with the fabric contrast issue there.

  6. I agree with your new heart block looking better by the hanging diamonds fabric. But, I love that woodgrain heart block too. You could always use it in the quilt if there happens to be any 6" block that you don't feel like making =)

    Also, looks like a LOT Of summer fun. Yay!

  7. your penny sampler palette is so pretty! i'd be talking a ton about it, too,if i'd done the class.

    rib fest looks like it was a lot of fun. and if it wasn't - you got a lot of quintessential all-American summer fair photos out of it. =)

  8. That aqua color is so dreamy, and I think your blocks look ahhh-mazing! The sketchy stitching looks great on your clover, and I like that you fussy cut the word "aspire." Awesome!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. Those are great! I agree with your change, it is much better. :)

    You're family looks like they are having a great time, thanks for sharing!

  10. My mitten is reversed too and I DON'T CARE I still love it. :) I'm leaving mine.

    I think your original single-heart block would have worked, but I think the new one is amazing. What is that gorgeous black and teal fabric? Is it Carnaby Street? Your Village block looks great so far too. I'm starting mine tomorrow, and am hoping it will be only a 2-day affair. We'll see. :)

  11. loving your blocks so far, and I think you were right about the change out from the wood grain fabric. Perfect! I so need to catch up on all of this!

  12. looks great, I love the sketchy stitches too. I think that the wood grain looked fine but I will admit the new background looks even better. I think that your other blocks look very intricate. Are they paper pieced? Love it!

  13. I love the Constellations fabric at the top of the village to give it a sky! It looks so fantastic! Can't wait to see what else you do with your Penny Sampler :^)

  14. high five!! I love following your penny sampler progress. All of these blocks are fantastic. I especially like the wobble house in your little village block!

  15. Aren't you glad you're not that kinda late. Ha! I agree I like your second version of the single heart block best. It is always fun to use up the scraps or mistake blocks on the back :)

    Loving the constellations fabric for the village block!

    Looks like y'all had fun at the fair. It's just too hot here still to really enjoy the outdoors. We have been visiting all the splash pads since they keep us relatively cool. :) Send us some cooler weather, please!

  16. I love the way your blocks are shaping up! I agree with everyone else that the original heart block was super cute even if the new one works better. Your photos are making me nostalgic for my childhood and going to the fair. How did Sam like the ferris wheel?

  17. I love your blocks! Keep the original heart block. I really like the house block too. Can't wait to see what you're making with all of them.

  18. That mitten block is the cutest thing and the little village block is fab....I love the sparkly sky!


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