Saturday, August 10, 2013

Home sweet home...

Is it wrong if the first thing you do upon getting home from vacation... (i mean after kissing the mr., saying hi to the dog and tucking the littles into bed), is busting out your sewing machine and petting your fabric?  Am i weird?  Don't answer that!  So i may have had minor bouts of withdrawl this week and felt it  necessary to finish up something on my Q3 FAL list!  So may i present, Sidewalk Blocks...

 Finally, a finished quilt! It's been what, about two months since i had a proper quilt finish? I think 23 RtT was my last finish.

This one was pretty much finished before i left for vacation, i just needed to add the binding, which i also had made before leaving.

I love the quilting on this. I wasn't sure at first if i would like the alternating dense and loose quilting but i do!

I had an extra block left over so i added it to the back, along with a strip of Sarah Jane's hopscotch print and a bit of her pinwheel print. The section under the hopscotch strip is actually a grey pindot that matches the grey solid perfectly.

So if anyone out there is looking for a lovely little quilt for a baby girl, this one is in the shop!  SOLD

Quilt Stats:
40 x 45 inches.
Fussy cut girls and dolls print - Sarah Jane's Children at Play line.
Hopscotch and pinwheel print - Sarah Jane's Children at Play line.
Hearts print - Get Together by David Walker.
Stripe print and dot print - Heather Bailey's  Nicey Jane line.
Grey solid and pindot both from Connecting Threads.
Pinks are both Kona but i have no idea what pinks they actually are, sorry.
Quilted by me on my little old Ken.

And that's it!
Linking up with the friday finishes over at crazy mom quilts!

High fives for a proper finish!
Happy weekend everyone!
xo snips

And did you really think i would leave without posting up a "few" pics from our vacation?!! Pfff!

Me and my Max!

Sammy in the pool!

Sam enjoying his Menchies!

At the beach!

Me and my Sammy!

Sammy enjoying the hot tub! (don't worry the temp was turned down to warm bath water!)

Max rockin' out with Aunties ipod!

Playing in the fountain? splash pad? whatever...

Sammy taking Max for a ride.

Max does not like feta!

Thanks to my little sis for most of these instagrams of my guys... she has the better phone ;)
And thanks to both her and my mom for such a wonderful vacation!!


  1. Cute quilt! Fun vacay pics. We have been visiting all the splash pads in town this summer...there are a lot :)

  2. Lovely finish and looks like a fantastic vacation too! :)

  3. Love the quilting! I think I may try this on the kaleidoscope top I just finished up. Always nervous to try something new.

  4. Gorgeous quilt! I love pink and grey together. Looks like your vacation was lovely!

  5. It looks like y'all had a great time! I loved seeing the pics. No. You are absolutely NOT weird at all for wanting to sew right when you get back from vacation! I refuse to call that weird, because then I might have to come to some hard realizations about myself! I really like the quilting lines at random intervals and the fussy cut prints on this one. It looks great!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. Beautiful quilt! I love the pink and grey - so sweet!

    Welcome back from your vacation - looks like a lot of fun!

  7. What a great quilt! I am in love with that color you chose for the binding.

    Your vacation pics were so fun, thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the Sarah Jane prints and the grey and pink. Almost makes me wish for a pink bundle of joy!

  9. Looks like you had a great vacation! I love the quilt, and that little bit of white in the binding :) its alllll in the details!

  10. Hi 5s for a fun finish!! Love the cute pics of your boys!! I know exactly what you mean...I have been machine less for 4 days and can not wait to get home to it!!!

  11. Great pics and lovely quilt! Really like the color combo.

  12. Cute pics and love the quilt...great fussy cutting and the pink/grey combo is always a favourite. That pindot is the perfect choice for a bit of variety :)

  13. love your colors and the bright contrasting binding! Awesome!


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