Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the "i'm a bit late" edition...

... late to post that is, 

not late like i may be preggers... definitely not pregnant.

Now that that has been cleared up, on to today's work.
I've been plugging away at my blocks for my Penny Sampler quilt and i have to say i'm still loving it!
I'll try not over saturate my blog with posts about this class, but i'll apologize in advance if i happen to forget and go over board!

So i guess i'll start with the two blocks i left off with last week, my single heart block and my heart quartet.

My heart quartet all finished with its sketch stitching,

And my single heart block that i blind stitched with four strands of embroidery floss. Unfortunately this one is no longer going to be used on the quilt. I neglected to take into consideration the fabrics i had planned for around this block and it doesn't work with the fabric above :(

Here's a shot of what it would look like with some of the surrounding fabrics.

The woodgrain just doesn't work side by side with the aqua above. And it really doesn't look that great with the fabric beside it either. The top fabric is a big portion of the quilt, so no changing it now. Easier to make a new heart block!

It looks way better with the new block, don't you agree?

I guess i'll put the woodgrain one on the back of the quilt :)

I've also managed to make my mitten block and my clover block.

Things got a bit wonky with my mitten, and i also managed to make it in the reverse of what it should be.
I'm still debating on if i want to do some blind stitching with embroidery floss on this one or just leave it as is...

And my clover, 

More sketch stitching on this one, and slightly more "sketchy" than i would have liked. But not enough to compel me to unpick and redo!

Now i know that my mitten block doesn't really look like it goes with the rest, but it will... i hope. There is going to be more yellow in the quilt, but not until we get into the paper piecing portion of the class.

So, on to my work for the day...

Building houses for my little village block!

The top half all finished...

The far left house has a bit of a wobble to it, and i'm pretty sure the windows were supposed to be square!

 I've since finished putting together the whole block, all that's left is to applique on the little roof tops!

High fives for some Penny Sampler progress!
xo snips

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We're getting in our last days of summer fun, so i'll leave you with these pics of our fun filled fair day!


Me and Max enjoying some ribs.
Waiting to scoop duckies.
Sam's first ride on a ferris wheel.
Our view from the top.

And of course a self portrait at the top :)

Max, being sad because he's too little to go up on the ferris wheel :(
And Max making a last ditch effort to get on the ferris wheel, while my mom tries to grab him!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finish it up Friday - the Dogwood Blossom edition!

No chitter chatter today peeps, here she is!

My finished Dogwood Blossom pillow! This was our first test project for the Penny Sampler Class and i'm glad i did this instead of the quilt. I will eventually make the quilt, but for now i have a fully finished project and it feels good! Now if only i had a proper 16 inch pillow form inside instead of the wads of folded up batting! It's not really working at making my pillow look her best. 
Shall we take a peak at her backside?

Yep, i totally made a half size set of petals to use on the back and i love it! I used the sew and turn style of applique for the first time and it was so easy! And i also sketch stitched for the first time! Check it out!

And another shot because i absolutely love sketch stitching now!!

I don't generally put a binding on pillows but i though, hey why not, this is all about trying new things right?! So i did, yeah i know it's the same print as the pillow but i did add that little bit of the posy print!

I quilted the front with random crossing straight lines, which you can't really see because i used the most perfectly matched orange thread. So here's a shot from the inside...

Pillow Stats:
Pattern - Dogwood Blossoms - Rachel Hauser
Fabrics - Crosshatch in tangerine - Architextures
            - Posie in turquoise - Flea Market Fancy
Quilted and sketch stitched by me on little old Ken with Mettler thread (don't remember the colour or type and i'm too lazy to go get the remainder of the spool).
Finished size - 15"
Loved by - ME! , though it doesn't really go with anything in my house...
High fives for a fully finished project!
xo snips

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And in case that wasn't enough awesomeness for everyone i also started in on my first two blocks for my actual Penny Sampler quilt, so here's a couple of instagrams to pique your interest!

Awesome!! Hoping to knock these off the list by end of day Friday!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WIP Wednesday... the Dogwood Blossom/Christmas Stars edition

So first up today i thought i'd show my two latest blocks for my Christmas Stars quilt. Sarah over at Sew What, Sherlock? has been working on a series of conversions from traditionally pieced blocks to paper pieced blocks, aptly named The Conversion Project. I recently tried out her Fusion Star pattern and just loved it!

It's an awesome 24" finished and has such great visual impact for something that goes together so easily!

The next one i made up was a pattern test for Esther at Ipatchandquilt, called Blooming Hot. And let me tell you folks, it's not for the faint of heart! With 128 pieces and 16 points meeting in the center this one's a doozy!

But Esther's instructions are very well written and  include lots of tips to help you get through! One of the great things about having so many pieces is the option for so much variety. I chose to keep all my center meeting fabrics in the same colour because i knew that i wouldn't be able to get them all to line up perfectly.

I think i did pretty well, i made a couple of errors cutting fabric that didn't fit. Which of course led to some unpicking...

Oops. But overall it was a fun design to work with and i think it works really well with the rest of the stars!

So on the agenda for today is stitching up Mercury from Julie over at 627handworks... which i already have the fabrics ready for! I'm going to be so sad when this series is over :(

And yes this one is also for my Christmas Stars quilt, but after seeing all the blocks together i think it's time to make a couple with all solids. Calm things down a bit... we'll see how that goes!

As well as my first practice project for the Penny Sampler class. As much as i wanted to do the full Dogwood Blossom quilt i just don't have the time. So i'll be doing the smaller project, a Dogwood Blossom Pillow! So here's what i've come up with so far!

I little bit of Flea Market Fancy and some Architextures! Sounds good to me, i'm off to sew!!

But before i do, i have to show you the amazing pillow that Cari made using my Star Dresden tutorial!

i borrowed your pic Cari... hope you don't mind!
 Doesn't it look fantastic with her Palatina Pillow?! Needless to say while her Palatina pillow has been on my to make list, it's now been bumped up. I've pulled a stack of AMH Field Study and am hoping to get on that this weekend! Pop by Cari's blog for more pics as well as her version that involves only twelve blades... she also has a free template that you can use!
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High fives for the start of the Penny Sampler!!
xo snips

And if my day couldn't get any better i just got this in the mail!! Squeee!

Some for my Penny Sampler as well as some for a commission! More on both coming soon!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A necessary WIP...

Forewarning... it's another long one, so for those last time that poo poo'd  the idea of a drink or a snack, you might want to just go now and get one...

So for today's project my day was spent upstairs in my sewing room. Or maybe i should call it the storage space/playroom. Half of the room has been given to the boys and their toys, thinking that i might actually sew up here if they are with me, nope... i'm a kitchen table sewer... except on normal Wednesdays. Then i'm a living room coffee table sewer, boys regular day with grandma = my full control over the tv ;)

 But with limited space downstairs my fabric needs to live somewhere right? So here it is!

 In all it's glory... and i'll be honest here folks, it generally is way more messy. But after seeing all the loveliness being linked up for Sarah's You show me yours, i'll show you mine, i figured it was the perfect time to do a little tidy up! So here's the breakdown, let's start to the left and work around shall we?! And be prepared... i'm going deep here, i love seeing other peoples spaces and i love all the little details. So i'm being thorough. Feel free to just enjoy the pics though!

This is what i refer to as the both the pretty shelf as well as the ponder shelf. Here i keep the stacks that i love seeing on a regular basis as well the stacks that are long term works in progress. 

The champagne bucket is my garbage can for paper, threads and such. And i use the teal vintage tackle box to hold notions that i don't use frequently, buttons, zippers, that kind of stuff. On top of it is my bit of Melody Miller prints as well as AMH linen. 

Then there's the little bamboo rack, it holds my stack of Sarah Jane's Let's Pretend prints as well as a couple from her Children at Play line. Beside that stack is little bits of AMH's Little Folks as well as the Pastry Line prints. On the top shelf is my little stack of Heather Ross, mostly Nursery Versery. As well as some other pretty things!

Next to the tackle box is the stack i've been pulling for Sammy's fourth birthday quilt.

The pile stays there and i'll add to it on the side and leave it to see if it makes the cut... right now it's the little bunting scallop from Michael Miller. I'm trying to keep the palette to green, blue, black and white, but i love that bunting! And just so everyone knows, this isn't how i pull fabrics for all quilts... I just loved the Let's Pretend line from Sarah Jane so i picked up my favorite prints and i'm building the quilt around them. His birthday isn't until February so i have some time to pull the perfect stack.

Next to it is this bit of delicious goodness.

My Little Folks stack for my hexie quilt... this stack is a permanent fixture and surprisingly it doesn't seem to get any smaller, hmmm. I also have this cute girly stack that i've already decided how i want to quilt it, yet i have no plan as to what i want the quilt to look like, does any one else do that, go backwards into a project?

Moving around to the back wall...

 Most of my fabric lives in these lovely little dollar store baskets, not ideal but cheap. I'm still unsure on how i like my fabric stored. I love looking at the mini bolts people make with comic book cardboard, but it's too much work for me! I know without even trying it that it wouldn't stay that way. And as for colour order, not going to happen around here! I pull stacks with reckless abandon and more than half of what i pull doesn't get used. The thought of having to put everything back in it's proper colour placement, not me. Most of my fabrics are grouped together by designer, or what i would normally pull to go together, some of it is colour order, but really... no plan here. Just what i think looks pretty together :)

 On the left, mostly Sarah Jane's Out to Sea, pink colour ways, as well as some other coraly/pink cotton lawns. Middle is the mostly Lizzy House basket, with added bits of matchyness and the right is my Nautical basket... pretty sure i was a pirate in a former life! This basket is a mix of SJ Out to Sea, Michael Miller's Ahoy Matey and Smooth Sailing from Connecting Threads.

Under the fabric shelves are the "fancy" diaper boxes that hold mass yardage, flannel, anything to big to fit in a basket. That box in front filled with zipper bags is projects that have already been cut and just need to be sewn together. 

And the top shelf is for the baskets that hold pulls for specific ongoing projects. I generally won't remove fabric from these baskets until the project is finished. This is why you'll see multiples of certain prints throughout my baskets.

 My Penny Sampler pull.

Everything i've been using for my Indian Summer quilt. All little bits are kept in a ziploc bag in the basket, smallest bits included... to be used for paper piecing!

 My Christmas Stars stack... which i had pulled out today. Three new stars in the fabric selection process, left is Mercury by Julie of 627handworks, the middle is Blooming Hot, which i'm pattern testing for Esther at Ipatchandquilt. And on the right is Fusion Block from Sarah at Sew What, Sherlock?

Shall we break here for intermission?!


And back to the stash flash!

Here's a shot looking under the cutting table.

The small section directly under the table is for my whites, now being kept labelled and in their own zipper bags. As well as some sort of colour order baskets. Then back to random.

I like having little groups of matching fabrics that can be pulled out on a whim and added to. To make a quick quilt or even sometimes just to look at  a pretty stack of fabrics. Come on people, i know i'm not the only one who stack builds for imaginary quilts right... hello... anyone? dang!

Moving along,  Up in front of my window is my sewing library... still relatively small, but well loved none the less.

I also have my selvedge jars, with the lids i've been meaning to paint for ever.

Below this is more baskets of fabrics, i won't show them all but here's another example of my fancy sorting...

 On the left, green and mostly "boy" type prints, the middle is predominantly Tula Pink with some other randoms thrown in and on the right... dots. Hmm, i really don't understand any of this, is anyone seeing a pattern, other than the one that says i might be crazy?

Under all the baskets i have more of those fancy pampers boxes. Use what you have people!, diaper boxes come free with the diapers, so instead of buying something else, spend that money on more fabric, or groceries, bills, whatever... but i vote fabric!

This box holds all my scraps. Which by the way are colour sorted, not that anyone believes me after seeing the rest of my craziness. But they are, and they're stored very carefully in high tech, wait for it... plastic bags!! I probably should look into splurging on some see through bins for my scraps.
The big bin in front is scraps that still need to be sorted. The large box next to it holds batting scraps, the rest of my batting is in the closet. And the baskets on top of the batting box hold more wips.

Finally we have the right wall. And the little closet that's stuffed to the brim!

I tape up index cards on the door of all some of my current projects, right now it's everything still needing to get finished for the third quarter Finish A Long. Am i confident they will be all taken care of in time?... not in the least! am i letting it bother me, nope! I also sometimes hang batting on the doors for an impromptu design wall.

And what's in the closet you ask? Well, let me show you.

This is where projects go to wait for finishing.  Quilt tops mainly... i'll hang them with any fabrics i have decided on for backing and or binding. And i also keep larger blocks in progress so they don't get folded up, nothing worse than pressing the same blocks repeatedly because they've been folded up waiting to be finished!

And that my friends is that! Hope i didn't bore you all ;) And make sure to pop over and check out the rest of the Stash Flashers!

And this is where the fancy button would be if i was competent enough to get it to work,
so instead i'm going old school on ya! -  click here!

Getting my regular link on with Lee over at Freshly Pieced, pop by there as well to check out what everyone else is up to!

Stash flashin' high fives for all!
xo snips