Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the Liberty Love edition!... and some other awesomeness!

So it would seem that i've been a very lucky girl lately. I had an incredible mail day yesterday and thought i'd share with you my goodies. First to arrive was this lovely little box of goodies...

All this awesomeness, as well as copy of Rachel Griffith's Smitten pattern and a Supreme Slider for FMQ!
This amazing bunch of goodies is from a giveaway that i won a couple weeks back from the lovely Kelsey and Amanda of Everyday Fray. They have some gorgeous projects on the go that you need to check out!
I've been wanting to try those wonder clips for quite some time, yay! And i already have a plan for the twenty three charms, a D9P has been on my list and i think with a bit of Kona PFD this could be a winner! The spine of the Liberty Love book has already been cracked and a new WIP is in the works... more on that later. I've never watched Downtown Abby but my mom says it's great so i'm going to save it for when we go on vacation the beginning of August! Thank you so much Amanda and Kelsey, this. is. amazing!!

Then as if my day couldn't get any better... my regular mail came and this was in it!!

This lovely bit of fabric came from the wonderful Cari from There's a Thread. She made this fabric!! It's awesome!
Here's another shot, just because it's so gorgeous.

I love the colours and i have an old tan suede coat that i've been hanging onto to use for something. And as soon as i remember where i put it i think it  and this delicious piece of awesomeness is going to be a zip pouch... maybe Noodlehead's Open Wide Pouch? Suede on the bottom, weave on the top? Thank you so much Cari!!

So now that everyone is jealous (sorry!) on to my projects for the day!

I've been working on some fairytale pillows for my shop using Kelly Lee Creel's Storybook Lane fabrics. I'm planning on making a quilted pocket for the front of each and making little stuffed friends with the matching characters.

I like them :) And i think they'll be pretty cute when they're done. Now i just need to find some fusible fleece and i can get quilting them!

And for my new project that isn't on my list...

After going through Liberty Love yesterday afternoon i settled on the Sew and Go Organizer as my first project. My current hand stitching project (that could very well be my only hand stitching project) is being toted around in a highly attractive series of ziploc baggies... so stylish, i know. So with our vacation coming up i thought this would be the perfect project to tackle. I'll be making a couple of changes to the pattern that i will share as soon as i figure out how best to execute them! But for now... i'm off to sew!

Linking up with the lovely Lee at Freshly Pieced!, go on, click the link... so much awesomeness!

High fives for all my awesome bloggy friends!!!
xo snips

Oh, and because they're so cute...

Oh, on a totally unrelated note... do i use the word awesome to much? I think maybe i need to find a new descriptive word, but awesome is just so...  awesome!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am totally jealous of your mail day. So much awesomeness :) Excited to see how your organizer turns out, I've been thinking about making one as well.

  2. i in the wrong time zone??? Your WIP is up before mine?? you never post until late Wednesday. I guess you were so excited about the mail you couldn't wait. What a fun mail day you had and what a great stash of goodies you received!! So fun!! I love your fairy tale cushions (i have a fairy tale quilt in the works) and i love the colors of your new project (because you know you don't have enough projects). Think of how much more you will accomplish because you will be that much more organized!! Have a happy sewing day!!

  3. Wow, those fairytale pillows are so cool! I'm curious to see how this pocket is going to work out... sort of having a hard time visualizing that but I LOVE the idea of little stuffed friends! I had this idea once of making a knitted blanket with pockets into which I could put little felted animals. But (A) knitting a blanket is more than I can commit to and (B) I don't actually know how to felt animals! I need some craft minions, I tell ya! So glad you like the fabric!

  4. I am seriously in LOVE with your storybook pieces. They are so fun. I am also seriously jealous of your wonderful box of goodies... but we won't talk about that!

  5. The pillows are super cute! They remind me of toothfairy pillows where the little pocket stores the tooth for the fairy. Makes it easier for mom and fun for the kid! :)

    I think awesome is awesome. :D

  6. lucky lady!! lots of goodies for you today! Can't wait to see your organizer progress!

    :) Kelly

  7. awesome is good. Stick with it girl!

  8. I love your fabric choices for the tote! Gorgeous blend of Tula Pink lines... and I just love the colour green, what can I say?

  9. First of all, those storybook friends are the cutest. Secondly, I just now read your little blogger snippet. Dying. (laughing, for those who might misinterpret that ambiguous word choice). ;)

  10. We're so glad that you received our giveaway :) definitely some of our all time favourite notions in that box. I really love those fairy tale pillows. I'm excited to see them all finished up!

  11. The pillows are so cute, it's times like this I wish I had girls! I really need to make a sew n go organiser, my hexies are being carried in an old bathroom sponge bag! :-)

  12. such fun projects and quite the haul. I think a noodlehead pouch would be perfect. the beach photo is precious

  13. Love those pillow cover blocks! So cute!


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