Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the ADHD edition

So on Wednesday's the boys usually go to my MIL's house for the day, which means i usually am able to get some work done, then get my blog post up and go back to sewing. But when they're home i sew when i can get a minute, and forget about blogging... the focus just isn't there! So i've spent today randomly pulling projects from left and right, playing with fabric stacks, and getting my paper piecing on!

I don't think i did any paper piecing last week and i'd noticed this week i was starting to get twitchy. Is this normal? Anyway, i turned to Kristy of Quiet Play to help me with the twitches. She's been looking for testers for a series of house patterns she designed for a friend and i gladly offered up my services! So here is the house that snips built...

Sorry for the blur, i blame the twitches. This was an easy, peasy pattern that has endless options for variety! If i had of been thinking ahead i would have adjusted my front curtain there... I like the gingham, but i think some sash style curtains would have been lovely. I plan on embroidering with a bit of black around the windows to tie the door in better. And maybe add some grass, and flowers. Then what to do with it? Little mug rug? Who knows! But i love it!

My next paper piecing project is another of Julie from 627handworks, Block Rockn' blocks. This time Penny Lane, and oh, how i love this one, almost as much as Caldonia!

My precision isn't as great as i would have liked, but from afar it works! A few of the seams are misaligned and my fussy cuts in the center some how got pretty wonky, but it's going in my Christmas quilt, so it's good enough for me!

So after finishing that up i moved on to this little number...

That's right! The secret squirrels are out! and on a Noodlehead open wide zip pouch! If you haven't tried this tutorial yet i strongly suggest you do. Super easy, and super awesome! I knocked this out before lunch today, with a 3 1/2 yr old and a 1 1/2 yr old climbing me and chasing each other under my sewing table!

So while picking up the interfacing i needed for my Sew and Go i came across this teal pleather? and knew it would be perfect on the bottom of this little pouch! Though little isn't really the word i should be using... i made the large size pouch and man is it large! I could almost fit my sewing machine in there. Okay, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but it is huge!

That's right, i fussy cut this one as well. I almost got the top to line up perfectly, pretty close!

The inside is the Little Bits print from the same fabric line - Tula Pinks The Birds and the Bees.

And the cute little Lady Bugs print for the zipper tab! If you hadn't noticed i love this fabric line and i'm now envisioning a Weekender or maybe an Aeroplane bag in these prints...hmmm.  (oh, and i should probably mention that the chair that this pouch is sitting on is Sammy's and it's an antique toddler's chair... so the zip pouch isn't that huge!!)

So i guess my two actual WIP's for today are, drrrrrrr, (drum roll for effect)

Yay!! My Swoon blocks got finished up today and i think i've settled on this layout, which is kind of hard to see what with all my WIP's stacked on Sammy's easel! What do you think? Does this layout work? I didn't really consider the final layout when i started this. I'm also wondering about backing. I think my LQS has the washi tape print (lower right block) in stock, but i would rather use a solid with a strip of the washi print (surprise, surprise!) But what colour? Ponder that a moment while checking out my next project for the day...

Man, this photo's blurry too, maybe i need to lay off the caffeine? So this is one of the charm packs that came in my amazeballs loot box. I'm building blocks for a modern D9P. I'm thinking ten more should do the trick! Then chopity chopity!! I'm making this one as a surprise for a friend!

That's it, that's all... or is it?

So one more little bit of awesomeness for the day. I managed to score one of Sarah Jane's mystery boxes from her shop today! YAY!

The bad news... it's a Christmas gift from my mom, so it's being shipped to my parents house and i don't get it until Christmas. This may very well kill me!

High fives!! Only 153 days until Christmas!
xo snips

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  1. Your house is adorable!! Where did you get the door?? I have been loving the Rockin Blocks too as they totally rock but I haven't made any! You're looks awesome; the center looks a bit tricky with a lot of seams meeting. Secret squirrels out of the bag or at least on the bag and looks awesome. Do you love her new raccoons too? You know I love 23 so of course I love your d9P! And Swooning for your Swoon. I have a bit of washi I haven't used. You should pick your favorite color for the back. Way to get a lot of work done...I think it would take me about 2 weeks to do all that .

  2. I love those squirrels. And what a pretty bag.

    You know, if you and your parents move to Australia you will get your present a day earlier :)

  3. Cool projects. I like the cat in the window. Nice detail.

  4. Ooh you have been busy!! Some seriously fab projects going on! Love how your little house turned out and the fussy cutting - thanks for testing for me.

    Your Swoon blocks look great - love the layout!

  5. I love the house...the cat in the window is perfection! I need to get on that penny lane block asap. Your version is so fun! I really thought that pouch was huge (sitting on a normal sized chair) haha. Who doesn't adore those squirrley squirrels? I've never sewn pleather, was it difficult? You've been busy! Nice.

  6. I cannot see a single wonky seam or mis-centred fussy cut in that snow-flake-esque block! I think it's amazing. In fact, when I saw it on instagram I thought 'perfect for Christmas', but didn't want to say in case that wasn't what you were thinking at all!! Love it, love them all - you're a busy woman :)

  7. The little kitty in the top window of your pieced home is adorable! And I love how you placed the squirrels just so on the top of the bag. Super fun!

  8. I'm not a pink love but it's looking so good sewn and framed like this. Great projects all around, busy lady!

  9. Your paper piecing is gorgeous Snips! I'm trying to go slowly on mine so that there is some left for me to take on holiday! Well done for accomplishing all that with the kids under the desk! I had to endure several hours of roller disco today to keep mine happy :o)

  10. Love your squirrel pouch! I was going to make an open wide pouch this weekend, but I chickened out. This inspired me to try it, too cute! All of your projects are looking great, I don't know how you get all of that done. Really excited to see what you decide for the back of your Swoon!

  11. All of your projects are soooo wonderful. I am in love with the squirrels, you think they want to come home with me? ;-)
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  12. My goodness! You're so busy and it is so worth it! Lovely pieces. :)

  13. Girl! you have got so many fantastic things going on! You're rocking the paper piecing, and that pouch is awesome. I think YOU enlisted help from the quilt gnomes this week!

    I'm so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday, and have a great weekend!

    :) Kelly

  14. I love all of your creations, especially the house that snips built- sweetest house ever!

  15. I love your open wide pouch! I have some extra pink vinyl (boat seat repairs) that I had no idea what to do with.

    Also, I've not seen swoon blocks with the contract like that. Looks sweet!

  16. That open wide zip pouch is awesome! I loventhatntula pink line too and the pleather was a perfect compliment to it! Let me know if you take the plunge on making the aero plane bag, I'm thinking of making one before mid-sept before sewing summit. May need some encouragement to add another item to my WiP list though lol

  17. Must. Have. Squirrel. Pouch. If by chance it some how dissapears from your house while you are distracted I totally blame your boys. Not your little sister.
    Good Job!
    So proud of my big sis! xo


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