Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the Fussy Square Block Swap edition.

Not much on the go today, hoping to get the little Sarah Jane Sidewalk Blocks quilt finished up to post on Friday... fingers crossed! I have however managed to get six square in square fussy cut blocks made up for the block swap that Amanda from What the Bobbin is hosting. And by six i really mean four because two of them ended up a bit short on fabric, dang!

So here's what i have so far.

A little Crafty Chloe and some Cosmo Cricket scissors.

Some Tula Pink love, inner and outer from her Prince Charming line. Middle fabric from Lotta Jansdotter.

A little nautical action for the sea lovers out there. Some Ahoy Matey from Michael Miller with clementine dots, also from Michael Miller.

Love this one... i might keep it ;) Outfit from Lucy's Crab Shack, dots are Amy Butler Love and the stripes are Stripe Soiree by Josephine Kimberling.

Now the last two are still needing to be fixed but here they are anyway!

Fabrics are all from my scrap boxes and i have no idea what they are... but i need to fix those green bits, they're still in the seam allowance but i'll get them fixed up!

And lastly,

More Heather Ross, her stuff's just made for fussy cutting! Mice are from Nursery Versery and the trees are from The Grand Tour from the Victoria and Albert Collection. I wish i had of noticed the short bit on the bottom there a bit sooner, oh well, easy fix!

So that's it! Now i just need to make six more, or ten... twenty. Trust me folks, these little blocks are so addictive, you won't want to stop!

So that's it for this edition of WIP Wednesday, stay tuned tomorrow for this!

That's right! My first tutorial. Come on back, you'll either learn something really cool or have a great laugh... depending on how well i write it. WHAT?!! I should have written it already?! Aw crap...

High fives for fussy cutting!
xo snips

ps. if you haven't already i would love some feedback to help finish this quilt up!! please and thanks!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little bit of show and tell!

Just popping in for a minute or two to show you this!!

I finished up my modern D9P top over the weekend and love how it turned out! I used this tutorial and  started by making twenty - nine patch blocks using four prints and five white squares in a variety of patterns, then chopity chopity! 
I love the result it yields, even if you do have to sew everything together then press it all, then cut it up, then sew it all, then press it all again... so worth it!

Now, what i'm wondering is, if i was making this quilt for you what colour would you want on the back? You all know i like my backs simple so i want a solid in one of the colours from the front, with a bit of one of the prints mixed in. I just can't decide on what colour to use, help!

High fives for everyone that helps! Okay high fives for everyone!!
xo snips

And also, on a totally unrelated note, i'm thinking about putting up a tutorial for this...

Hopefully on Thursday, stay tuned!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Finish it up Friday - the Swoon mistake.

So yesterday i discovered the downfall of finishing up a project that was started over a year ago. When i started my Washi Swoon quilt i cut all the fabrics i needed for the blocks but neglected to cut the sashing, thinking, (okay probably thinking, because really people it was a year ago, i'm lucky if i can remember last week...) thinking, that i would cut the sashing when i needed it, you know a week or two later.

Fast forward, and i have no idea what so ever of which white i used! So i pull out my stash of whites and come to the conclusion that i was using Kona PFD. Perfect! I had just recently picked up another few yards to use on my Indian Summer quilt. So i cut my 6 two and a half inch by twenty four inch strips and stitched the first one on... And it looks like i wasn't using Kona PFD after all, dang!

You can obviously tell that the creamier white on the upper right is the Kona PFD. So, out comes the stash and after what seems like forever i come to the conclusion that what i was actually using was plain old Kona White. And with not enough of it in my stash a trip to my LQS is in order. Upon arriving i pulled out the bolt of Kona White, put it on the counter with the one Washi Swoon block i brought with me, and both the girl working and i agreed it was indeed Kona White, so i bought a whack of it, you never can tell when you might need it! So this morning i cut out the six strips i needed and got the whole thing stitched together! Then took it outside for it's picture... to discover that in natural light, (i unfortunately have florescent lights in my kitchen, they came with the house, and i haven't gotten around to painting and installing the amazing vintage light fixture i bought when we first moved in four and a half years ago, i really should get on that now that i'm thinking about it... hmmm.) where was i?, oh right, i took it outside and low and behold it wasn't Kona White i used. (insert all manner of curse words here!)

But the bright side is, while it's not the white i had used in the blocks, (still have no idea what it was) it's a perfect match to the white in the Stella Dots i used! So my own personal opinion is that it looks fine and i don't need to take it all apart! Whew!

Now, i have yet to add the borders around the outside, mainly because i'm not sure what i want to do, but also because my kidlets have been playing percussion with the pots and pans all day and i have a monster headache, tomorrow is soon enough! But i'm kind of thinking, two and a half inches of white, then two and a half inches of the washi print, another two and a half of white and then the washi as binding, maybe not? Then i started wondering about all the hst's i have left from making the blocks. As i was sewing everything together, instead of just cutting off the excess after making the flying geese i marked off a half inch into what would be waste and stitched, then cut down the middle, yielding the block that i need as well as two hst's that would normally be scraps! And here they are!

Of course i haven't yet got around to pressing and squaring, but what do you think, should i somehow incorporate them into the border, backing, matching pillows? They will square up to 3.5 inches and i have about 70 of white with Stella Dots and about 70 of the other prints. Which would give me enough to make it around the whole quilt with some to spare, but would it look okay? I think i'm maybe too tired to be making any decisions, feel free to leave your ideas though! And i'll leave you with this shot of my newest creation...

My modern D9P using two charm packs of 2wenty Thr3e and Kona PFD... (keeping tabs on my whites from this point on!) Hoping to get this one stitched up this weekend!

High fives for bed time!
xo snips

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the ADHD edition

So on Wednesday's the boys usually go to my MIL's house for the day, which means i usually am able to get some work done, then get my blog post up and go back to sewing. But when they're home i sew when i can get a minute, and forget about blogging... the focus just isn't there! So i've spent today randomly pulling projects from left and right, playing with fabric stacks, and getting my paper piecing on!

I don't think i did any paper piecing last week and i'd noticed this week i was starting to get twitchy. Is this normal? Anyway, i turned to Kristy of Quiet Play to help me with the twitches. She's been looking for testers for a series of house patterns she designed for a friend and i gladly offered up my services! So here is the house that snips built...

Sorry for the blur, i blame the twitches. This was an easy, peasy pattern that has endless options for variety! If i had of been thinking ahead i would have adjusted my front curtain there... I like the gingham, but i think some sash style curtains would have been lovely. I plan on embroidering with a bit of black around the windows to tie the door in better. And maybe add some grass, and flowers. Then what to do with it? Little mug rug? Who knows! But i love it!

My next paper piecing project is another of Julie from 627handworks, Block Rockn' blocks. This time Penny Lane, and oh, how i love this one, almost as much as Caldonia!

My precision isn't as great as i would have liked, but from afar it works! A few of the seams are misaligned and my fussy cuts in the center some how got pretty wonky, but it's going in my Christmas quilt, so it's good enough for me!

So after finishing that up i moved on to this little number...

That's right! The secret squirrels are out! and on a Noodlehead open wide zip pouch! If you haven't tried this tutorial yet i strongly suggest you do. Super easy, and super awesome! I knocked this out before lunch today, with a 3 1/2 yr old and a 1 1/2 yr old climbing me and chasing each other under my sewing table!

So while picking up the interfacing i needed for my Sew and Go i came across this teal pleather? and knew it would be perfect on the bottom of this little pouch! Though little isn't really the word i should be using... i made the large size pouch and man is it large! I could almost fit my sewing machine in there. Okay, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but it is huge!

That's right, i fussy cut this one as well. I almost got the top to line up perfectly, pretty close!

The inside is the Little Bits print from the same fabric line - Tula Pinks The Birds and the Bees.

And the cute little Lady Bugs print for the zipper tab! If you hadn't noticed i love this fabric line and i'm now envisioning a Weekender or maybe an Aeroplane bag in these prints...hmmm.  (oh, and i should probably mention that the chair that this pouch is sitting on is Sammy's and it's an antique toddler's chair... so the zip pouch isn't that huge!!)

So i guess my two actual WIP's for today are, drrrrrrr, (drum roll for effect)

Yay!! My Swoon blocks got finished up today and i think i've settled on this layout, which is kind of hard to see what with all my WIP's stacked on Sammy's easel! What do you think? Does this layout work? I didn't really consider the final layout when i started this. I'm also wondering about backing. I think my LQS has the washi tape print (lower right block) in stock, but i would rather use a solid with a strip of the washi print (surprise, surprise!) But what colour? Ponder that a moment while checking out my next project for the day...

Man, this photo's blurry too, maybe i need to lay off the caffeine? So this is one of the charm packs that came in my amazeballs loot box. I'm building blocks for a modern D9P. I'm thinking ten more should do the trick! Then chopity chopity!! I'm making this one as a surprise for a friend!

That's it, that's all... or is it?

So one more little bit of awesomeness for the day. I managed to score one of Sarah Jane's mystery boxes from her shop today! YAY!

The bad news... it's a Christmas gift from my mom, so it's being shipped to my parents house and i don't get it until Christmas. This may very well kill me!

High fives!! Only 153 days until Christmas!
xo snips

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Some thoughts on pincushions...

Okay, so a little bit of honesty here. I never really got the fuss about pincushions, everyone makes them and gushes over them. There are swaps, patterns, pincushion alongs... okay i'm not really sure about that last one, but you get the idea. I'm not sure if i didn't get it because i don't use them or if i was just missing some sort of pincushion gene. Then i made this...

Holy crap people!! This is the cutest thing i've made since my children! I love it! I still don't really understand the need for it, but it's adorable.

I rarely use pins and when i do they're kept in a bowl until i need them, at which point they move to my mouth. Which i probably should stop doing, i'm constantly telling Sammy not to put things in his mouth so i guess i should follow my own rules as well eh?!

So while i'm not sure i will use it, it's cute and will live happily in my Sew and Go Organizer.

Which has only gotten this far since Wednesday. (due to some unforeseen events, yesterday was a total write-off for sewing.)  I just need to make one more pocket, find some wool felt for my needle book, get some heavy interfacing, attach the front and bind! 

I've made some minor adjustments to things here and there, either to suit my needs or due to lack of supplies...
The first was in the construction of the pockets. The instructions say to cut two pieces of your chosen fabric for each pocket and iron on fusible interfacing... Well, i didn't have any interfacing, so i left it out and it seemed a bit silly to use "good" fabric for the inside of a pocket that you would never see. So i cut one of all my pockets in my chosen prints and lined them all in a solid teal that matches the teal in the Meteor Shower print by Tula Pink from her Birds and the Bees line.

The only pocket i did use "good" fabric inside and out was the little envelope pillow. It was begging for some fussy cut love!

I love this pocket! I originally thought about using the squirrel print for the outside cover, but things were already looking a bit too busy, and the idea of having secret pocket squirrels was to good to pass up! (The squirrel print is called... wait for it... Squirrel!, also from Tula's the Birds and the Bees line.)

I also changed up one of the pockets on the left hand side, in the original organizer the smaller pocket angles off at the right. It seemed a bit of a waste to me so i made it the full width of the of the organizer.

The scissor pocket stayed the same with one little change. In the original, Alexia Abegg used a piece of ribbon to tie the scissors in, i opted for a little snap on a piece of the Hex Box print from Tula Pink's Prince Charming line. Easier than fiddling with a bit of ribbon to tie them in!

I love the fussy cut scissor print, it's the same sewing definitions fabric i used for the right hand side pocket,the print is called Sewing Guide and it's from Moda's Mama Said Sew collection. I think i may need to buy a lot more of it!!

So my next pocket is for above the piece of measuring tape and beside the little pincushion.

This is originally where the needle book was to go, but i'll be moving that to beside the scissor pocket. I keep bobby pins (for holding hexies together while sewing), bobbin spools (i don't carry spools of thread, i just wind a couple bobbins in the colours i need. usually one for basting and another couple in my stitch colour), and i've now added some pins... not sure if i will use them, put i need something to stab into the pincushion right?!

I have a couple more things to make, i'm thinking some simple flat zip pouches to slide in the two big pockets at either end,  and i may need to make an open wide zip pouch out of that Squirrel print, you know, to hold extra things!

So it looks like my big finish for the week is a miniscule pincushion...

High fives for the weekend!
xo snips

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the Liberty Love edition!... and some other awesomeness!

So it would seem that i've been a very lucky girl lately. I had an incredible mail day yesterday and thought i'd share with you my goodies. First to arrive was this lovely little box of goodies...

All this awesomeness, as well as copy of Rachel Griffith's Smitten pattern and a Supreme Slider for FMQ!
This amazing bunch of goodies is from a giveaway that i won a couple weeks back from the lovely Kelsey and Amanda of Everyday Fray. They have some gorgeous projects on the go that you need to check out!
I've been wanting to try those wonder clips for quite some time, yay! And i already have a plan for the twenty three charms, a D9P has been on my list and i think with a bit of Kona PFD this could be a winner! The spine of the Liberty Love book has already been cracked and a new WIP is in the works... more on that later. I've never watched Downtown Abby but my mom says it's great so i'm going to save it for when we go on vacation the beginning of August! Thank you so much Amanda and Kelsey, this. is. amazing!!

Then as if my day couldn't get any better... my regular mail came and this was in it!!

This lovely bit of fabric came from the wonderful Cari from There's a Thread. She made this fabric!! It's awesome!
Here's another shot, just because it's so gorgeous.

I love the colours and i have an old tan suede coat that i've been hanging onto to use for something. And as soon as i remember where i put it i think it  and this delicious piece of awesomeness is going to be a zip pouch... maybe Noodlehead's Open Wide Pouch? Suede on the bottom, weave on the top? Thank you so much Cari!!

So now that everyone is jealous (sorry!) on to my projects for the day!

I've been working on some fairytale pillows for my shop using Kelly Lee Creel's Storybook Lane fabrics. I'm planning on making a quilted pocket for the front of each and making little stuffed friends with the matching characters.

I like them :) And i think they'll be pretty cute when they're done. Now i just need to find some fusible fleece and i can get quilting them!

And for my new project that isn't on my list...

After going through Liberty Love yesterday afternoon i settled on the Sew and Go Organizer as my first project. My current hand stitching project (that could very well be my only hand stitching project) is being toted around in a highly attractive series of ziploc baggies... so stylish, i know. So with our vacation coming up i thought this would be the perfect project to tackle. I'll be making a couple of changes to the pattern that i will share as soon as i figure out how best to execute them! But for now... i'm off to sew!

Linking up with the lovely Lee at Freshly Pieced!, go on, click the link... so much awesomeness!

High fives for all my awesome bloggy friends!!!
xo snips

Oh, and because they're so cute...

Oh, on a totally unrelated note... do i use the word awesome to much? I think maybe i need to find a new descriptive word, but awesome is just so...  awesome!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Finish it up Friday - the pillow edition!

So i was hoping to have a little bit more to show today, but i've been waylaid by a certain bloggy friend/enabler who shall remain {nameless}. We had been emailing back and forth and she sent me a link to the NYC Mod Blog's DWR Challenge... cause that's what i need, another project! So a lot of my sewing time has been spent on Pinterest and sketching things out on my graph pad. And while i haven't fully decided if i'll be entering, a DWR is on my list of quilts to make someday... why not now?! Needless to say i didn't get the next border for my Indian Summer quilt finished and this post will be relatively short. Though i'm sure after my last post you're all relieved to hear that!

So without further ado, may i present my 23 pillow!

After piecing this one and seeing how busy it was with all the pattern i thought i'd keep the quilting to a minimum... a quarter inch on each side of the seams, in keeping with the square in square theme going on!

I used the Kodachrome in pavement for the back, and because i loved the way the strip of tickets looked on the back of the 23 RtT quilt i thought i'd add a strip here too!

Did you see it?! I'm guessing some of you that have made an envelope back for a pillow may know what i've done.

That's right! When laying out the sodding pieces for the back i put them down in the wrong order and and didn't notice until after i sewn the whole thing together... with my zig zag stitch. Doh!

I'm so not unpicking that! It's not exactly what i wanted but it still looks nice, so when i get a chance today i'll be putting it into my shop! It's in the shop! 

This little gal finishes up, after washing, at just under 16 inches.
Paper pieced with Moda's 2wenty Thr3e line ( i just can't get enough of this fabric!) using this pattern, the link also has a tutorial for those that want to give this a try but have never paper pieced before. This block is very easy and great for newbies! Give it a try!

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High fives for the weekend! And a couple more for finishing another on my Q3 FAL list!
xo snips

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wip Wednesday... and my ridiculously long Q3 FAL list.

So lets start with the list. 

I warn you though, there's going to be a lot of pictures. 

 And i would also ask that you refrain from laughing until after you leave my blog. 

I fully understand that i'm delusional and possibly in need of professional help.

You may want to get a drink, or a snack, or something.

Is everyone ready?
Here we go!

The first two on the list are no brainers...
1. My Mom's RtT quilt.  This. Has. To. Get. Done. Now.

 But the thought of sitting under two layers of batting and a flannel backing, in my un-airconditioned home, with the heat averaging about 30 degrees and the humidity at 60%, blarg.

2. Max's +'s quilt.  DONE!!!

Rolling this one over from Q2 but in all honesty, Max has been sleeping in nothing but his diaper lately, does he really need a quilt?

3. The Washi Swoon i started... last summer?

Six blocks down and three to go!

I do however have the fabric cut out for them, so this will be a breeze, right?

 Keeping things easy i figured while i was stitching together the last of my washi swoons i might as well take care of the Baby Swoon i started... also last summer?

Only doing four blocks for this one and the fabrics are already cut. Pffff, i can knock this out in no time!

Number 5. Wow, only on number five and i'm already starting to get tired.
No worries, i can do this...
I cut this fabric when i was making the 23 RtT last month and just kind of set it aside. - DONE

It's hopefully going to be a pillow for my shop... and it's also what i've been working on today. More on this further down the line!

Number six needs no introduction...

I've also been doing a bit of work on this one today... i really hope i can finish this one off for this quarter.

Number seven is the little Sarah Jane Sidewalk Blocks quilt ive been meaning to finish quilting. 

Number eight... my Christmas Stars quilt.

Though, i'm not sure if that's going to happen, i've picked out 14 stars from Carol Doak's 50 fabulous Paper Pieced Stars book and i also have some patterns that i picked up on Craftsy that i want to add. I'm starting to think i'll be lucky if i get this one finished in time for Christmas!

Number nine has been giving me grief already and i haven't even cut into the fabric!

It's going to be paper pieced and i've been playing around with the pattern for about a month now trying to get it to work the way i want without resorting to y seams.

10, 11, and 12 are all rollovers from Q2 and no new photo's, sorry.

10. my Tula picnic quilt, we've already been on 3 picnics this summer... need to finish this.
11. just finish this one already!
12. i still have no idea how i want to quilt this.
Lucky thirteen is the rocket pillow i started for my oldest son Sam.

14. My log cabin triangles from Lady Harvatine's QAL.

Number's 15 and 16 are pocket style pillows with pillow pals for my shop. I've gotten as far as cutting the center square for both log cabins and that's it, so here's a pretty shot of the stack of fabrics i'm using.

17 is a pillow for me from this stack of AMH's Field Study.

My sweet friend Gina sent me this lovely little stack of charms a few weeks back and i've decided to make myself a Dresden pillow out of them for the couch in my studio! Now, do i need to buy a fancy ruler? Or can i get away with just making a template? I came across a tutorial for getting two petals out of each charm, so that's what i want to do! Any advice or tips, greatly appreciated!
And you should also head over to Gina's blog to see what she's been up to with these gorgeous fabrics, so pretty!

And for the last item on my list, number 18...

This little + quilt, it's been hanging around for at least a year and it would like to be finished. Though i am thinking of taking off the bottom of it... see where it gets wonky three blocks up. It would still be a nice sized baby/stroller quilt and i already have the backing and binding if i do shorten it. Hmmm.

So that's it folks, my third quarter Finish A Long list, in all it's glory...

Everyone okay... need to take a quick break? grab a snack? go pee? have laser eye surgery from all the awesomeness?

Okey dokey, now on to my WIP's for today!

Most of my time was spent with my sidekick ripper...

He's a great chap and definitely over worked.
I've been trying to add a little bit of colour into the next border for my Indian Summer quilt so i quickly whipped up a little pattern for the midway point of it.
 And gave it a try...

 I removed the one side of it at least three times and it still has slightly more wonk than i would like. So i'll be trying again... i'll hopefully have the next border on for my regular Friday post, fingers crossed :)

So after treating the blisters from my seam ripper i pulled out this little project for some slightly easier paper piecing action!

This one went together no problem and is going to make a lovely little pillow if i do say so myself!

That's it! I'm off to get some more sewing in before my little guys get home!
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