Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the scattered edition...

No real focus here today peeps... I've been doing a bit of everything. Spent some of my day trying to get the quilting finished up on the Sidewalk Blocks quilt.

My original plan for the quilting was quickly put to rest by my complete and utter lack of FMQ skills. I must at some point just make a quilt sandwich with cheapy fabrics and spend some time just practicing. I had planned on using this tutorial, looked easy enough... maybe for someone that doesn't have a lead foot! At one point, (i think it was after my second attempt) the Mr. came upstairs from his studio to find out what was making me laugh so hard. I wish i had taken a photo of the FMQ... it was hysterical!  I made three valiant attempts and called it quits! Straight lines it is! Well, straightish... 

I started with all the horizontal sashing and just went... no quilt guide, no lining the edge of my foot with the seams, hell, i didn't even use my walking foot! I just went! Now i'm going back and quilting between all the sashing.  I'm leaving the in between quilting a little more spread out than what i did within the sashing, for now anyways. I may decide to go back and make the whole thing more dense but i want to wait and see first.

I was hoping to be a little further along but my quilting was thwarted by a one year old that likes to grab.

I don't normally attempt any quilting while Max is up, usually i wait until nap time. But he was playing in his room and i thought if i could just get some of it done... Well he came out and kept grabbing the side of the quilt and i should have stopped then and put it away. He finally grabbed and pulled, resulting in the stitches you see above. I'm just glad that my foot listened to my brain when it said stop! Otherwise there would have been a whole lot more stitches to unpick!

So when i realized that quilting wasn't going to happen i pulled another project on the go...

The Super Tote Test! And couldn't stay focused on it long enough to actually make significant progress.. Front pocket quilted and straps sewn... blah, not feeling it today.

Moving right along, that's right, i pulled out another project to work on.

Some more paper piecing fun! Will hopefully have something to share tomorrow! I make no promises ;)

So, after a little of that i grabbed a stack that i had put together last week and started cutting.

Everything is cut now and the chain piecing has commenced. Fingers crossed that this one get's finished for Friday!

 One at a time or as many as possible? How do you like to work!
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High fives for having a day with absolutely no focus!
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  1. Know what's funny? I'm not so great at FMQ. As a matter of fact, a bit messy. I'm still learning how to get the stitches even and smooth. As newbi looking as my FMQ is, straight stitches are a zillion times worse! I'm the worst at making a straight line, even the thought gives me hives. Therefore, I'm totally impressed with your straight lines - you go girl! :)

  2. Looks great! I would totally recommend just making up a practice quilt sandwich and trying FMQ on that. Also, if you haven't already watched some videos, Leah Day's are great. Also (phew - too many alsos), quilting gloves help with FMQ like you wouldn't believe. If you don't want to spend $$$ on special quilting gloves (like I didn't), a cheap lightweight pair of gardening gloves works just fine. Finally (and I followed this advice before I FMQ'd my first quilt), try having a drink (one only) before you start ;-)

  3. your straight lines rock! The straight-ish look is very cool!

    :) Kelly

  4. The sidewalk quilt is really beautiful ;) I was going to say the quilting looks fantastic as is but after reading Adrianne's suggestion I mean we might as well see what one drink adds to the mix, right?

  5. I am all for some straight line quilting! I love what you're done with it!

    Look forward to seeing your paper pieced project. And must say, I do love the fabric collection there in grey and yellow with Incy Wincy Spider! Seriously cute!

  6. i think we are Siamese twins separated at birth. My week looks a lot like yours! I love your bag-to -be and the yellow and gray batch of fabric. I cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve....or on the sewing table! :)

  7. Your super tote is going to be awesome! Love the pile of grey fabrics! And that pink and grey quilt is turning out so cute!

  8. I really want to see how the gray and yellow fabrics turn out! Your straight lines look good. I've been doing a lot of straight line quilting lately myself.

  9. Well you may not have been very focused but at least you still did stuff. And cool stuff at that. I had zero focus today too, but unlike my productive little sis I did not achieve a single thing. Wait! I sent 3 emails and carried two big binders from one office to another than back again (note I did not open them or use them even to make myself taller in my chair). High fives to you for maintaining productivity in the face of zero focus!

  10. PS - I had to Google FMQ, I get it now. If ever I try to quilt I am all over this! And I agree with Adrianne, have a drink first! (or get Max to help, hello he's already on his way with his grabbing attempt!)

  11. The straight lines look great! FMQ will come, just cut yourself some slack and tolerate a few uneven stitches at first and you'll get into the rhythm. That paper piecing looks great. I've been enjoying that too lately, as you know!

  12. I love your sidewalk quilt! The only thing I'd add to the FMQ advice is tackle small quilts to start with - bigger quilts are much easier once you have a feel for it. Love that pile of PB and incy wincy spider :o)


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