Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Finding my inner wonk!

Or at least trying to find it... though i'm pretty sure i may have been born without wonk. 
Witness exhibit A...

My August block for my bee. Wonky log cabins with lots of bright colour is what was requested. And 14" but not squared up... mine is at least 15" at the smallest and obviously not squared, and it's driving me nuts that i have to mail this with all those woobly bits! I struggled with this one trying to keep five sides, it somehow always reverted back to four. I can't say this is a block i would have ever made had i not been in this bee. But i guess that's part of the fun in joining a bee right!

I also tackled my block for July as well. 

Barb had asked for "a less “scrappy” block. Think lines, maybe curves, maybe negative space and lots of colours!"  Curves are my "arch"nemesis (haha!, get it? arch? ha!... sorry... i think i may have heat stroke),  which is why i chose this block, not because i have heat stroke, but because it would push me out of my comfort zone. 

And did it ever! Again a fourteen incher was requested and because i had no idea what i was doing when i started, despite having this tutorial to work from, i began with a 17 inch square. I figured if it all went to pot i could maybe cut down and still be able to end with a 14" block. 
 My plan worked!... the block is about 15 inches, which means that there is still enough wiggle room for Barb to square up, (and cut off that little green bit on the right hand side.) 

The photo is making it look really puckery (spell check is trying to tell me that's not a real word... pfff, whatever. Don't tell me what to do spell check!! You're not the boss of me!) Sorry where was i? Oh yeah, i did starch but some of the areas i just can't get to lay flat. I hope it will work out in the end, maybe the quilting will hide the pouffy (is too a real word!) spots, fingers crossed.

I also have been spending some time with this guy.

Who was quite a bit more fiddly than Leia, but still doable for a newbie like me! That being said i have a hot date with my seam ripper later... the seam under his eyes shifted while i was sewing and things aren't lining up the way i would like.

See the shift? I'm probably being too fussy but since this is going to be a quilt for us i will spend eternity looking at that mismatched seam and wishing i had of fixed it. But i do love him!

I also love this guy!

He also needs some finishing work in the form of embroidery, he goes into the pile with Leia!

And two last little things that i love...

High fives for water gun fights!
xo snips

Linky linky loo list: (seriously people...i have no idea what my deal is today, it has to be the heat!)


  1. A "y" can be added to any word and a new word is created! I'm with you! Looks like your inner wonk has been found, because those blocks look fab! btw- Mr. MQI is duly impressed with the Star Wars blocks too (nonchalantly looking over my shoulder) ha, men!

    hope you'll link up at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Aah, those Star Wars blocks are killing me! Fantastic! I think mister stormtrooper is my favorite. Also loving your loopiness today -- it's infectious. :)

  3. Love all your blocks; you have been busy!! What are your plans for the Star Wars blocks? I love the curved block with those little strips of color...looks like a tricky one!!

  4. C3PO is looking good! I think it's great that bee blocks stretch us a bit.

  5. I think your bee blocks are looking great! Frankly I am terrfiied of the "wonk", I am far too structured "need a pattern" kind of girl. Lords knows why I agreed to host the Improv Bee, probably because I am trying to challenge myself, although I forsee panic attacks each month! :) I am in LOVE with your C3PO - he is adorable, shifting and all!

  6. I am really enjoying your wonky block and your "Arch" block!! They are pretty awesome.

    I did Batman a few days ago and turned him into a pillow for my 5 yr old. Now I have to steal it back for some outdoor pics;) Hope you get your C3PO guy in working order to your liking.

  7. I love that curved block! Great job with all of've been busy.

  8. Ooh, yeah on purpose wonk sounds hard! Though both your blocks look fab, but it would give me the heebie-jeebies too. C3PO looks great, I wouldn't have noticed your 'mismatched' seam at all! Your Storm-Trooper takes the biscuit though - totally awesome. Your loopiness is catching I've had to rewrite every third word of this so it'll make sense :) Enjoy the water-fights!

  9. I love all those blocks! I love the wonky pentagram blocks--one of my favorite ways to us up scraps (see my rainbow quilt, haha).

  10. Looking good!

    I think you have to fix it if it bothers you. Sometimes, when I have something like that, I put it away for a few days and look at it again when I'm not obsessing. Funny thing - often I dont care anymore when I've stepped away from it. If I do care - MUST FIX!

    Pffttt to Spell Check!

  11. Your blocks look great and good progress with those SW faces too.

  12. All your blocks look great. I find wonkiness really hard too but you've definitely aced those bee blocks :)

  13. C3PO looks great to me and I love the stormtrooper - super cute!


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