Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Monday!

Not much to share today... I stitched up my February block for Luck Stars BOM. I'm not doing them in any order, nor am i sticking to one size. For the March block i went with the 6" size, but i love the Tula Pink print i used for the background of this one so i went for the full 12" so i could enjoy more of it!

sorry for the terrible instagram photo

I'm happy with this one... despite breaking a needle sewing through that middle section. Twelve layers of fabric! I admit i was going a little too fast, but in my defense i was using my Mom's machine and that thing is crazy fast! To see it with the March block i made you wouldn't think they were destined for the same quilt, and truth be told i'm not sure the march block is going to make the Christmas quilt cut. We'll see :)

And on a totally unrelated note...

A good mom lets you lick the beaters, a great mom turns them off first :)

Yesterday the boys helped me whip up a batch of Black Forest Cupcakes for their wonderful Dad and mine!


High fives for chocolate and cherries! (and cool whip, mmmm)
xo snips


  1. ooohh! love this one!! I think it will really be cool that the stars are all different sizes. When you piece them all together, that will be really interesting. love the pics of your boys too. It makes me remember when my wild thing was little- precious memories! :)


  2. Your star is amazing!! I love the background print too!! Those cupcakes look so yummy I could eat one of them right now! I am sure they were enjoyed by all!!

  3. Your star is beautiful - way to go with your points. Those cupcakes look way too delicious :o)

  4. Love the star! Beautiful fabric choices too!

  5. I love that block and the fabric is so fun! I can totally believe you broke a needle in the middle that's a crazy lot of fabric!


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