Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Wenesday... is anybody out there?

Or is everyone still entering giveaways? :)
I don't have much to show today... feeling a little burnt out. I blame the Constellations HST... well not entirely, it just seems like i've been working on the same projects for so long i think i may need to start a new project to jump start my creative juices!

Though i have been fussing about with my plans for the Indian Summer quilt i have on the go and thought i'd throw a large Swoon block into the geese.

So i started cutting out the fabrics i want to use.

The problem i've run into is with the Stella Dots... i seem to have run out. I need four more blocks that are 5"x9".  And i was also planning on a border around the swoon block in the dots and bordering the geese once i stitch them together... I could of swore i had yardage of this print! I may need to clean and organize my studio. So back to the problem at hand, the missing dots. I popped the boys in the stroller and we walked over to my LQS Greenwod Quiltery in the hopes that they had some. Nope. They may be able to get some in but it could take up to six weeks. Drat. Not soon enough. So this project moves to the back burner. 

Now, while i was at my LQS i may have come across some other fabrics that desperately called out to me, and  i may have been persuaded to bring them home with me.

No plans as of yet, but perhaps a low volume quilt is on the horizon?  Just need to build up the stash!
I really wish a had more to show, i think i may have been spending too much time entering giveaways...
Nose to the grindstone... i think it's time to make some girly quilts for the shop. Maybe cut into the stack of Out to Sea  in the pinky coral colour ways that i've had sitting around since it came out?
What do you do to recharge your creative juices?

Little, tired excuses for high fives today... sorry.
xo snips

LInking up for WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced


  1. Your local quilt shop carries some gorgeous fabric; I don't have a local shop like that. I love your Indian Summer and AMH. You have been cranking out the quilts maybe you need a little rest or a small project to work. I did not enter a ton of give aways but just the ones I wanted to win, which may be more than I thought it was. Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Love your fabrics! I think sometimes we all just need a break no matter how much how love sewing. I also like to look at projects I've pinned or marked in books and it helps get my creative juices flowing again.

  3. Yummy fabric photos. I'm really loving Indian Summer but haven't figured out what to do with it yet.

  4. Ahhh those fabrics are amazing!!! Low volume would really be superb.. then again, what *wouldn't* look good with those in it? :)


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