Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday.

So a whole scattering of projects on the go today. 
The boys spent the day with my MIL, which meant i had the house to myself and could spread all my projects out to my hearts content. This made it easier for me to jump from one to another :) So my day was spent doing a little of this.

The rows for my Mom's Road to Tennessee quilt are together, just need to press the seams and stitch them together and the top will be done! I'm waiting on an order from Fabricworm for the backing fabric, so hopefully i'll be able to cross this one off my list by next week.

I also did some of this.

Followed by a start of this.

Didn't make a lot of progress on it but it's a start...

Then with a plan in mind i started cutting into my stack of Indian Summer... 

i didn't get any further than 2" strips by wof. I'm making geese and i'm not sure if i want to use the Washi Waves or the Stella Dot. I'm leaning towards the Washi Waves, they're a little more off white then the Stella Dots but the but i like the scale of the dots better. Opinions?

And finally, i'll be sitting down in a few and trying to finish up this block.

Hexies are all sewn into strips and i just need to stitch the strips together!

Super scattered high fives!
xo snips

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad you did, because I really like your work and will certainly add you to my blog roll to see what you're doing next!

  2. I think that the dots are a better size and it looks like the color is okay, though it's hard to tell color from pictures. My vote would be for the dots. If you aren't convinced about either of them though, this little devil on your shoulder says there's nothing wrong with a fabric store foray! ;)

  3. Wow Wonder Woman you got a lot done!! Love your Constelations quilt and the hexies are to die for!! iLife the dots too. You can give the fabric a soak in some tea to make the white less stark. I did that this past week to some white eyelet and it worked perfectly. As always your work is perfect!!

  4. Wow, you really went to town! Fantastic progress!

    So far I haven't caught the hexie bug but I LOVE yours and it's making me want to jump in! Could you share what fabrics those are? They look vintage.


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