Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday... the picture filled edition!

I'm not kidding folks... photo overload here!

Now i thought i had a post scheduled for Monday but obviously it didn't publish... not sure what went wrong there... so i'm going to just squash Monday's post in here.

I've managed to get six blocks made from this stack using Tula Pinks new book City Sampler. I've been using the Random Number Generator to decide which blocks to make, otherwise i would spend all my time flipping from one block to another and not decide on anything.

block #80

block #84

block #79

block #96

block #76
block #41

Made from the off cuts from block # 41.

And a scale shot... i love this little block and plan on making a lot more using all the off cuts!
 Now, the following block was the first one i made and shows how you can't actually trust that your 1/4 inch foot is actually a quarter inch! The block on the left is supposed to be the same size as the one on the right.

Needless to say, i've tested things out and now have a lovely little stack of washi tape on my machine that marks a quarter inch for me!

I've also started in on another "girly" quilt for the shop. I picked up a bunch of Sarah Jane's Children at Play line a while back and just put them in my stash, kinda forgot about them, and just recently pulled them out when tidying up. It's like buying new fabric, only cheaper, right? Not really? Allrightythen, moving right along...
Chain piecing buntings!  

Fussy cut love!

Please ignore the moose in the corner ;)
 Do we like the grey sashing? I haven't cut it yet but i think i'm liking how it reads as a little more modern than if i went with white or pink. Thoughts?

And finally the 2wenty Thr3e stack that i've been waiting three weeks for!

Sorry for the Instagram photo, i didn't think to take a pic with my DSLR before cutting into it.

So after chain piecing 384 two inch squares to 192 five inch squares i was left with this...

Then some patterns needed to be tested out, i guess i should mention that this project is a commission and a Road to Tennessee quilt was wanted. 

So three potential patterns were put together and the winner was...

Now i just need to sew it up!

High fives for some pretty decent progress, unfortunately none of which are on my 2013 FAL list.
xo snips


  1. Double high 5s for lots of progress!! Never mind they were not on your Finish Along. I love the prints you have chosen for the centers of your blue quilt. Gray has become my go to neutral and seems to make colors pop! We made Road to Tennessee blocks for do.Good Stitches and I was thinking I would like to make a whole quilt out of that block; your 23 quilt looks awesome!!

  2. Wow! So lovely and so much eye candy and inspiration in one post! Love all of your blocks.

  3. Gosh you've been busy! I do love the grey for the sashing for the girly blocks! Very sweet!

  4. Love those blue/turquoise blocks! And a fun pink quilt, and road to Tennessee! You are a busy lady.

  5. Is that a macaroon print on #76? Love these blocks!

  6. My goodness! You have been busy. I love the blue and white blocks.

  7. Pretty decent progress indeed! Love the grey- much better than pink or white! Love your city sampler blocks too: can't go wrong with anything architextures in my book. Esp love block #84 What's that sketchy town hall fabric in the middle?

  8. I think gray sashing = yes! Also, I am totally in love with all those blue and white blocks!

  9. Oh my goodness so many fabulous things in this post! I love the top on the bottom and those tiny squares are so adorable!

  10. Wow, you have been busy! Such gorgeous quilts! I really like the grey with the red and pink. Makes me want to get sewing!

  11. You are on a ROLL, girl! I really love the way you put that quilt top together. I don't really trust my 1/4 inch foot either. I thought initially that my fabric should bump up against it exactly, but when I do that my seams are a little more than a 1/4 inch. Maybe I should try your washi tape trick.


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