Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wip Wednesday, the one where i try something new!!

But before we get to my new skill? talent? i would like to thank my LQS, Greenwood Quiltery. I opened their newsletter in my email yesterday and when i got to the bottom i saw this.

That's my quilt! In their newsletter! Awesome!

It was such a nice and unexpected surprise. I love having an LQS like Greenwood. They are the friendliest bunch of gals and always so helpful! So thanks to the lovely ladies at Greenwood!

Okay, so my new skill?...

Some scrappy improve block making! I finally joined my first quilt bee, the ModQImprovB Canada. I'm hoping it will help with my "social awkwardness" as well as push me out of my quilting comfort zone. So far so good. This block is for Adrienne and she asked for supper scrappy, lots of colour and around fourteen inches or so. And referenced this quilt by Maureen Cracknell. What do you think, does my block fit the bill?

I have to admit, the improv portion of the block i really enjoyed doing... but the scrappy colourful bit... i had a really hard time with that. I'm the type of person that needs a colour story when quilting. So to pull and piece with my scraps was definitely a new experience for me! I started with the bunny and the turtle (Adrienne has a speed indicator on her sewing machine with a tortoise and a hare, i'm hoping she likes the reference!) and just kind of built out from there. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to make sure all my points line up and if my seams were a little out of whack, definitely a freeing experience :) 

After finishing that up i started on a little summer stroller quilt for a little boys first birthday.
I picked up this pack of four flannel blankets while out shopping the other day and thought they would make a cute patchwork.

So i chopped them up!

And arranged into a simple pattern...

Now i just need to sew them up! I'm thinking of skipping the batting and just backing and binding in flannel. I want to keep it super light weight, for cool nights in the stroller or in the car.

I'll be heading over to my LQS tomorrow to pick out backing fabric for this little number i made up this week.

I'm hoping that one of the Crosshatch prints from Architextures will work. The background fabric is a coral colour and i'm hoping that either the peach or tangerine crosshatch will match. 

I'm kind of stuck on quilting though. I'd like to double echo the stars in yellow?, then just straight-ish lines horizontally? Straight-ish lines in the sashing, horizontally and vertically? In coral?, yellow?...

I don't know... I'm really indecisive lately. Anyway linking up to WIP wednesday  over at Freshly Pieced!

High fives for trying new things!
xo snips


  1. I like the star quilt with the bold coral background. With the dots in the center print of the stars, I think some pebbles in the quilting would look good. Not sure where I'd put them.
    As to coral or yellow thread--yellow if confident in your quilting. :-) Me I still match backgrounds or even use prints while I practice.

  2. I am completely in LOVE with your improv block! Yayyy! and how cute is the bunny and turtle :) Hope you will post on our Bee FB page :) Congratulations on having your quilt in the Newsletter too. Nice!

  3. You have been sewing up a storm!! Your improv block is gorgeous!! Yay you for joining a bee!!

  4. Cool improv block - I am so rubbish at it and keep hoping I will get better :)

  5. Awesome idea for the baby blanket! I may have to try that sometime! I also love your star quilt. That red background is so fun!

  6. The improv block is gorgeous! I love how you got lots of different shapes in there too. The echoed stars quilting sounds really nice, I'd say go with that first and then sit back and have a look at the whole thing again!? You'll probably wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea :)

  7. Love the coral stars! I like the idea of echoing them, I think that would give them a glowing look! Your improve block is really fun!

  8. I just happened to look at your blog while perusing freshly pieced. Happy I did! We are in the same bee...this is my first as well. Great looking block!

  9. What?! Congratulations! That is an awesome surprise! I really like the scrappy block and I hear you - I really struggle with them too. It's working for you though!

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