Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the one where i randomly jump from project to project... so i guess not really different from any other day...

So first things first, i'm here today to tell you that you should always purchase your backing fabric after you actually make the top. I've been putting together a little stroller quilt for my sister's best friend's son's first birthday. I've already bought the little guy a present but wanted a little something extra for him without spending a fortune... enter this little quilt. Here's the top with the chosen backing and binding fabrics...

I picked up the large dot print last week while at my LQS and just guessed on how much i would need. 
Turns out that the top is one and a half rows to long for the backing fabric. Doh! 

I contemplated taking the bottom row off and adding it into the backing, but the whole idea for this quilt was cheap and easy... (there's a hooker joke in there somewhere.) So what i think i may do is add a strip of the small dots (which i pulled from my stash for the binding) to the backing and instead of a normal binding, just wrapping the backing to the front. Easy peasy.
Hoping to finish this one off tomorrow while the littles are at their grandmas.

I'm also hoping to get these paper pieced blocks finished up and stitched into a pillow.

I'm slowly getting the hang of paper piecing but still needing to use larger pieces of fabric so i have full coverage. But it is getting easier, i'll be ready to try the letter patterns i want in no time!

Tomorrow i'm also thinking about cutting into these lovely little stacks i've been building.

I've been thinking about doing a little Tula Pink City Sampler throw quilt? I've had the E version of her book for a while now and have been wanting give it a go.

No time like the present! Once again, starting yet another project before finishing the mile long list of WIP's.

But in all fairness i did finish this little number... more about it later this week ;)

High fives to all the WIP's over at... never mind, was going to link up over at Freshly Pieced like normal, but it seems to be not happening this week, so...

High fives for Lee at Freshly Pieced for taking a break... you deserve it for running this linkup every. single. wednesday!
xo snips


  1. ugh! Yep, I've learned my lesson on not purchasing the backing until after the top is finished- so frustrating! but, I'm sure you'll just do a pieced backing that will be fabulous! love the bundle of blues for your other WIP too!

  2. I recently managed to buy HALF the amount of fabric I needed for a quilt back. I calculated the length I'd need, but then somehow forgot that fabric has a width and it is generally NOT the same as the quilt. That was a head slapper.

    I just started the City Sampler quilt. I think it would look great in those fabrics you chose.

  3. Oh I've done that with quilt backings too! That's why most of my backings end up pieced haha!! Love the quilt though - super sweet!

  4. How many plane blocks do you have...looks like a lot!! those blues will make for a pretty quilt and your moms quilt turned out gorgeous!! Thank goodness for Plan B...and C,D, E, :)

  5. LOVE! All your stuff is fabulous this week. I especially love the binding on the red one. So fun! I too was bummed about no WiP linkup but you're right, she does need a break.

  6. I love your star quilt! I'm working on one right now and thinking of starting another. The colors you picked are great! Thanks for stopping to visit!


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