Friday, May 3, 2013

Somewhat lacking...

So not much sewing has happened since my last post, the weather has been great so there's been a lot of this going on instead.

And a little of this...

But also some of this...

My Mom's Road to Tennessee top is finished! And while it obviously needs a press, i'm quite pleased with the outcome :) Now i have about a week or so to wait until the backing fabric is delivered so any ideas for quilting?! No FMQ though... still not skilled enough for that.. Diagonal lines?It's feeling very diagonal to me.

I was hoping to have a little more finished on my Constellations HST quilt. The boys are heading to their Grandmas for the day tomorrow so hopefully i can knock it off the list and get it in my shop. 

I've also started in on the Indian Summer quilt that i thought i had a plan for... turns out that the plan isn't what i want the quilt to look like. Hello square one, let me introduce you to the 50 flying geese i just made.

So time for a little bit of this...

And then bed for me :)

High fives for the weekend!!
xo snips

Linking up with all the friday finishes over at crazy mom quilts.

The mistake on the left is what happens when your 14 month old is hanging off you, hitting you with a spatula and trying to help :)


  1. Visiting from crazy mum quilts. Love the HST quilt you are making. Gorgeous blues

  2. Oops!! I can't even tell you how many seams I have had to rip due to a kid hanging on me. Where are the boys' bucket hats?!?! Love your starry night sky constellations quilt!! And I am sure your plan B will be better than plan A for Indian Summer. Great job on your moms quilt, diagonal straight lines sound great!!

  3. Visiting from Crazy Mom Quilts. I felt your frustration when I saw that last photo - every quilter's experience and annoyance (but so worth it to have a cute little 14 month loving you with a spatula!)!

  4. The quilt progress looks good, but oh my, those babies in the daffodils! Gorgeous!

  5. Cute as a button those little ones in the flower beds! I like your other projects too... and you do not need kids hanging from your legs to make silly mistakes like the one you show, ha ha!


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