Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday... the picture filled edition!

I'm not kidding folks... photo overload here!

Now i thought i had a post scheduled for Monday but obviously it didn't publish... not sure what went wrong there... so i'm going to just squash Monday's post in here.

I've managed to get six blocks made from this stack using Tula Pinks new book City Sampler. I've been using the Random Number Generator to decide which blocks to make, otherwise i would spend all my time flipping from one block to another and not decide on anything.

block #80

block #84

block #79

block #96

block #76
block #41

Made from the off cuts from block # 41.

And a scale shot... i love this little block and plan on making a lot more using all the off cuts!
 Now, the following block was the first one i made and shows how you can't actually trust that your 1/4 inch foot is actually a quarter inch! The block on the left is supposed to be the same size as the one on the right.

Needless to say, i've tested things out and now have a lovely little stack of washi tape on my machine that marks a quarter inch for me!

I've also started in on another "girly" quilt for the shop. I picked up a bunch of Sarah Jane's Children at Play line a while back and just put them in my stash, kinda forgot about them, and just recently pulled them out when tidying up. It's like buying new fabric, only cheaper, right? Not really? Allrightythen, moving right along...
Chain piecing buntings!  

Fussy cut love!

Please ignore the moose in the corner ;)
 Do we like the grey sashing? I haven't cut it yet but i think i'm liking how it reads as a little more modern than if i went with white or pink. Thoughts?

And finally the 2wenty Thr3e stack that i've been waiting three weeks for!

Sorry for the Instagram photo, i didn't think to take a pic with my DSLR before cutting into it.

So after chain piecing 384 two inch squares to 192 five inch squares i was left with this...

Then some patterns needed to be tested out, i guess i should mention that this project is a commission and a Road to Tennessee quilt was wanted. 

So three potential patterns were put together and the winner was...

Now i just need to sew it up!

High fives for some pretty decent progress, unfortunately none of which are on my 2013 FAL list.
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Finish it up Friday!

Picnic Stars is complete and in the shop! I'm a sucker for a star quilt... they're just perfect for fussy cuts! (that, and they go together quickly!)

Someone had mentioned that i should maybe put some girly quilts in my shop... it would seem that most of the quilts i make are gender neutral, but leaning more to the boy side of things. I think this quilt fits the bill for girly!

The fussy cuts in the center of the stars are from the Picnic Pals line from Penguin and Fish and the star points are made with Zag Stripe in gold from Heather Bailey, as is the binding.

I straight line quilted with a variegated Sulky thread in all the sashing which made the stars pop nicely, then echoed around each star inside and out in yellow .

I lucked out with the backing fabric, finding this decor weight Amy Butler dot on sale at my LQS. It's the perfect match!

I'm quite happy with the result and i think it would make some little girl very happy! Or little boy... boys can like pink!

Yeah that's right, i totally bribed my three year old with Smarties...

Finish it up Friday party over at crazy mom quilts!

High fives for a semi productive week, i may be back later today, i've been cutting into this stack and finished off two blocks last night... (with a few problems) so if i can get more done i'll be back!
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's a paper piecing party!

So my plan of attack for today was to work through the stack of 16 paper patterns i've had on the go for a pillow, sort of as practice for my new love... paper piecing. So i thought i'd try something simple, large pieces and straight forward. Enter Icky Thump from Julie over at 627handworks. It started well... then it all went to pot.

Okay, so the four blocks up in the top of the photo, see the little white paper corners sticking out from behind the light grey? Yeah, those are supposed to be covered up. You'll also notice that i manged to sew on the next section of the block on all four before noticing my mistake. Way to go me! So when i did notice my mistake i thought i would just assemble one whole block... which equals four of those little blocks. You know, to see how it was going to look, i had already started getting that feeling that i wasn't going to like it.

And I don't like it... first, i meant to have the more cobalt blue corners in the center so the block forms more of a diamond pattern, not a circle. Second, my colour choices... they looked good together when i pulled them, but now i'm just not diggin' it. So i've stopped. I shall revisit them at a later date. Maybe i'll get rid of the two bluey blues and replace them with more aqua/turquoisey blues?  Or maybe it's the greys i'm not liking?

Oh well, i did receive a fantastically, wonderful email today that just made my day.  A little while back i had mentioned to my lovely friend Gina of Party of Eight: Our Story that i wanted a paper pieced pattern of a rocket ship. I've made both my little guys quilts using Sarah Jane's Children at Play line and wanted to make matching pillows for their beds. I've already made Sammy a pillowcase from the Rocket Launch Club fabric, so i wanted his little pillow to be a rocket. I had asked Gina if she had ever made a paper pieced pattern before or if she had any ideas on how to make one. Well turns out she's friends with paper pieced pattern maker extraordinaire Kristy of  Quiet Play, so she asked if she could maybe design a rocket ship pattern. And she did! And it's awesome! So back to the beginning, my email today from Gina was the pattern PDF. So what did i do...

...besides making a mess and eating skittles that is.

I made a rocket! With a passenger! 
Not bad for a test run, if i do say so myself. My piecing still needs work, but the pattern went together beautifully, and a lot quicker than i expected. I love it!
And when Sammy came home from his grandmas today he immediately went running to the wall where it was taped up and said that he loved my new quilt! (he thinks anything i do with fabric is a quilt, even if it's just sample fabrics stuck on my design wall. he's so cute!) He was quite excited when i told him it was going to be a pillow for his bed, and wanted to take it with him to bed as is :) I think that makes it a winner in my books!

I'm linking up with Kristy for the first ever Paper Piecing Party! Come on over, i'm sure there's going to be great things to see!

High fives to the wonderfully awesome Gina, for making this happen, and to the amazing Kristy for designing a cool rocket for my little guy!
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the one where i randomly jump from project to project... so i guess not really different from any other day...

So first things first, i'm here today to tell you that you should always purchase your backing fabric after you actually make the top. I've been putting together a little stroller quilt for my sister's best friend's son's first birthday. I've already bought the little guy a present but wanted a little something extra for him without spending a fortune... enter this little quilt. Here's the top with the chosen backing and binding fabrics...

I picked up the large dot print last week while at my LQS and just guessed on how much i would need. 
Turns out that the top is one and a half rows to long for the backing fabric. Doh! 

I contemplated taking the bottom row off and adding it into the backing, but the whole idea for this quilt was cheap and easy... (there's a hooker joke in there somewhere.) So what i think i may do is add a strip of the small dots (which i pulled from my stash for the binding) to the backing and instead of a normal binding, just wrapping the backing to the front. Easy peasy.
Hoping to finish this one off tomorrow while the littles are at their grandmas.

I'm also hoping to get these paper pieced blocks finished up and stitched into a pillow.

I'm slowly getting the hang of paper piecing but still needing to use larger pieces of fabric so i have full coverage. But it is getting easier, i'll be ready to try the letter patterns i want in no time!

Tomorrow i'm also thinking about cutting into these lovely little stacks i've been building.

I've been thinking about doing a little Tula Pink City Sampler throw quilt? I've had the E version of her book for a while now and have been wanting give it a go.

No time like the present! Once again, starting yet another project before finishing the mile long list of WIP's.

But in all fairness i did finish this little number... more about it later this week ;)

High fives to all the WIP's over at... never mind, was going to link up over at Freshly Pieced like normal, but it seems to be not happening this week, so...

High fives for Lee at Freshly Pieced for taking a break... you deserve it for running this linkup every. single. wednesday!
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Applique Category. - pretty original post title eh?

This is the quilt that started it all. I made it two years ago for my first son's first birthday. And i sleep with it every night... i mean he sleeps with it every night, yeah, he sleeps with it. 

Okay i sleep with it, but in my defense it's way to big for his bed. And i have made him a smaller toddler bed sized quilt for the time being.

When i decided that i wanted to make a quilt for my son i had no quilting experience what so ever. I had made clothes for myself and that was the extent of my sewing abilities. And as for my fabric stash... non existent, which now seems highly impossible. I found a scrap pack of Heather Ross prints on Etsy and that was my jumping off point.

Then i hit my LQS and bulked up with prints that i liked and started cutting... no plan, other than wanting to make a ticker tape quilt. I had seen a few smaller ones on Flickr and thought that it looked pretty easy, just cut and sew right? Man was i wrong.

I agonized over where every little piece of fabric was going to go. I had no idea what QAYG was, so my plan of attack was to hang up a twin sheet and just pin the scraps to it. Much to my mom's dismay i picked the doorway between her living and dining room as the perfect place to leave this project while i worked on it. It lived there for about a month, while i moved pieces around until i was happy with the layout.

Once i was happy with the arrangement i basted it onto a queen size sheet in the same colour (original, i know) and started to sew around each, little, block. After making my way around maybe three blocks, the straight pins i was using to keep the tickers down had to go. Enter a couple of washable school glue sticks. So one by one all the pins came out, the tickers were glued down and i began sewing around again.

No fancy sewing machine here people... just my old, non computerized Kenmore. About three more tickers in and i knew there was no way i could keep stuffing this quilt through the tiny throat of my little old Ken. So i thought,  Maybe i could sew all of the vertical sides of each ticker first, then go back and sew all of the horizontal's. So that's what i did. I'm not sure that it saved any time, but it was a whole lot easier than going round and round.

I love the crinkly quilting and the softness of the frayed edges, and in all honesty if i hadn't embroidered my little guy's name on it i would seriously consider keeping it for me... is that wrong? Probably not going to get me that mother of the year award!

No fancy thread was used in the making of this quilt, (i had no idea what Aurifil was). Probably Gutermann. And in a shade that matched the backing.

I used Happy Stripe from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain collection for the binding and love it. I still have a chunk
of this print left for hoarding reasons, which is good, i didn't quite understand at the time how to bind a quilt. And ended up attaching it the way you would a bias tape. So it's a single layer and probably not going to last as long as my current bindings, live and learn right?!

The Stats - 
  • Size - 63"x91"
  • Technique - machine applique
  • Quilted - by me on my little old Ken.
Um... i guess that's it.  So, entering in the Applique Category in the Spring 2013 Blogger's Quilt Festival.
Thanks for popping by and be sure to head over to Amy's Creative Side and check out the rest of the entries.

High fives for everyone who votes for me ;)
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Just here for a good time, not a long time!

Quick post tonight, then back to sewing. Not a lot on the finish front right now, though i did finish all the straight line quilting on this little quilt.

And started on the echo's around the stars, well one star at least :) I found the perfect backing at my LQS yesterday... 

It's from Amy Butler's Love line, Stone Path. It's a home decor weight so a little heavier than quilting cotton but the colours are perfect and the print goes so well with the quilting and it was on sale! It's been nice to work with too, i might pick up more for a bag or something?
Here's a little closeup of the star echo's.

I'm thinking i might do another echo, we'll see.

Not much else progress wise, i've been trying out some paper piecing patterns. This paper airplane was a test for a pillow for my youngest, didn't have the right shades of grey on hand but i wanted to try anyways.

My paper piecing needs some work but the pattern, from Kristy at Quiet Play is great and free in her Craftsy shop! I'm thinking all my free time sewing next week is going to be paper piecing. I was lucky enough to win a set of patterns from Kristy on SMS giveaway week so i picked her Just My Type letter sets. I'm thinking i  want to make an alphabet quilt... because i need more projects right?!

And because what's one more project in a sea of many, i thought while i'm waiting for some Melody Miller fabrics to arrive for my Super Tote, i'd use some Joel Dewberry i have in my stash and whip up a tester.

So that's my plan for the long weekend! Along with a little kite flying, and perhaps a trip to the skate park!

High fives for the long weekend!!
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Linking up as always with the Finish it up Friday-ers! over at crazy mom quilts!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wip Wednesday, the one where i try something new!!

But before we get to my new skill? talent? i would like to thank my LQS, Greenwood Quiltery. I opened their newsletter in my email yesterday and when i got to the bottom i saw this.

That's my quilt! In their newsletter! Awesome!

It was such a nice and unexpected surprise. I love having an LQS like Greenwood. They are the friendliest bunch of gals and always so helpful! So thanks to the lovely ladies at Greenwood!

Okay, so my new skill?...

Some scrappy improve block making! I finally joined my first quilt bee, the ModQImprovB Canada. I'm hoping it will help with my "social awkwardness" as well as push me out of my quilting comfort zone. So far so good. This block is for Adrienne and she asked for supper scrappy, lots of colour and around fourteen inches or so. And referenced this quilt by Maureen Cracknell. What do you think, does my block fit the bill?

I have to admit, the improv portion of the block i really enjoyed doing... but the scrappy colourful bit... i had a really hard time with that. I'm the type of person that needs a colour story when quilting. So to pull and piece with my scraps was definitely a new experience for me! I started with the bunny and the turtle (Adrienne has a speed indicator on her sewing machine with a tortoise and a hare, i'm hoping she likes the reference!) and just kind of built out from there. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to make sure all my points line up and if my seams were a little out of whack, definitely a freeing experience :) 

After finishing that up i started on a little summer stroller quilt for a little boys first birthday.
I picked up this pack of four flannel blankets while out shopping the other day and thought they would make a cute patchwork.

So i chopped them up!

And arranged into a simple pattern...

Now i just need to sew them up! I'm thinking of skipping the batting and just backing and binding in flannel. I want to keep it super light weight, for cool nights in the stroller or in the car.

I'll be heading over to my LQS tomorrow to pick out backing fabric for this little number i made up this week.

I'm hoping that one of the Crosshatch prints from Architextures will work. The background fabric is a coral colour and i'm hoping that either the peach or tangerine crosshatch will match. 

I'm kind of stuck on quilting though. I'd like to double echo the stars in yellow?, then just straight-ish lines horizontally? Straight-ish lines in the sashing, horizontally and vertically? In coral?, yellow?...

I don't know... I'm really indecisive lately. Anyway linking up to WIP wednesday  over at Freshly Pieced!

High fives for trying new things!
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