Monday, April 8, 2013

With the Addition of Monkeys...

My apologies to all who thought there was going to be real monkeys...monkeys are scary. 
But not sock monkeys, they're pretty cute.

And  sock monkeys with a plus quilt = pure awesome!
I 've been flipping back and forth on if i want to keep this one for us or post it in my shop. A couple of times i've pulled it out to throw over one of the boys in the stroller then thought, don't do it... what if you decide to sell it?! You can't use it!! And so it sits... waiting.

In all it's monkey goodness. This one measures up at 40x44, perfect baby size! Great as a stroller quilt or play mat to take to a friends house. Banana's People! It has Bananas! And a cute pin dot binding, simple horizontal quilting a quarter inch from the seams. Unisex colours, numbers... this quilt has it all!

I've also finished up this little number, 

Also not on my quilts to finish list, this one has been hangin with the monkeys for quite a while now. Waiting to be posted in my shop. Again, this one is a great baby/stroller size at 34x38 and perfectly sized for a play date. 

I love that viking ship on the back! And the bunting pattern on the binding. Who doesn't love a cute nautical quilt, perfect for the beach!

So as soon as i figure out shipping details, these two little beauties will be posted up in my shop. 

With the Addition of Monkeys - SOLD

Until then sleepy, dozy high fives for all... no wait! 
I'm dozy from the cold and sinus meds i just took, i have a cold... no high fives today. 
Germs people, Germs! (but not on the quilts... i took these pics last week.)

I'll be back tomorrow with my list for the 2013 Finish a long, over at she can quilt.



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