Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday.

Not a whole lot to report for WIP Wednesday today, the weather around here has gone from ice storms to beautiful, warm days. So minimal sewing happening but we have been up to a lot of this.

Max playing in the dirt and Sam practicing his driving :)
I was hoping to have the Ships and Stars and Pirate Arghs quilt finished by now but my MIL informed us of a baby shower this Saturday for one of Mr. Snips cousins. So I needed to whip up a super fast super inexpensive quilt for them, and it needed to be ready for today so i could give it to my MIL to take to the shower. (My birthday is on Saturday so we won`t be going). It came together quickly, I even gave machine binding a try... (using a zig-zag stitch) I've tried before using a straight stitch and spent more time fixing my mistakes on the back than it would have taken me to hand stitch it on, might need to spend some time practicing machine binding :)

I also managed to get all the strips cut that i need for the Log Triangle QAL.

I'm keeping this project small and only making the baby size, I already have enough on the go right now and with Kids Clothes Week starting next week I want to make sure I have some time for that as well. 

I've also been plugging away at my AMH hexies here and there, whenever i get a chance. Block 2 is going to be one solid 12.5 inch block of hexies...

I really hope I finish this quilt before I die. I so desperately want it to be finished. Bad enough that i might not make a full queen. I've been thinking that i might just make myself a nice big throw size? We'll see.

The only other project I've been working on today is my Etsy Shop. I've been trying to write my profile page and store polices and all that stuff and failing miserably at it. So I took a break and created this little banner, what do you think? Is it okay?

And that's about it. Now I think I may go read for a bit :)

High fives!
xo snips

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  1. Love the banner--it's really clever with the "chalk on chalkboard" text part. Nicely done.

    LOVE the hexies from the AMH fabric. They will be beautiful!

    Elizabeth E.

  2. the quickie baby quilt looks good. I love it when simple ends up looking elegant and like it took a lot of work.

  3. Yay for warm Weather and outside time!! You super fast quilt is super cute and cuddly! Your hexies are drool worthy and you definitely need to finish that one before you die!! I want to see it done. Your banner is awesome and double yay for an Etsy shop!! Great job getting those strips cut too!

  4. P.s. went to your etsy shop to see the quilt you worked on today....and it is gone. Must have been a cute one!!

  5. Love the hexies! Your Etsy banner is great. My advise re Etsy - don't try to make your profile and policies perfect, just list some quilts, jump in and tinker later. Feel free to be inspired by my profile, policies, etc.

  6. Love the hexies! Your banner looks great.


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