Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Overly ambitious or just delusional?

You be the judge.

So here it is folks... my list for the second quarter of the 2013 Finish A Long.
I'm pretty sure i'm crazy.

1. This quilted pillow for my sister. This one is top of the list... her birthday is tomorrow.   DONE!

2. A Road to Tennessee quilt for my mom for her birthday, which was in January. I'm a little behind on this one. Sorry Mom.

3. Max's birthday quilt, for his first birthday in February, oops. (Please ignore the wrinkles, this one has been waiting in the queue for at least a half year now, time to get it on his bed!)

4. My Tula Pink picnic quilt. I just need to finish up the circular quilting and bind it. I'm hoping to have this one done in time to take to the zoo for my birthday. Which is in 11 days. I'm quilting it on my Mom's old Kenmore... this machine is turbo charged! It's always such a shock to use my machine after sewing with my Mom's, i'm always waiting for the speed to pick up then i realize that my foot's all the way down, and it just doesn't go any faster!

5. I've had this quilt sitting aside for at least a year, I had decided to try hand tying it. Half way through i realized that i hated how it looked and just put it away. I need to snip off all the little ties and figure out how to quilt it without removing the binding or replacing the back. I'm thinking i might just stitch little +'s at some of the intersections. We'll see. (Again, please ignore the wrinkles.)  DONE!

6. This nautical pinwheel quilt that's also been sitting and waiting for at least a half year now. It's so close to being finished, i just need to redo the binding. I had some technical difficulties with it and it just doesn't want to attach nicely.

7. I never got any further than the top for this quilt... something about it just wasn't feeling right, does that ever happen to anyone else? Anyway, i've decided it's fine and i need to finish it and post it in my shop.

8. Next up, Ships, Stars and Pirate Arghs! I've been working on these blocks since Sarah Jane's Out to Sea fabric came out last year. I recently pulled them out again and finished them all off. Now i'm just trying to decided if i want to sash in yellow or white... I'm leaning towards white with yellow binding? 

9. I've had the next two quilts sitting and waiting for far too long as well. Both using some of Heather Ross's Nursery Versery fabrics. I have know idea how i want to quilt either so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)


11. My Come What May quilt. This one isn't high priority but i am looking forward to getting it finished. The bottom row has been fixed, (i somehow managed to rotate all four blocks 90 degrees, oops!) It's all ready to be quilted, i just need to decide how i want to do it.

12. And last but certainly not least, the Constellations HST top i just finished. This one i had planned on giving to my son Max, but the more i look at it the more i think it's to old? for him. Don't get me wrong, i love it but not for Max. So it's destined for my Etsy shop.   DONE!             And in the shop!

So that's it. 
12 quilt finishes in three months, no problem.

  Super delusional high fives!

Linking up over at Freshly Pieced, you need to pop over and check out the mini paper pieces Lee's working on... wow!


  1. What an amazing collection of wips. Such beautiful quilts. I am in love with 5 and 8 in particular.

    1. Thanks, i actually just finished up number five so hopefully i'll be able to get some pics of it soon, if it ever stops raining here!
      I was just over checking out your triangles, lovely work there!

  2. Hi Snips,
    could you link to your etsy shop? I can't find you on there!



    1. Hey Kellie! I've put a link up to my shop on my sidebar... there's nothing in my shop yet, i'm still in the process of setting up. I've been on Etsy for a while now and I'm finally getting the courage to try and sell something! I should have a few quilts in this week :)

      Thanks for the interest!


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