Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New and Improved!

Here it is folks, my reworked block for Boston.

I'm still not feeling the grey but i like the geese/chevrons. It started as block 44 from Tula Pink's new book City Sampler... instead of enlarging the block size up from 6.5" to the 12.5" that i needed, i thought i'd just make four of them and arrange them in an interesting layout. And as we all know, my original layout was really uncool, to say the least. So needless to say, if i had of known that this was to be the final layout i would have just pieced the geese together then added full strips of the grey stars to connect them. Live and learn right?!

I really like the alternating direction of the geese though, and i'm thinking i may have an idea here for my Indian Summer stack that i've been itching to cut into. Hmmm.

high fives for all!


  1. Looks great Nicole!! And your idea for your Indian Summer fabric sounds super!!

  2. Thanks Gina!
    Now the questions is, should i start another project?


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