Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCW Day 3... and a quilt finish!

Well folks, it would seem that again my sewing machine doesn't think i should be making my kids clothes. For those not around last fall for KCWC my machine just wanted to sew mohawks. Witness exhibit A.

 This time it just keeps jamming up when i try to backstictch. So i spent a good portion of my sewing time doing this.

I'm so embarrassed. Look at all that lint!! Now i'm not sure that this was causing the problem, but it can't be good right? So i cleaned and cleaned some more then put the feed dogs back in and the plate on, then crossed my fingers and hoped all would be fine. And it was! I'm like a magician. Unfortunately now that it's working Mr. Snips says there's no need to buy me that Juki i've been eyeballing for Mothers Day. Not that he was going to anyway, but i think i had a better chance with this one not working. And really, who am i kidding, The only way i'll be getting a Juki is if i buy it myself. Which means that i need to just put something in my shop!

Anywho, moving right along... my progress for today.

Max's shirt in progress. Now am i the only one who's seeing Magnum PI right now. I think when it's finished and i take the photo's i'll try slapping one of Sammy's mustaches on him. Maybe this one??

Anyone know where i can get a red Ferrari 308?

I also spent a bit of time on my triangle log cabins. Not a whole lot of progress happening there, but slow and steady wins the race right? 

can we all pretend that my design wall isn't actually two dollar store cupcake tablecloths sewn together. thanks.

I'm thinking two? more rounds should bring me up to size. I had planned on doing another solid round next then another print, but i'm wondering if it's starting to look way to busy. I might finish each triangle off with the white cloud print i used in some of the centers. Or maybe do the next round white clouds, then print, then solid? I have no idea. I'm really out of my comfort zone here. But enjoying it!

And finally... my Ships, Stars and Pirate Arghs quilt is done and i managed to get some decent shots of it.

It measures up at 41.5 x 54.5 which is the perfect size for a baby playmat but also for a toddler to drag around.
I kept the quilting simple and just did a series of horizontal waves from top to bottom, after all it is a sea lovers quilt :)

Sarah Jane's Out to Sea line is one of my all time favourite's, (I have dreams of being a pirate... unfortunately i get crazy seasick.)

I used a simple yellow pindot for the binding and successfully machine bound it both sides, with not one mistake. Thank you very much ;)

If you haven't noticed by now, i like to keep my backs simple. (I love that Bunting Scallop by Michael Miller)

Now if i could just find my kitchen scale to figure out shipping, i would post it in my shop :)
It's in the shop!

High fives for finishing another quilt on my FAL list!!
xo snips


  1. I love the Ships, Stars and Pirate Arghs quilt! The name is, of course, brilliant! And the colors are just perfect, too! Plus, the binding...choice couldn't be better, and to machine bind both sides without any mistakes? You're a PRO! Whenever I machine bind, it looks like something the dog rolled in. :-/
    It's all lovely. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. i love that pirate quilt!! and high 5's for finishing it!! your triangles are looking great and yes, a moustache would be the perfect accompaniment for the shirt. who needs a Juki when you are a sewing machine!!

  3. I love the boat quilt! and you are farther along on your triangle quilt than I am.. I only have my template printed and taped together. your triangles look great.

  4. The triangles are great!! Also love your makeshift design wall.. whatever works, right?!

  5. Triangle log cabins, love! And nice pirate quilt! I love that line of fabric.

  6. Very pretty projects! Love the little magnum p.i.!!! :-)
    Ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  7. Your finishes for Q2 are all really lovely!


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