Monday, April 15, 2013

A little Indian Summer, with a side of AMH and a whole lot of crazy!

You know what i love?

Getting an early birthday present like this!!

Do you want to see what's inside?!

First... this lovely stack of Indian Summer by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery Fabrics. I just love this line! When ordering I omitted a lot of the prints with the peachy/apricot colour, just not my colour. And added in the four bottom solids, all Pure Elements by Pat Bravo. 

Next up...

Some lovely Field Study by Anna Maria Horner,

And some more Field Study by Anna Maria Horner...

I couldn't resist... I just love the colours :)

I also picked up three yards of this,

Curious Nature by Parson Gray. It's a home decor sateen so it's 56" wide. I was hoping to use it for the backing on the Halloween quilt I've meaning to make since last summer. The problem (and i don't think you can see it in the picture) is that it's kind of minty? green. I was expecting an off white... so here it is with some of the fabrics I've been putting aside for this quilt.

Hmmm. Not feeling it. I think i'm going to cut a strip off and try colour remover? bleach? dying it to match the pearl bracelet print? I don't know, suggestions? I hate when i order fabric online and this happens :(
I'm sure i can use it for something else if it doesn't work out, but i was excited to find it and love the fact that it's so wide... i hate making backs for quilts and the wider the fabric the less piecing on the back :)

Last up for today is the stack i have pulled for Lady Harvatines Log Pyramid QAL. And I'll be honest here folks, this stack is so far out of my comfort zone that I actually pulled some more fabrics from my stash to add to some of the prints I got today. Thinking that I would scrap my first stack and just use the new stack instead. So here's the new stack I pulled today...

And here's a lovely spread of it...

That AMH Fine Feathered in denim is just perfect with the Indian Summer! And as much as want to cut into this lovely stack, they just weren't meant for triangle log cabins... or are they?

So back to the original plan... for now. 

Seriously people... are you ready?

Here goes...

I don't think I've ever used this much colour before... is it too much? I think I may need to remove a couple of the prints from the stack? Too obnoxious? Should i just go for it anyway? The cutting portion of the QAL starts tomorrow so I guess I should make up my mind. I think I'll sleep on it.

High fives for everyone who thinks I'm not crazy! And to my Mom for such an amazing birthday present!
xo snips


  1. ooooo, i love all the color!! Should make for a very fun quilt!! The Indian summer stack is gorgeous too!! I had to laugh since you omitted ordering the peachy colors of Indian summer but then added AMH peachy colors!! You should sit on the Halloween quilt back and see how you feel about it when the time comes for backing. Ghoulish green just might be the ticket. hope your days are warming up!

    1. I'm hoping the combo of all that colour and the triangles isn't too much... i guess we'll find out, i just started cutting them all up! It's funny, i never actually realized that i did just replace the Indian Summer peaches with AMH peaches, ha! As for the Halloween quilt, you're right and i will just wait for now and see what i think when the quilt top is actually made :)

  2. These fabrics are so pretty :)

    1. Aren't they! We'll see if i actually cut into them or just hoard them for awhile ;)

  3. I love your fabric selection. The first bundle is gentle and soft... the second selection is fabulously bright and wonderful. Yummy.

  4. Thanks! The first bundle is definitely more me... but I spent a bit of time cutting up the bright stack today and it's really starting to grow on me!


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