Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New and Improved!

Here it is folks, my reworked block for Boston.

I'm still not feeling the grey but i like the geese/chevrons. It started as block 44 from Tula Pink's new book City Sampler... instead of enlarging the block size up from 6.5" to the 12.5" that i needed, i thought i'd just make four of them and arrange them in an interesting layout. And as we all know, my original layout was really uncool, to say the least. So needless to say, if i had of known that this was to be the final layout i would have just pieced the geese together then added full strips of the grey stars to connect them. Live and learn right?!

I really like the alternating direction of the geese though, and i'm thinking i may have an idea here for my Indian Summer stack that i've been itching to cut into. Hmmm.

high fives for all!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I did it! I did it! I did it!

But before we get to what i did, lets first discuss what i didn't do. KCW days four and five.
Okay, not entirely true and not entirely my fault. There were some technical issues with Max's Magnum shirt yesterday, so there's no progress to report on that, but i will reiterate that i was not cut out for making kids clothes. I always seem to get it into my head that it's going to be a breeze, and you know what? It's not. But i'm determined to finish my list, though i can guarantee it won't be finished by Sunday. And i'm ok with that.

So instead of sewing for the boys yesterday i whipped up this block for Boston. I'm not sure that the colours are right though, and i'm not digging the grey so much, i think it may be to distracting.

Edited Saturday 27/04 to add - So after staring at this block i finally realized what's rubbing me the wrong way about it. It looks like a bloody swastika!! What the heck people! How did i not notice this?! Needless to say as soon as i finish this update the damn thing is getting picked apart. And i apologize if anyone was offended by this.

As for KCW day five... today, i had planned on sewing after i got both the boys to bed but we had a bit of excitement out front.

I was in the bathroom with Sammy brushing his teeth when the lights started flickering, now if it was just one light i would think maybe the bulb was going. But all three lights were flickering. Just as that was happening Mr. Snips called out that something was making a really strange noise outside, like someone dragging a metal bed frame down our driveway. We went out on the front porch and the hydro box on top of the pole just went crazy with noise. That's when we looked around and saw this.

This was the tree that was damaged a couple weeks ago in the ice storm we had... i guess there was still some seriously damaged branches and this one came down hard. We live in an older neighborhood so our power lines are above ground and when the branch came down it took down the lines between our next door neighbor and the red house. It pulled the power lines right out of our next door neighbors house. Which in turn started a fire. Luckily two guys from the house behind had seen what happened and hopped the fence with fire extinguishers.

The lady that lives there is elderly, lives alone and just recently had a stay in the hospital. She refused to leave her house, and when the fire department arrived they had to smash out her basement windows to get in. The fire wasn't too bad. Apparently from what the firefighter that came to talk to us said, it was really just her electrical panel that got fried when the lines were ripped from the side of her house.

No one was hurt, but you park two fire trucks, a ladder truck, a police car, a police suburban, a hydro boom truck and the red fire chief truck, all with flashing lights, in front of the house of a three year old boy, bedtime hours get extended. I had a heck of a time getting Sammy back in the house. Then trying to get him to go to sleep, exhausting. So i will not be sewing tonight.

Now, what did i do you ask? Well let me tell you. First, you remember these three quilts.

Blogged about  here and here. Well, i finally did it. I posted them for sale in my shop! I`ve had that Etsy shop for five years and never posted anything in it for sale. I had originally opened it to sell my artwork in and never did. Then when i started quilting i thought maybe i could give it a try and never did. I guess the time is just right now. So that's my big finish for this week. And let me tell ya, i had a much harder time writing the descriptions and polices and all that jazz then i did making the quilts! (okay, that might not be entirely true.) But hardest of all was finding the courage to post something i made and hoping that someone likes it enough to buy it!

So a big high five to me for being brave and high fives to all the fire and police crews that came out and kept our neighborhood safe!
xo snips.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCW Day 3... and a quilt finish!

Well folks, it would seem that again my sewing machine doesn't think i should be making my kids clothes. For those not around last fall for KCWC my machine just wanted to sew mohawks. Witness exhibit A.

 This time it just keeps jamming up when i try to backstictch. So i spent a good portion of my sewing time doing this.

I'm so embarrassed. Look at all that lint!! Now i'm not sure that this was causing the problem, but it can't be good right? So i cleaned and cleaned some more then put the feed dogs back in and the plate on, then crossed my fingers and hoped all would be fine. And it was! I'm like a magician. Unfortunately now that it's working Mr. Snips says there's no need to buy me that Juki i've been eyeballing for Mothers Day. Not that he was going to anyway, but i think i had a better chance with this one not working. And really, who am i kidding, The only way i'll be getting a Juki is if i buy it myself. Which means that i need to just put something in my shop!

Anywho, moving right along... my progress for today.

Max's shirt in progress. Now am i the only one who's seeing Magnum PI right now. I think when it's finished and i take the photo's i'll try slapping one of Sammy's mustaches on him. Maybe this one??

Anyone know where i can get a red Ferrari 308?

I also spent a bit of time on my triangle log cabins. Not a whole lot of progress happening there, but slow and steady wins the race right? 

can we all pretend that my design wall isn't actually two dollar store cupcake tablecloths sewn together. thanks.

I'm thinking two? more rounds should bring me up to size. I had planned on doing another solid round next then another print, but i'm wondering if it's starting to look way to busy. I might finish each triangle off with the white cloud print i used in some of the centers. Or maybe do the next round white clouds, then print, then solid? I have no idea. I'm really out of my comfort zone here. But enjoying it!

And finally... my Ships, Stars and Pirate Arghs quilt is done and i managed to get some decent shots of it.

It measures up at 41.5 x 54.5 which is the perfect size for a baby playmat but also for a toddler to drag around.
I kept the quilting simple and just did a series of horizontal waves from top to bottom, after all it is a sea lovers quilt :)

Sarah Jane's Out to Sea line is one of my all time favourite's, (I have dreams of being a pirate... unfortunately i get crazy seasick.)

I used a simple yellow pindot for the binding and successfully machine bound it both sides, with not one mistake. Thank you very much ;)

If you haven't noticed by now, i like to keep my backs simple. (I love that Bunting Scallop by Michael Miller)

Now if i could just find my kitchen scale to figure out shipping, i would post it in my shop :)
It's in the shop!

High fives for finishing another quilt on my FAL list!!
xo snips

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW Day 2

So it would seem that my time is being wasted on bucket hats. I finished off the remaining four today and was rewarded with this.

Sammy loves his straw hats and wanted nothing to do with the buckets that were made for him, and Max is still not wanting to wear hats in general. That being said, this one i made for Max went horribly wrong. I have no idea what happened but it somehow ended up being too small. I used the same pattern pieces, and cut the fabric out at the same time as the plaid one but this one seems to fit totally different. Is it possible that Max's head grew significantly larger overnight? Or maybe my cutting wasn't as accurate as i thought? I'm thinking it was probably the later.
As for Sammy's.
These are the only shots he would let me take and despite the smile on his face he was not happy. So there was no way he was going to let me flip the hats inside out to get shots of their reverse sides. So the hat on the left is solid green on the reverse and the one on the right is lined with a green spotty print. 

I'm still not entirely sure i was made for sewing kids clothes but i will continue on. Tomorrow was going to be spent drafting a pattern for pants for Sam and getting them made, but the boys won't be going to my MIL's like the usually do on Wednesdays. So i think i will see if i can get Max's shirt sewn up. I'm also hoping to put in a bit of time on my log pyramids. We'll see.

 Five high fives for five finished hats! (pictures of the fifth one coming at a later date)
xo snips

Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW Day One

So with day one coming to a close my progress today was thwarted by my complete inability to sew curves.
My master plan to knock off five bucket hats today did not happen. I finished one. One! 
But it's reversible so does it really count as two? 

I'm using the pattern from Oliver and S Little Things to Sew and started with a test one to see how easily? it went together. It is pretty easy, and once i had the one hat finished and knew what i was doing i figured i could just as easily make a couple at a time. This plan worked flawlessly until i decided that i also didn't need the instructions anymore. This ended in four picked seams and time lost. But the two hats for Sammy are almost finished and will be easy to take care of tomorrow. Max has two more hats on the list that need to finished up as well, then on to the bigger projects! So without further ado... here's a ton of photo's of my adorable boys... i mean the hat i just made ;)

I bought the plaid print last summer (Trunks in Gray from the Seaside collection by October Afternoon) and had no idea what i wanted to use it for. So when i decided to make the boys bucket hats i thought it would be perfect on Max. I briefly considered shorts out of it but when i happened upon some of Tula Pinks Salt Water prints at my LQS i knew the Sea Debris print was perfect for a shirt and the plaid definitely didn't go! So a hat it was! 

Not that it matters, he threw the hat off at every chance! He does not like wearing hats. After taking these pics i considered maybe putting ties on his, but i think that would just make him more angry :) 
(Oh, and the sweatshirt he's wearing... that's the one project i finished last KCW. And it's actually still missing buttons on the top!)

No Sam's were harmed in the taking of this photo :)

Sorry, i can't help it... all you Mom's out there know how hard it is to refrain from posting a bazillion photo's of your kids... almost finished folks, then back to our regularly scheduled program.

I did at one point turn the hat inside out to get some shots of the other side but i couldn't seem to get a decent shot. Oh well, the plaid side is the cuter of the two. You'd also think that i would have taken some close ups of the hat... you know, because it's supposed to be about the hat. But apparently i forgot to do that. 

I also forgot the Ships, Stars and Pirate Arghs quilt to take better pictures of it. So hopefully i will remember it tomorrow and have some full pics to show.

High Fives for my cute boys!
xo snips

It's on like Donkey Kong!

So today is day one of Kids Clothes Week and this time I'm ready!! I spent the better part of the weekend (in between my birthday festivities) cutting pattern pieces and getting almost all my fabrics cut out. My list for spring is a lot more streamlined than last fall. I already have a lot on my plate right now trying to take care of my FAL list, Lady Harvatines Triangle Log Cabin QAL as well as trying to get my shop up and running (taking a little longer than anticipated).  So for now, the list consists of - three bucket hats for Max, two for Sam. A beachy button down shirt for Max and perhaps a pair of shorts. And Sammy's getting the Oliver and S messenger bag and a new pair of pants. I still need to draft a pattern from a pair of Sam's pants and cut the fabric out, but i think I'll ease in slowly and start with the hats. And now that I've written it all out, my list seems a little daunting. Fingers crossed I actually finish something :)

No free hands for high fives today!
Hoping to be back later with more photo's of this finished quilt!

xo snips

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday.

Not a whole lot to report for WIP Wednesday today, the weather around here has gone from ice storms to beautiful, warm days. So minimal sewing happening but we have been up to a lot of this.

Max playing in the dirt and Sam practicing his driving :)
I was hoping to have the Ships and Stars and Pirate Arghs quilt finished by now but my MIL informed us of a baby shower this Saturday for one of Mr. Snips cousins. So I needed to whip up a super fast super inexpensive quilt for them, and it needed to be ready for today so i could give it to my MIL to take to the shower. (My birthday is on Saturday so we won`t be going). It came together quickly, I even gave machine binding a try... (using a zig-zag stitch) I've tried before using a straight stitch and spent more time fixing my mistakes on the back than it would have taken me to hand stitch it on, might need to spend some time practicing machine binding :)

I also managed to get all the strips cut that i need for the Log Triangle QAL.

I'm keeping this project small and only making the baby size, I already have enough on the go right now and with Kids Clothes Week starting next week I want to make sure I have some time for that as well. 

I've also been plugging away at my AMH hexies here and there, whenever i get a chance. Block 2 is going to be one solid 12.5 inch block of hexies...

I really hope I finish this quilt before I die. I so desperately want it to be finished. Bad enough that i might not make a full queen. I've been thinking that i might just make myself a nice big throw size? We'll see.

The only other project I've been working on today is my Etsy Shop. I've been trying to write my profile page and store polices and all that stuff and failing miserably at it. So I took a break and created this little banner, what do you think? Is it okay?

And that's about it. Now I think I may go read for a bit :)

High fives!
xo snips

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Monday, April 15, 2013

A little Indian Summer, with a side of AMH and a whole lot of crazy!

You know what i love?

Getting an early birthday present like this!!

Do you want to see what's inside?!

First... this lovely stack of Indian Summer by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery Fabrics. I just love this line! When ordering I omitted a lot of the prints with the peachy/apricot colour, just not my colour. And added in the four bottom solids, all Pure Elements by Pat Bravo. 

Next up...

Some lovely Field Study by Anna Maria Horner,

And some more Field Study by Anna Maria Horner...

I couldn't resist... I just love the colours :)

I also picked up three yards of this,

Curious Nature by Parson Gray. It's a home decor sateen so it's 56" wide. I was hoping to use it for the backing on the Halloween quilt I've meaning to make since last summer. The problem (and i don't think you can see it in the picture) is that it's kind of minty? green. I was expecting an off white... so here it is with some of the fabrics I've been putting aside for this quilt.

Hmmm. Not feeling it. I think i'm going to cut a strip off and try colour remover? bleach? dying it to match the pearl bracelet print? I don't know, suggestions? I hate when i order fabric online and this happens :(
I'm sure i can use it for something else if it doesn't work out, but i was excited to find it and love the fact that it's so wide... i hate making backs for quilts and the wider the fabric the less piecing on the back :)

Last up for today is the stack i have pulled for Lady Harvatines Log Pyramid QAL. And I'll be honest here folks, this stack is so far out of my comfort zone that I actually pulled some more fabrics from my stash to add to some of the prints I got today. Thinking that I would scrap my first stack and just use the new stack instead. So here's the new stack I pulled today...

And here's a lovely spread of it...

That AMH Fine Feathered in denim is just perfect with the Indian Summer! And as much as want to cut into this lovely stack, they just weren't meant for triangle log cabins... or are they?

So back to the original plan... for now. 

Seriously people... are you ready?

Here goes...

I don't think I've ever used this much colour before... is it too much? I think I may need to remove a couple of the prints from the stack? Too obnoxious? Should i just go for it anyway? The cutting portion of the QAL starts tomorrow so I guess I should make up my mind. I think I'll sleep on it.

High fives for everyone who thinks I'm not crazy! And to my Mom for such an amazing birthday present!
xo snips

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finish it up Friday!

So this week I manged to finish up number one on my 2013 Finish A Long list

The Liberty pillow for my sister...She loved it! Which made me happy. I think it turned out pretty good if i do say so myself. It was my first attempt at paper piecing and it won't be the last. I used this paper pieced kaleidoscope tutorial from Pitter Putter Stitch and it was great... lots of pictures, clear instructions and the finished pillow she makes... stunning!

I also managed to finish number five on my list...

My apologies for the rubbish photo... we've had no power here for most of the day, so it was pretty dark when i took this. And going outside to take photos was not an option.

This was the view from my side window, looking down the street. Ah... spring in Canada. Who doesn't love a good ice storm to kill all the newly sprung flowers, knock down trees, take out power lines.
Needless to say, while there was a lot of this going on,

Sammy insisted i take all of Max's wipes out of the box and turn him into a robot.

not a lot of machine sewing happened today. I did have this little hand sewing job to take care of though.

Max somehow managed to rip his little foot almost all the way off. Poor, Pirate Captain Bunny...(Sam named him for Max).

Then when the power came back up i also managed to finish the Ships, Stars and Pirates Arghs quilt top.

I love it! I'm hoping to make the backing tomorrow and get it quilted up this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Icy high fives!
xo, snips

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Overly ambitious or just delusional?

You be the judge.

So here it is folks... my list for the second quarter of the 2013 Finish A Long.
I'm pretty sure i'm crazy.

1. This quilted pillow for my sister. This one is top of the list... her birthday is tomorrow.   DONE!

2. A Road to Tennessee quilt for my mom for her birthday, which was in January. I'm a little behind on this one. Sorry Mom.

3. Max's birthday quilt, for his first birthday in February, oops. (Please ignore the wrinkles, this one has been waiting in the queue for at least a half year now, time to get it on his bed!)

4. My Tula Pink picnic quilt. I just need to finish up the circular quilting and bind it. I'm hoping to have this one done in time to take to the zoo for my birthday. Which is in 11 days. I'm quilting it on my Mom's old Kenmore... this machine is turbo charged! It's always such a shock to use my machine after sewing with my Mom's, i'm always waiting for the speed to pick up then i realize that my foot's all the way down, and it just doesn't go any faster!

5. I've had this quilt sitting aside for at least a year, I had decided to try hand tying it. Half way through i realized that i hated how it looked and just put it away. I need to snip off all the little ties and figure out how to quilt it without removing the binding or replacing the back. I'm thinking i might just stitch little +'s at some of the intersections. We'll see. (Again, please ignore the wrinkles.)  DONE!

6. This nautical pinwheel quilt that's also been sitting and waiting for at least a half year now. It's so close to being finished, i just need to redo the binding. I had some technical difficulties with it and it just doesn't want to attach nicely.

7. I never got any further than the top for this quilt... something about it just wasn't feeling right, does that ever happen to anyone else? Anyway, i've decided it's fine and i need to finish it and post it in my shop.

8. Next up, Ships, Stars and Pirate Arghs! I've been working on these blocks since Sarah Jane's Out to Sea fabric came out last year. I recently pulled them out again and finished them all off. Now i'm just trying to decided if i want to sash in yellow or white... I'm leaning towards white with yellow binding? 

9. I've had the next two quilts sitting and waiting for far too long as well. Both using some of Heather Ross's Nursery Versery fabrics. I have know idea how i want to quilt either so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)


11. My Come What May quilt. This one isn't high priority but i am looking forward to getting it finished. The bottom row has been fixed, (i somehow managed to rotate all four blocks 90 degrees, oops!) It's all ready to be quilted, i just need to decide how i want to do it.

12. And last but certainly not least, the Constellations HST top i just finished. This one i had planned on giving to my son Max, but the more i look at it the more i think it's to old? for him. Don't get me wrong, i love it but not for Max. So it's destined for my Etsy shop.   DONE!             And in the shop!

So that's it. 
12 quilt finishes in three months, no problem.

  Super delusional high fives!

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