Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Okay, so on the right hand side of my blog you'll see that i've added two new buttons. One for the Kids Clothes Week... which i'm hoping to actually finish something for this time.But i'll leave that for another day.

The next button is for the 2013 Finish A Long. Yes i've decided that i need to join this one, if only for my own sanity. Even if i only finish one project it will have been worth it. I've already missed the first quarter but am stoked for the second! It's already inspired me to pull out some projects and get started. I know! The second quarter hasn't even started yet and i'm already trying to finish things off.

I started by pulling out some of my Out To Sea blocks, and decided i needed to add some star blocks into the mix.

So i whipped up these two blocks from the book Modern Blocks and love how they turned out. I think i'll make some more single stars in different sizes to go along with the rest. I also have plans to make some blocks up using some of the pirate fabric. This quilt is definitely going on the finish a long list, i need to get it done.

The next project i tackled today was my Anna Maria Horner Little Folks voile hexies.

 I'm in no real rush to finish these, i knew going in that i would be sewing these by hand and it was going to take some time. That being said assembling this block has sparked me to get more done.

(it is square it's just hanging funny)

 I decided early on that i wouldn't be making the entire quilt in hexies... i would love to, but we all know that i would never finish it. The block is 12.5" unfinished and i haven"t decided how big i want the quilt to be, but i would like to make it at least a queen size. We'll see, working with voile is very tricky.

even the back is pretty!

Also on my list for today... (can you tell the boys weren't home today? i never would have been able to get all this done.) Narwhal Hunt quilt. I had a few lines of quilting that i needed to remove (sewing machine issues), and then about ten more lines to add. I also managed to get the binding machine stitched on the front, so as soon as i hand stitch it to the back i'll post up more photo's.

Not bad for a day's work.
Super productive high fives!
xo snips.

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  1. That's excellent for a day's work! Here's a high five to you! I especially love the hexagons. I've been considering making a quilt using voile. What would you say is tricky about working with it? Do you have any tips?

    1. Thanks! I`m new to using voile so i haven`t really accumulated any tips yet. But I will say that it`s very slippery. The hand stitching of the hexies was a breeze, no problems there. But machine sewing the borders around... more difficult than i thought. I don`t generally use pins when i sew blocks but this time around i did and even then things got a little puckery (is that a word?) There`s a lot of good advice for voile here on the AMH Little Folks flickr group.
      I say just go for it!

  2. Super, super productive!! I need to get that book; I love your star blocks!! And your hexie block is to die for!! I can imagine working with the voile would be pretty tricky. I love how you log cabined it with the Pastry print! Good work!!

    1. Thanks so much Gina! You should definitely pick up the book, it has lots of great blocks in it.
      Yeah, the voile quilt is going to be a long arduous process... a lot of hand sewing and i want to hand quilt it too! I must be crazy. But it will be worth it in the end!

  3. Really nice projects - love how you're handling the hexies, because they aren't a speedy project!

    1. Thanks Marcella! I'm hoping to make some of the 12 inch blocks all hexies as well as some with smaller squares of hexies bordered in the Pastry print. Hopefully this will balance out the work of all the hand stitching.


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