Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The post where i pretend like i haven't been gone for almost half a year...

...and a super easy Easter tutorial.

So on the agenda for today...

...quick, easy, cheap and cute.
Sounds like fun right?!
Well, lets get started!

 Everything you need is in the bowl below.

Some foam peeps, i picked up two packs from a dollar store, for the low, low price of... yep, 2 bucks.
A brown marker, i stole borrowed mine from Sammy.
Some sort of blade, razor, steak knife... whatever you have that's sharp.
And some pretty ribbon.

Okey dokey, step one...
Cut two small slits in each ear of one of your peeps... (the foam one, not your bff.)
 I like to then stack a couple peeps together and use that first peep as a guide for cutting the rest.

The size of the slit will be determined buy the size of your ribbon.
You need the ribbon to be able to slide into the slits... so,

Then all you need to do is add some eyes and a nose...
 ...which i actually did before the last step. 

And you're done!

Super easy, super cute, and only two dollars!

And if you have littles afoot, give them a couple peeps and some paint...

 ...and let them join in the fun!

Peeptastic high fives for all!


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