Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC Kickoff!!

So today was day one of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge and i have to say that not a lot was accomplished.
In my defense it was turkey day here so i didn't really have time... wow day one and i'm already making excuses. Let's start again. So far today i've cut out and assembled the Heidi and Finn Urban Weekender Coat pattern and cut the main fabric. I haven't cut the lining fabric yet because unfortunately it's not here.
I wanted something super awesome for the lining so i designed the fabric and had it printed through Spoonflower. I'm hoping that it get's here before the end of KCWC but it's not looking so promising. We'll see. So here's my first KCWC pic for the week... the start of Sammy's new coat.

  My apologies for the not so great Instagram... it's hard to tell but i'm using a herringbone denim for the outside of the coat that i'm hoping will go nicely with the lining. I didn't have time to order a test swatch of the lining fabric so i really hope that the colour is okay... i don't want to give to much away about the fabric but i will say that it's "Octo"tastic!

I'm hoping to get in a little more work tonight while the littles are asleep so i'll leave you with my new list of what i would like to get done this week.
1. Heidi and Finn Urban Weekender Coat for Sammy
2. Heidi and Finn Urban Hoodie for both boys.
3. Halloween costume for Sammy... he wants to be Peso from the Octonauts.

And because i have delusions of grandeur, i would like to squeeze in a least one 90 minute shirt by Dana from MADE for Sammy as well as a t-shirt to onesie for the little guy... and it would also be fantastic if i could somehow get their Christmas pj's finished now, instead of Christmas Eve.
I must be crazy...

Super delusional high fives!!
xoxo snips

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