Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wed.

So, day 3 of the KCWC. I was hoping for at least one finished project today but no such luck.

I made a fair bit of progress on Max's hoodie, i just have to attach the cuffs and do the buttons, but once again neglected to take any photo's. Tomorrow, i promise. As for Sam's coat, i've done all i can do until the lining comes in. Though there may be some changes in the plan, i'll fill you in tomorrow.
Until then i'll leave you with the following photo's...

Dang sewing machine only wanted to sew mohawks all day.

And finally a decent shot of Max's new teeth!!

 High fives for new teeth!!
xoxo snips

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWK Day Two

So it would seem that i got a little too caught up in day two and forgot to take photos...
I snapped a quick instagram before packing it in for the night,

It's been quite a while since i've sewn clothing and yet i still haven't forgotten how much i hate pinning and sewing curves. That being said they turned out perfectly, i'll attempt a couple non camera phone pics tomorrow.

No pics, but i did get the fabric cut out for two hoodies for Max and hopefully i can stitch them up tomorrow while Sam's at his grandmas. No promises though.

Must sleep now. Max will have me up at 5:00 am and i'm already exhausted just thinking about it.

Half high five, but more of a hand raise to cover yawn...
xoxo snips

Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC Kickoff!!

So today was day one of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge and i have to say that not a lot was accomplished.
In my defense it was turkey day here so i didn't really have time... wow day one and i'm already making excuses. Let's start again. So far today i've cut out and assembled the Heidi and Finn Urban Weekender Coat pattern and cut the main fabric. I haven't cut the lining fabric yet because unfortunately it's not here.
I wanted something super awesome for the lining so i designed the fabric and had it printed through Spoonflower. I'm hoping that it get's here before the end of KCWC but it's not looking so promising. We'll see. So here's my first KCWC pic for the week... the start of Sammy's new coat.

  My apologies for the not so great Instagram... it's hard to tell but i'm using a herringbone denim for the outside of the coat that i'm hoping will go nicely with the lining. I didn't have time to order a test swatch of the lining fabric so i really hope that the colour is okay... i don't want to give to much away about the fabric but i will say that it's "Octo"tastic!

I'm hoping to get in a little more work tonight while the littles are asleep so i'll leave you with my new list of what i would like to get done this week.
1. Heidi and Finn Urban Weekender Coat for Sammy
2. Heidi and Finn Urban Hoodie for both boys.
3. Halloween costume for Sammy... he wants to be Peso from the Octonauts.

And because i have delusions of grandeur, i would like to squeeze in a least one 90 minute shirt by Dana from MADE for Sammy as well as a t-shirt to onesie for the little guy... and it would also be fantastic if i could somehow get their Christmas pj's finished now, instead of Christmas Eve.
I must be crazy...

Super delusional high fives!!
xoxo snips

Gobble Gobble Gobble...

Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Canucks!!!

And thanks to my mom and dad for an amazing dinner!... which i had planned on taking a photo of to post but totally forgot about when said food was placed before me. It was awesome! and soooo delicious!

my beautiful mom and my gorgeous little boys!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wed. and a Happy Mail Day!

So my wip for today was supposed to be my studio...
It has been terribly neglected and has turned into a dumping ground for all manner of things. So i've been in the process of sorting things out, rearranging, planning...etc. I had hoped to move some things around today and maybe put up some shelves, but my Ahoy Matey blocks were calling to me. So instead of cleaning, i chain pieced, and chain pieced some more. Then i pressed and pressed and pressed some more. And finished with a square up, true up, even out...whatever the technical term is for cutting your blocks down to size.

I have 32 blocks done and 32 more to go...

Then this lovely little package came in the mail for me...

The second print down is a Joel Dewberry print that i need for a Christmas gift... the rest just jumped into the cart as i was checking out, i swear...

Okay, okay that's not quite what happened. My last mail day also contained a couple of Joel Dewberry prints for the same Christmas gift, unfortunately the main print i needed for this gift was out of stock. So i figured i get it the next time i needed to order some more fabric. Well, i received an email not even two days later saying that it had been restocked. Dang, i needed a yard of it but hated the thought of paying the $12.95 shipping for one yard when it was the same price to ship 10.5 yards.
And then i received another email from Hawthorne Threads letting me know that they were having a tent sale...perfect timing!! So back i went and filled my cart with the 9.5 yards i needed to get my moneys worth out of the shipping, hooray!! There may be some skewed logic there but oh well, i mean the fabrics were all on sale... except for the Dewberry, and the Tula Pink print on top. And sale fabrics don`t count right?

Okey dokey, moving right along... i have one more photo to share today...

 I meant to post this pic on Monday but... um, hmmm, well... i guess i don't really have a good reason as to why i didn't post it. I forgot? Anyhoo... While walking to my mom's on Monday we went through downtown and found that it had been yarn bombed. The trees, benches, fences, light posts, everything! Sammy loved it! We went around and around to all the trees so Sammy could see every one. We then decided this one to be our favorite, love the spiderwebs!

Well, i guess that's all for now,
still not high fiving yet...
both boys are still snot factories...
xo snips

Monday, October 1, 2012

Two sick little boys =

...not a lot of progress on anything.
Both my little guys have colds and while Sammy seems to be handling it like a trooper, Max, not so much. I think the combo of the cold and teething has been too much for the little guy to handle. He hasn't been sleeping well, which means i haven't been sleeping well. He seems to be on the mend, but we had a couple days there where no sleep was had... and one where i had to hold him all night to keep him calm. Sleeping has gone back to normal now so here's hoping i can get some much needed sewing done.

I did finally manage to get a fairly decent shot of my Come What May quilt top...

...sort of. It is hanging sideways, but looks pretty good if i do say so myself.
Now i'm just waiting on the backing fabric, i'm using one of the solid blues and i think i might bind it in the same one. I had originally planned on binding it in Melody Sketch by Naomi Ito... the middle print in this photo. But now that the quilt is assembled i think it may be to busy with it as the binding, i think a solid blue will frame it out nicely. But until the fabric arrives, this one goes on the ever increasing pile of quilt tops to finish.

So, as if i didn't have enough projects on the go...

I went ahead and cut into my stack of Michael Miller's Ahoy Matey line... i needed a quick project that required little to no thinking to work on while the boys are sick. So i'm using Cluck Cluck Sew's stack-n-whack tutorial to make this quilt. Hoping to have it finished soon.

That's about it for now...
no high fives today,
what with all the snotty noses around here i wouldn't want to get anyone sick!
xo snips