Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday... and a happy mail day!

Not much to show on the productive side of things today... hand stitching a binding... building up some of my Out to Sea blocks... taking apart some Out to Sea blocks... resewing some Out to Sea blocks... you get the idea.

Maybe what i should have been doing was working on my photography skills. I couldn't get any decent shots of any of my blocks today. This is the best i was able to get.

I'm thinking three blocks across and four down with sashing in between. Not necessarily in this order though.

The block in the lower left corner is what i spent most of my time with. I wasn't happy with the finished block the first time around so i picked the whole thing apart...

...pressed it and reassembled it. I'm much happier with the new block.

On to the mail!

On the left and in the middle are some more AMH voile's for my hexie quilt.
And the two prints on the right are for my sister's Come What May quilt for Christmas... not sure that i'll be using them though. I had originally planned on making the whole quilt out some of the new Liberty of London prints but they sold out so fast that i was only able to get four prints of the eight that i wanted.
So i picked out the two Amy Butler prints from her Cameo line thinking that they went nicely with the Liberty fabrics. The Liberty fabrics haven't come in the mail yet (hopefully tomorrow) but i can already tell that the bottom print is so not going to work. In the picture the yellow reads as um, yellow. When in reality it's florescent. Not what i was expecting. The top print is nice but seeing it in real life i'm not to sure if it will work. I'll have to wait and see when the Liberty arrives. It is pretty though and i will definitely use it in another project. As for the florescent... i may try my hand at bleaching it.

Still waiting on seven more fabrics from this order...
and maybe some from a couple more orders.

Fabulous fabric high fives!

xo snips 

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