Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Stash

Yeah, yeah i know it's not Sunday. But i swear i meant to post this yesterday. And i guess i could have named this post Monday Stash but it just doesn't roll as nicely as Sunday Stash. And it's my blog, so i can do whatever i want, so there.
Now... on to the stash.

I'll be using this lovely little bundle for the couch in my studio... once i refinish and reupholster it, (that's a post for another day).

The 8 on the left will be the quilt... i'm using Jaybird Quilts Come What May quilt pattern.
I love this quilt pattern and i'm looking so forward to getting started on it.
(Cause that's what i need... another quilt on the go, and for me no  less.)
The fabrics on the right i'm going to use to make some pillows for the lucky couch.
And the fabulous print in the center is going to be the binding on the quilt... love, love, love this fabric!
Will post some WIP pics asap. Stay tuned!

Super Monday/Sunday Stash High Fives!
xox snips

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