Thursday, September 20, 2012

Slightly lacking...

... in photos today.

The rain once again has thwarted my efforts to take decent pictures of some new projects. I finished off a baby quilt top today, and started another using some of my Heather Ross Nursery Versery stash. I'll try to get some decent shots tomorrow if the rain ever lets up.

Not much else on the sewing front, but if i could draw your attention to the new button on my sidebar. I've decided to join Elsie Marley's  Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I've been meaning to sew clothes for the boys but i never seem to get around to it. This is the push i need. The whole premise is to spend one hour a day for 7 days sewing clothes... for your kids. No problem, i can do this, plenty of spare time around here. I'll just squeeze it, after breakfast... no that won't work, before supper?, nope, no free time there, before i go to bed! Perfect!! No, no that won't work, that's when i blog. Hmm, no matter, i'm sure i'll find the time.

I picked up a couple of cute patterns that i would like to tackle...
Both from Etsy seller Heidi & Finn, the first is a hoodie pattern that i want to try for both the boys and the second is this cute coat that i thought i could try for Sam. I'm leaving the list at just those three items and we'll see how it goes. I must be crazy.
Or seriously lacking in sleep...
 time for bed i think.

I'll leave you all with this adorable shot of the boys...

High fives for cute little boys!!
xo snips

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