Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My sister's fault...

Okay, so i'm totally blaming my little sis for my lack of posts the past week. She lent me the Hunger Games trilogy on Saturday and i've been doing nothing but reading since then... nothing productive has been accomplished, at all. I finished the third one last night so now it's time to up the productivity levels... after i post some pics of a finished baby quilt and some happy mail day pics.

Made this for a friend's new baby girl, using some of Sarah Jane's Children at Play line.
I love the way it turned out but i keep telling Mr. Snips to stop me the next time i want to make a pinwheel quilt. I love them, but i always seem to forget how much work they actually are.

Next up... some awesome mail goodies.

First up some stash builders, no definite plans for any of this except for the Washi Waves... that's destined to be curtains for my kitchen. Might just tackle those today.

Some lovely Liberty of London prints... the bottom one is going into my stash and the top three were going to be the jumping off point for my little sisters Come What May quilt for Christmas. I've since decided that i don't like the way the reds in the top two prints play together so the top one has been pulled. I've built the stack for this quilt but will save the pics for another day.

A couple of Joel Dewberry prints...these are two of the three prints i need for someone's Christmas present that i'm not at liberty to discuss. But i hope she likes it.

Some beautiful AMH prints from her Field Study line. These two are screaming bindings to me. So i'm stashing them for later use.

This stack of Michael Miller basics (along with two prints from the Ahoy Matey line) are waiting on a fat quarter stack of the rest of the Ahoy Matey line... i'm thinking a toddler size tumblers quilt... maybe. We'll see.

Finally, some of Lizzy House Fabric's Guisling line. I'm not feeling them all together like this though. I think i'm going to pull the jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and the bottom pearl bracelet and use them to make a Halloween Bunting for our house. Then use the middle three with some others...

to make a Halloween quilt. I need to bulk this up a bit with some more fabrics but i like where it's headed.

I'll hopefully be back later with a WIP Wednesday post so until then,

Happy fabric high fives!!
xo snips


  1. Dude seriously soooo not my fault!!!

  2. Ooh I want some Guisling Pearl Bracelets to make a tunic top from! That pinwheel quilt is so cute, I love how it's not just a standard pinwheel design.


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