Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Monday

Just popping in with some projects on the go that hopefully posting about will push me to get  finished...

First up...

A giant star (that like all my projects needs pressing). I followed Jeni Baker's easy peasy tutorial for this then added the border. If you've never been to Jeni's blog In Color Order you should go... it's awesome.

Next... the Tula Pink picnic quilt i've been making since... May? Has it really been that long?
I really need to start finishing some of these things.
Anyway... here's the quilt top.

It's not what i had originally planned but i love it.

The back is pretty simple. I wanted something dark, we'll be using this mostly outside so i wanted something that would hide grass stains and such.

It's also quite a bit larger than what i normally make for a back but i'm going to try quilting it with concentric circles from the center and i want to make sure that it's big enough.
If anyone has any tips they'd be greatly appreciated!!

I'm waiting on backing fabric for the nautical star, but the Tula Pink is ready to be sandwiched and quilted... hopefully this week?

Delusional high fives for all!
xo snips

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