Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lets Just Pretend I've Been Here All Along...

So you'll undoubtedly notice i haven't been here in... wow 8 months!, shame on me.
In actuality though i haven't really posted anything in the last year. Double shame on me.

A million things have happened in the time that i've been gone, but instead of spending the rest of eternity trying to play catch up, i thought i'd just post what i want when i want. Sound good? Alrighty then... lets begin.

First and foremost you'll notice my new blog header... complete with two gorgeous little boys. (Though Sammy's not so little anymore.) And Max seems to be growing like a weed as well.
I feel a little bad for not posting about Max when he was born... or at all since then, i mean it's been six months, i should have at least posted this photo...

 Have you ever seen a baby as cute as him...

Okay Sammy was as cute...
a little grumpy in this shot (you'd be grumpy too with a tube up your nose),
but cute nonetheless.

Anyhoo... six months has passed and Max is huge and Sammy is awesome and i'm trying like mad to figure out how to take care of a toddler that has officially hit the terrible two's, a six month old that's teething, keeping up with the housework, finding the time to get a little sewing in and perhaps some more blogging... oh and trying to squeeze in a date with mr. snips. Chaotic? Yes...but i'm loving every minute of it!

Stay tuned for some sewing related posts!

High fives for me for actually posting something again!
  xo snips

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